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Kuroo,Oikawa and Bokuto meeting s/o's dog that is small,fluffy,energetic, white,foxy face and the dog is jumping around friendly and happy :3

For anyone wondering, I imagined a Pomeranian as the chosen dog for this.

Kuroo Tetsurou //

You had promised to meet him at the park at five. Kuroo had called you earlier with the promise that practice wouldn’t last as long as usual today so he wanted to spend time you. Since you didn’t have anything planned for the evening – and was it even possible to say no to your boyfriend? - you agreed to meet at the park and get something to eat together.

You had promised to meet him at the park at five. It was now almost five thirty and you were still nowhere to be seen.

This wasn’t usually something that worried Kuroo. He knew you were busy with practice and school as much as he was and it wasn’t unusual for both of you to be a bit late.

What worried him was the fact that you didn’t respond to his texts or his calls. You lived about twenty minutes away so it shouldn’t take you this long.

Just when Kuroo was about to stand up and go look for you, insecurities and worries buzzing in his head like a swarm of wild hornets, a voice he would recognize anywhere yelled out a panicked “STOP!” before something collided with the back of his legs.

The impact, although small, caught him off guard and his knees buckled, sending him straight to the dewy grass below. Looking back he was suddenly smothered with something white and fluffy and for a second he thought a stray cloud had attacked him.

The cloud, however, turned out to be a small, he would even call it tiny, dog that looked like it had accidentally touched a socket. Like white cotton candy with a foxy face and round, dark eyes that stared up at him like the tiny poof expected a treat for the stunt he just pulled.

Kuroo wasn’t much of a dog person but he had to admit that the little Romeo was cute.

When you appeared in front of him with a leash, the collar was still attached to it, you immediately grabbed the dog but the little thing had other ideas, jumping away from you and up onto the bench Kuroo was sitting on just seconds ago.

“I’m sorry.” were the first words out of your mouth. “I know I’m late but I didn’t know what to do with this little guy here and he freed himself from his collar about ten minutes ago and I’ve been running ever since and-”

“Woah, woah!” Kuroo chuckled deeply and held up a hand. He smiled gently at you, patting the dog with one hand. “No worries. You’re safe and sound and here, I mean it would’ve been nice of you to answer your phone but hey life isn’t always a bowl of cherries.” He leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on your lips, ignoring the teeth that were gnawing at his hand.

“I’m sorry”, you repeated, once you separated. “I forgot it at home.”

“ ’s alright.” Sitting back down next to your dog, he grabbed the collar from you. Fastening it was a bit harder with the little thing trying to escape, happily yipping and yapping because he thought Kuroo was trying to play with him. “So who’s this little ball of wool?”

“He’s our child for the evening since my parents are both out and I couldn’t leave him alone.” Your statement was accompanied by a huge smile and doe eyes.

Again Kuroo chuckled. “I didn’t expect to become a father so soon”, he said. “But with this little renegade I guess I can manage.”

Oikawa Tooru //

“What are you doing here?”

Admittedly that was not was Oikawa had hoped to be the first words out of your mouth when you opened the door. But he was more hurt by the tone your voice had. Like he came at a very bad time.

Putting a hand over his heart he acted deeply hurt, sighing and giving you the best pout he could muster. “I’m wounded!”, he exclaimed. “Here I am trying to light up your afternoon and this is is how you greet me.” He shook his head. “I’m truly hurt, ____-chan.”

You rolled your eyes, still keeping the door mostly closed. Right now only your face and a little part of your upper body could be seen. “Well life is a bitch, isn’t it?” If he wanted to be a drama queen he had to be prepared for the sass that was to come. “This is a really bad time anyway.”

“Why?” He tried to look around you but you successfully blocked his view. “Do you have guests over? Are you ashamed of me, ____-chan?”



“But there are no guests. We just encountered a tiny little prob-”

Before you could finish your sentence a blur of white shot out between the crack of the opened door. You didn’t have the chance to stop it from crashing into Oikawa either.

Both of you were surprised for a second and then the whining and barking started and you had no other choice but to kneel down.

“You didn’t tell me you had a dog, ____-chan!”, Oikawa exclaimed, his hands busy to both keep the dog from jumping up his face and pet it.

“That’s because we’ve had him for about three hours now. I didn’t have the chance to tell anyone yet.”, you answered while rolling your eyes, motioning for both of your boys to enter.

It wasn’t hard to keep the little dog from running away since he kept following your boyfriend as happily as he greeted him, yipping and jumping around like a bouncy ball.

“What’s his name?”


Oikawa whined almost as high as your dog when he shot you a look from the ground where he was playing with the puppy. “Why didn’t you name him after me? That would’ve been adorable.”

You snorted and went to get both of you something to drink. “I don’t need two of you running around. One is hard enough to manage.”

“How rude, ____-chan!”

Bokuto Koutarou //

Finding twelve missed calls and about eighty messages from you was alarming enough for Bokuto. Not knowing whether the urgency in your ‘get your ass over here NOW!!’ and the ‘fucking HURRY KOU!!!’s was because of excitement or anxiety became the cherry on top.

He hadn’t even changed out of his training clothes, the kneepads still tight around his legs, ignoring the others who waved him goodbye and immediately sprinting towards your house, which was, fortunately close to school.

Panting heavily he knocked on your door, after tripping in your driveway and wasn’t all his attention focused on seeing you unharmed and safe, he would’ve been glad to have worn his kneepads. Already expecting the worst when you didn’t immediately answer, his anxiety grew and a plan was forming in his head, wondering if you would be very mad if he smashed your window and climbed in and-

When the door finally opened he didn’t even get a second to enjoy the relief flooding his body because you grabbed his arm and pulled him through the door with accusations spilling from your brightly smiling lips. He was momentarily blinded by the feelings your obvious happiness caused in him and started smiling without noticing.

And then you two arrived in the living room and he realized why you had wanted him to come over so badly.


Bounding up to him was a tiny being that looked like that one time you both had blow dried one of your couch pillows after washing it by hand because Bokuto had spilled juice on it and God forbid your mother ever found out about that.

You reveled in the happy noises both balls of energy made, being at ease with each other from the get go.

You explained that you had finally convinced your parents to get a dog and had went with them to the animal shelter after school. The rest was a story of love at first sight because the little dog may or may not have reminded you of your boyfriend with his endless bouncing and excited barking and the tail that was wagging 120 km/h.

In hindsight you probably should have reconsidered getting another companion that had more energy than everyone you knew combined. However, seeing both of them playfully fighting over the ball on the floor, not being sure which one made you more happy, definitely washed away the doubts and had you joining them.