teton mountain range

Morning greets Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming with curling clouds and snow-dusted peaks. When photographer Eric Adams noticed the weather clearing through airport windows, he rebooked his flight, rented a car and drove along the park’s Jenny Lake Road to capture this stunning scene. Photo courtesy of Eric Adams.


Good wood - another awesome barn conversion, this one has a much more classic feel from the outside but once you get in it’s a modern masterpiece. ‘The Barn’ (slight lack of imagination but I kinda like the direct approach) is situated in the Teton Range of mountains in Wyoming and was devised by Carney Logan Burke Architects.

The waters of Leigh Lake at Grand Teton National Park in Wyoming reflect the deep green of the surrounding trees. Photographer Dennis Liew enjoyed this perfect moment with his girlfriend. “We canoed to the eastern side to watch the sun light up the mountains. It was a serene moment; the air was calm and not a soul there disturbed the peace.” Photo courtesy of Dennis Liew.

Buffalo Herd at Grand Tetons (Meet me on Tumblr & Instagram)

Mornings in Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming) are breathtaking. Pictured here is the park’s Mount Moran illuminated by the early morning light and reflected in the Snake River. Sunrise photo courtesy of Duane Jurma.