Realistic Kurro attemp #3
Good morning cuties! Coco here 
So, when I first had my tablet working again, the first thing I drew was Kuroo, because I really missed draw his crazy bed hair and long bottom lashes <3. 
I wanted to do a magazine cover-like picture, I still have to improve my colorig, but I think is great for a firts digital draw after so long! I hope you like it too <3
I want to do some paints more and then I’ll start to do my comics again, so wait for them as well! 
-Watch the Speedpaint!-
See you soon! 
Lots of love, Coco 

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hey guys guess who requested. the sinner, the mother, the piece of trash iT’S MY MUM @gixxa lmao okay so I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS REQUEST!!! blessed i can finally do it!!

this team is a wreck good wreck tho this team is so hilarious

setter: yahaba shigeru
libero: yaku morisuke
wing spiker: yamaguchi tadashi, futakuchi kenji and konoha akinori
middle blocker: kuroo tetsurou and tendou satori

the mum: yaku morisuke
the meme shit: yahaba shigeru and konoha akinori this lil fucker. have i mentioned that I LOVE FUKURODANI
the precious beeb: yamaguchi tadashi
the piss people of team/smug assholes: futakuchi kenji, tendou satori and kuroo tetsurou I LOVE THESE LIL SHITS

-as you can see most of this team cOMPRISES OF LIL SHITS WHO LOVE PISSING PEOPLE OFF and making squeal whenever i see them

-yaku has to constantly keep an eye on them just in case they sTART FIGHTS WITH OTHER TEAMS.

-“meme team” constantly teams up with “smug asshole” team and cause trouble.

-yaku is losing his mind.

-yamaguchi is the good child that yaku dotes on. literally everyone just dotes on yams and loves petting his head

-yams is a good kouhai.

-everyone just loves to ruffle up his hair and treat him like their child.

-i feel like some of the team members like yahaba and konoha would be afraid of yamaguchi at first because they would think that he is like “intimidating” tsukishima??

-but after while they would realise that yAMAGUCHI IS A PRECIOUS BEAN!!

-yaku’s hair is turning white.

-i feel like konoha, yahaba yahabae and futakuchi would be really good friends??

-and kuroo would really like tendou because he looks so much like his friend brodude bokuto. sorry just had to mention my husband

-tendou and kuroo are fucking creepy assshits who give people chills

-yaku and kuroo would always be at loggerheads as usual in a good way tho

-yaku has lost his fucking mind and sanity rip yaku

-volleyball wise?? THIS TEAM IS FUCKING GOOD

-two fantastic middle blockers both with their unique style (tendou guess block and kuroo read block)

-this raises the team’s defence

-so with “iron wall” futakuchi?? FUCK THEIR BLOCK IS FREAKIN GOOD

-yamaguchi’s serves WRECK THE OTHER TEAM HELL YEAH

-yahaba the reliable setter who gives everyone wonderful tosses for them to hit with ease

-konoha “jack of all trades master of none” bringing up the team’s defence and offence by a lot


-this team is awesome and scary at the same time bhvhviudhaj

well this look a long time to write.hOPE YOU LIKE MUM I LOVE WRITING THIS WHOOP

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*Wild fangirl appears* *Uses attack 'Do you have any KuroYachi headcanons?😏'*

I will admit, I have been converted because of those two comics of them, and the great tag we have of them, so:

