teton mountain sunrise

Mornings in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) are breathtaking. Pictured here is the park’s Mount Moran illuminated by the early morning light and reflected in the Snake River. Sunrise photo courtesy of Duane Jurma.


Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America: Wyoming

Snowy Spring Day, Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming
Photo Credit: (Geographilic)
Le Grand Bleu
Photo Credit: (Helene Boisserand)
Wyoming Road Trip November - 2013
Photo Credit: (Rikk Flohr)

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Happy First Day of Winter! Snowy mountains are gorgeous, but can be challenging models. Casey Withers was recently at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming trying to capture the sunrise. It was a cold morning and clouds were moving in. “This shot was set up originally as a test shot as we waited for sunrise, but three minutes later the mountains were covered. Glad I was prepared.” Photo courtesy of Casey Withers

Sunrise at Grand Teton National Park looks something like this: Beautiful! Juliet Schwab captured this image a few years ago as the sun’s rays illuminated the top of Mount Moran and turned the sky pink. Photo courtesy of Juliet Schwab.

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