Már semmi esélye hogy újra együtt legyünk.De remélem megtalálod azt a lányt aki annyi boldogságot ad neked,mint te régen nekem.Te vagy a leggyönyörűbb emlék és igen rólad fogok mesélni az unokáimnak,hogy milyen hülye voltam,hogy hagytalak elmenni.Nagyon boldog légy.Az a lány lesz a legszerencsésebb akit te majd elveszel.Majd megtanulok én is boldogan élni NÉLKÜLED! Örökké szeretni foglak!
Baby, you’re a peach and I’m a mango
and I swear I’m done with the fruit poems.

You’re a peach and I’m a mango. We come from
totally different climates. I know it doesn’t seem
like there’s a difference, but I swear it’s all in the taste.
You taste like sun. I taste like sweat.
It’s that too too too hot.

I figured out why you fell in love with me.
I remind you of something you grew out of.
Something young. Something naive. All the bad parts
of youth, but all the good parts too.
You know, like how I thought maybe I could
make a living off of writing poetry and how I thought
painting might make the pain go away.
I picture you in a stainless steel kitchen. I bet
you don’t even have art on the walls. I think you learned
to tuck yourself away and you loved me
because I tried to pull you out of it.

It’s like we were so close
but you’re just too much
and I’m just a little too much

I keep trying to make the end of this poetic.
It just stings. Like that time I was slicing lemons at work
and I cut my hand with the knife. Juice in my wounds.
You’re lemon juice in my wounds.

You weren’t always.
—  “I Wrote This For You While I Was Walking My Dogs”, Trista Mateer

anonymous asked:

Could you do the waking up with no memory of how the two ended up in bed together with Stahl please?

Stahl: The two of you are curled up together. You’re clinging on to a blanket and hogging it, while Stahl just has to move closer to you for warmth. You serve as body pillow, which is fine since you’re cocooned in any protection from the cold. He stirs awake, probably from his arse freezing, and wondering where his sheets are, he sees that you’re resting in your arms. You’re sleeping peacefully, and he looks at you with a fond smile that turns a bit nervous when you open your eyes. Expecting you to start yelling at him, he closes his eyes in nervous anticipation, only, he receives a kiss instead. He kisses your sore lips sweetly, and you spend the morning exchanging soft and gentle kisses with one another.