  • Study bugs study together. They even exchange color coding tips. Kuroo has a great system for science, especially for biology and chemistry diagrams. Yachi excels in highlighting critical points for English and literature
    • Yachi shows Kuroo her notes for managing the volleyball team, and Kuroo starts using some of the charts and stuff
  • Yachi used to be really intimidated by Kuroo’s smirk and, you know, their 38 cm height difference. But once Kuroo realizes how intimidating he is to Yachi, he tries really hard—poor guy—to be not intimidating anymore
    • he slouches slightly when he’s speaking to Yachi, not so much that he towers over her, but so that he leans slightly closer to her to listen to her speak. he smiles, genuinely when he sees her, gives her a little wave before trying to speak to her
  • Kuroo treats Yachi like a princess, as in he picks her up and twirls her around. Then hugging her close, he nuzzles their noses together while Yachi is still giggling
  • He lets her try to draw a portrait of him one time, because she was studying the way his hair works. He has the sketch kept in his drawer, along with all the other doodles she’s drawn while she’s visiting him
  • Kuroo showing Yachi around in Tokyo. They go to modern art and design museums. Kuroo listens really intently to everything Yachi says, and he gives really perceptive and intelligent comments
    • then they go to a science museum and Yachi listens to Kuroo nerd out
  • He keeps her close when they’re on the train, his hand on Yachi’s back as he pulls her to him so she doesn’t start freaking out
  • Yachi and Kuroo taking the CUTEST, purest selfies together. Kuroo has the biggest, cutest grin in all of them and Yachi always gushes about his smile when they look over the photos.
    • Sometimes Kuroo snorts and remarks that he looks kinda stupid but Yachi immediately tells him that he doesn’t, then leans over and gives him a kiss
    • They also go to take sticker photos together and use all the cat stickers.
  • Kuroo always makes sure he has a bag of fugashi at his place when she visits
  • Yachi’s mom immediately falls in love with Kuroo the first time he goes over for dinner. Because let’s face it. Kuroo is a sweetheart. and he’s great with adults. the absolute best boyfriend to bring home.
    • Yachi’s started cooking for herself and her mom from an early age, so when Kuroo comes over for the first time, she prepares dinner: mackerel pike
    • The next few times he comes over, he always come like half an hour earlier than they agreed so he can help Yachi cook
Haikyuu!! 199

So.. summing up: Yaku is injured, Kuroo and Kai are sexys, Shibayama is cute as hell and I don’t want him to grow up, I’m going to kill those snakes if they touch my bae and Alisa is a goddess.

Cats Vs Owls

First of all…

Let’s take a moment just to look how cute they are.

So damn cute.

Those eyes

Because I’m deeply in love with Kuroo. But… look at him!

“The greatest thing since sliced bread!” Best thing ever

Ok… I will summarize:

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Can I request some headcanons for a poly relationship with Iwaizumi, Kuroo, and a female s/o? Female s/o attends Nekoma and is their volleyball manager.

If you all want an explanation to why I’m suddenly writing again, it’s because finals are coming up and I’m procrastinating :)

~~Admin Keiji


  • Hajime tried to not feel left out, he really did. But it was hard when both his boyfriend and his girlfriend went to the same school and they were both over an hour away via train.
  • Oikawa, Mattsun, and Makki have gotten fed up with hearing Hajime complain the whole time, so they all chip in for a train ticket for their friend to Tokyo for a long weekend. Hajime has never loved his friends more.
  • When he finally gets to Tokyo and to his boyfriend’s house where you’re also waiting for him, he’s probably the happiest man on earth. He can’t decide if he should hug you or Testurou first, so he just grabs you both. You almost forgot how much you love Hajime hugs. 
  • You all spend the whole weekend together as much as you can. There’s a couple hours you have to help out at home, so Hajime and Tetsurou go see a movie they’ve been dying to see. When you see their red lips afterward, you wonder how much of that movie they actually watched.
  • When it’s time to see Hajime home, Tetsurou tries to fit himself in Hajime’s bag so he could go home with him. It almost hurt more this time around to say goodbye to your boyfriend then any other time previous. 
  • Skype dates are a regular thing. You’re all either at your own homes, or you’re with Testsurou when you call Hajime. 
  • Just because one boyfriend isn’t around, doesn’t mean you don’t go on dates. You and Testurou are almost always hanging out, through lunch and practice and after school.
  • It’d be more fun if Hajime were there, though. You both agree on that. You also agree not to tell Hajime that too often or else he’ll knock himself down for not being around. 
  • Once you and Kuroo went to Miyagi to watch the preliminaries….well, more so to watch your beefy boyfriend. When Hajime hears you two cheer for him, his spiking power increases dramatically. Or maybe that’s his spirit.
  • No matter how far apart you three are, your relationship remains as strong as ever. You couldn’t be happier that you live in a day of modern technology–where reaching your other third is only a tap away.

