tetra cosplays


Nintendo cosplay at Anime Expo 2015 - Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing (Tom Nook), The Legend of Zelda (Skull Kid, Gonzo and Tetra, Link, the Postman), Donkey Kong and Pokemon cosplay:

Photos by Jason at HandsInTheAir.net


No one expects the Inquisition !

This was my Varric COSPLAY from the upcoming game Dragon Age Inquisition, done at MCM expo London, May 2014.

It was amazing and I’m suffering so much from post con blues it’s insane! But I’m using it to fuel my inspiration for October.

If anyone has any or has seen any photography of the Grey Wardens group from May, I’d love to see them so I can forward them to the other members :)

Photography credit all goes to http://cavahn.tumblr.com - please check out her work and COSPLAY

Oh right I haven’t posted my obligatory cosplay selfie yet. We got some sweet pirate pictures on the USS Constellation, too—we’re probably the most excited anyone’s ever been to find a room full of pulleys.

PS, if anyone got pictures of me at the photoshoot or in general, feel free to @ or tag me! (And if you took a picture of this Guybrush, same for jaclynhyde!)