tet zoo


Sorry folks, no new TetZoo Time this week.

But so we don’t leave you without something fun to look at, here are some exclusive images!

The first image is a new character, Ghost Lineage Princess. She is a thunnosaurian ichthyosaur and represents the citizens of the Tetrapod Kingdom what have an absent fossil record – even though we know they have one!

The second image results from a profile picture Darren Naish posted that shows him with prominent facial hair. Because the idea of Darren having a beard is certainly different from the norm, I created a little image parodying the “Futurama Fry” meme.

The final image shows what Darren & John’s bedroom looks like inside their Magnolia Tree House. Darren sleeps on a blown-up version of a bowerbird hut and John rests on a SHAG (Short-range Anti-Gravity) bed that was a gift from Memo Kosemen. The room is filled with various books for whenever the two feel the need for a little late-night reading.

Hope to have something posted next weekend!

Pronghorn, designed by committee. From here on Tet Zoo: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/tetrapod-zoology/2014/03/25/pronghorn-designed-by-committee-2014/

Cryptoclidid plesiosaur heads - a picture done long ago but used here on Tet Zoo: http://blogs.scientificamerican.com/tetrapod-zoology/2014/03/03/plesiosaur-peril-and-plesiosaur-lifestyle-and-behaviour/