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Bokuto, Kuroo, Oikawa, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Noya, relationship headcanons? Like the very first days of new relationship


  • Bokuto would be one to confess to his crush rather shortly after realizing his feelings for them. He would think it pointless to keep it inside, so he would pull them aside between class and practice, and let them know how he felt. 
  • Everyone around would know as soon as his crush accepted his confession, because Bokuto would not be able to contain a loud, excited scream. 
  • He would want his new s/o to come to every game and practice they possibly could so he could show off his mad skillz in front of them. 
  • At games, he would also give them a wink before every serve or spike he hit to let them know he was dedicating it to them. 


  • The beginning days of Kuroo’s new relationship would center wholly around teasing his partner (calling them pet names around their friends, asking them to play the pocky game with him, etc.). He wasn’t trying to be mean, he just loved to see them flustered. 
  • If they lived within walking distance of his house, they could expect to see him every morning at their doorstep, usually with Kenma in tow, ready to walk them to school. He wouldn’t skip out on taking them home either, assuming he didn’t have practice or that they stayed late as well.
  • Kuroo would always have some pretty unique date ideas. He’d want them to try all kinds of new things together, so his partner would need to be up for some sort of strange adventure whenever he took them out. 


  • Oikawa is the Selfie King. His partner had better be prepared to quickly become the co-star of every picture he takes. If they’re not together, he’ll constantly send them selfies, and expect them in return. 
  • He would start immediately spoiling them, wanting his s/o to know right away how much he adores them. Oikawa would surprise them on almost a weekly (if not daily) basis with flowers, trinkets, or even little snacks. 
  • As for his massive fan club, Oikawa would do his best to distance himself from them, but he wouldn’t be able to swear them off completely. He would make it clear to all his followers that he was taken now, and even though they were still his important supporters, they needed to focus their romantic attention elsewhere (cue him doing the Will Smith pose by Iwaizumi).


  • Akaashi would definitely be the type to date a friend of his, whether from childhood or more recently. He would like that they already knew each other, so there would be fewer awkward moments at the beginning of their relationship.
  • He would object terribly, but if Bokuto was also in a relationship at the time, he and his partner would be more or less forced to double-date with his captain. The better his new s/o did with Bokuto, the more respect they would earn from Akaashi. 
  • He’s definitely the type to show his feelings through actions rather than words. While it could take him months or even years to finally say “I love you”, he would quickly begin to go out of his way to take care of his partner. If they didn’t have lunch, he would give them his. If they needed help with homework, he would be there. Anything they required, he would gladly do for them.


  • While he would still remain his smug self in public, when he and his partner were alone, Tsukishima would let his facade slip a little, showing them his gentler side. 
  • He would still be a little stand-offish, though. If his s/o asked too many personal questions before he was ready, Tsukishima would be quick to let them know he wasn’t willing to talk. 
  • If his partner listened to, or was willing to try out, his music, he’d be more than willing to pick up a splitter cord at the electronics store, so they could listen together while they hung out.
  • Dates with him would be relatively simple. If they weren’t doing dinner and a movie out, they were doing dinner and a movie at his house. 


  • As soon as he and his partner were official, Noya would begin telling everyone he knew the good news.
  • He would immediately want to take them out on a date, just to show them  off in public. More than likely this would mean a day in the park, playing ball and eating popsicles. 
  • If his partner was okay with it, he would start being physically affectionate with them right away, wanting to hug and kiss them as much as possible.


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Okay but consider hinata x kuroo x oikawa. Okay, the big and sassy boyfriends always acting cool and chill around others. But when they're alone with hinata they spoil him. God they give hinata massages after hard training, cook for him, make him bubble baths. Tell him goodnight stories. Give him nose and forehead kisses all the time. They're not like that around each other; only with hinata. Bc he's their smol boyfriend and needs to be protected

k that’s suuuuper cute but consider hinata wanting to protect his boyfriends 25/8 too like he protects oikawa when his fangirls get a lil out of control and defends kuroo from his haters but just outright antagonizing anyone who talks shit abt them,,,,,,, and kuroo and oikawa are like don’t we have the best boyfriend ever