tetra cosplays


“Anchors aweigh! Hold the tiller steady!

As for our destination…

The wind will guide us!”

Tetra: @vickysidhe

Katsucon 2017, National Harbor, MD

Photographer: @tsubaki-eleven

The Wind Waker was my first Zelda game and I immediately fell in love with this sassy pirate captain.  I’m so happy with how my cosplay turned out, and I’m even happier that we were blessed with a mild weekend to take pictures by the harbor.


More Tetra pics!  Thank god for the lighting making me look better than I actually do.  My lightning sideburns were on point (hehe) though.  You can see that I used them to cover most of my face in all my profile shots because the sun was directly in my eyes and I kept squinting.


Nintendo cosplay at Anime Expo 2015 - Super Mario Bros., Animal Crossing (Tom Nook), The Legend of Zelda (Skull Kid, Gonzo and Tetra, Link, the Postman), Donkey Kong and Pokemon cosplay:

Photos by Jason at HandsInTheAir.net


Here’s some more really good cosplays from AB15! Please let me know if you see yourself! ✌️👍

goodcyning (HW Impa)