Realistic Kurro attemp #3
Good morning cuties! Coco here 
So, when I first had my tablet working again, the first thing I drew was Kuroo, because I really missed draw his crazy bed hair and long bottom lashes <3. 
I wanted to do a magazine cover-like picture, I still have to improve my colorig, but I think is great for a firts digital draw after so long! I hope you like it too <3
I want to do some paints more and then I’ll start to do my comics again, so wait for them as well! 
-Watch the Speedpaint!-
See you soon! 
Lots of love, Coco 

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hey guys guess who requested. the sinner, the mother, the piece of trash iT’S MY MUM @gixxa lmao okay so I WAS SO EXCITED WHEN I SAW THIS REQUEST!!! blessed i can finally do it!!

this team is a wreck good wreck tho this team is so hilarious

setter: yahaba shigeru
libero: yaku morisuke
wing spiker: yamaguchi tadashi, futakuchi kenji and konoha akinori
middle blocker: kuroo tetsurou and tendou satori

the mum: yaku morisuke
the meme shit: yahaba shigeru and konoha akinori this lil fucker. have i mentioned that I LOVE FUKURODANI
the precious beeb: yamaguchi tadashi
the piss people of team/smug assholes: futakuchi kenji, tendou satori and kuroo tetsurou I LOVE THESE LIL SHITS

-as you can see most of this team cOMPRISES OF LIL SHITS WHO LOVE PISSING PEOPLE OFF and making squeal whenever i see them

-yaku has to constantly keep an eye on them just in case they sTART FIGHTS WITH OTHER TEAMS.

-“meme team” constantly teams up with “smug asshole” team and cause trouble.

-yaku is losing his mind.

-yamaguchi is the good child that yaku dotes on. literally everyone just dotes on yams and loves petting his head

-yams is a good kouhai.

-everyone just loves to ruffle up his hair and treat him like their child.

-i feel like some of the team members like yahaba and konoha would be afraid of yamaguchi at first because they would think that he is like “intimidating” tsukishima??

-but after while they would realise that yAMAGUCHI IS A PRECIOUS BEAN!!

-yaku’s hair is turning white.

-i feel like konoha, yahaba yahabae and futakuchi would be really good friends??

-and kuroo would really like tendou because he looks so much like his friend brodude bokuto. sorry just had to mention my husband

-tendou and kuroo are fucking creepy assshits who give people chills

-yaku and kuroo would always be at loggerheads as usual in a good way tho

-yaku has lost his fucking mind and sanity rip yaku

-volleyball wise?? THIS TEAM IS FUCKING GOOD

-two fantastic middle blockers both with their unique style (tendou guess block and kuroo read block)

-this raises the team’s defence

-so with “iron wall” futakuchi?? FUCK THEIR BLOCK IS FREAKIN GOOD

-yamaguchi’s serves WRECK THE OTHER TEAM HELL YEAH

-yahaba the reliable setter who gives everyone wonderful tosses for them to hit with ease

-konoha “jack of all trades master of none” bringing up the team’s defence and offence by a lot


-this team is awesome and scary at the same time bhvhviudhaj

well this look a long time to write.hOPE YOU LIKE MUM I LOVE WRITING THIS WHOOP

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Hello! How is Japan? :D can I request Kuroo, Futakuchi and Iwaizumi falling for their friend with benefit and confessing to them? Like a little angsty scenario that ends in fluff maybe? (Anon is right, your writing has improved a lot! *proud nodding*)

Omg I hate myself bc this is so fuckin old, also I remember when you sent this anon; I was having a fantastic time. Thank you.
He didn’t know why but after every session he felt so empty watching you leave, he felt like he could’ve said something more or he could’ve touched you more tenderly. But then he remembered that you both were only in it for the sex. Tetsurou could feel himself falling, hard. Maybe it’s the jokes you’d pop whenever you would see him in public or before you left, he wasn’t sure what it was but he sensed there was more to you than just lust. A couple weeks after his realisation that he liked you as more than a “friend” he noticed you were getting a little too close to one of your classmates, it’s agitated him so much and he hated it because he knew it would weird you out. During break he watched you converse with the unwanted boy, he couldn’t take it anymore; that guy looked so plain and he didn’t even seem that funny, and you were so beautiful and undeserving of that guy. It’s not like the captain thought he was any better, but he knew you could do better than the other male. He stood silently and walked towards you, he pulled you out of your seat and dragged you to his locker. “(Name)… I-I” his heart was beating so fat he thought it was gonna explode.
“What the fuck Kuroo?”
“Why’d you just pull me out of my conversation like that?!”
“Because you were getting too close to that guy! You could do so much better, (name)!”
“Oh, so apparently you know what’s good for me huh?! Stop acting like my boyfriend!” Your tone was filled with so much anger and relent it made his heart sink. “Well maybe I wouldn’t have to act if you’d just listen to what I wanna say!” His face bloomed a violent red at the realisation of what he’d just said. You grew mute and gulped. “W-what?” The man in front of you took a deep breath to calm himself down. “I- I wanna be more to you than just a fuck buddy… I wanna mean something to you. I really like you, (name).”
“You must be insane, are you okay? Was something put in your food?” He laughed that stupid laugh you secretly loved. “You’re really cute y'know that?”

It was pretty well known that Date Tech’s new captain slept around, you were one of the people who he slept with. You were his “favourite” or so he said a few weeks ago; he regretted saying that, it probably let you on to his feelings. But why would you ever like a fuckboy like him? This thought was constantly ran through Kenji’s head. He really wished he hadn’t had these feelings, he rarely gets them and when he does they destroy him. But you were just so amazing to him, you everything he could’ve ever wanted in a significant other; you knew him well, your humour matched his, you were smart. He really wondered what stopped him from asking you to just date him the moment he met you. The brunette started seeing you more and stopped seeing pretty much everyone else he was sleeping with, he was gonna show you that you meant more to him than just sex. A couple months after he started to only see you he decided to speed things up, you hadn’t noticed his extra efforts to show that he was capable of loyalty; or so he thought. You had just had a session at your house, you followed the male down the stairs and to your front door. Before exiting he pulled your form close to his, he kissed your lips softly; that’s weird you thought to yourself, you brushed it off as a moment of witlessness. But what he would say next will make you think differently. “I think I like you”. Your face looked as if you’d been in the sun for 5 years you were so red, you broke into a cold sweat and you thought your head would explode. In a panic you pushed him out the door and locked it. He stood outside, eyes wide, worry beginning to envelop his mind. “(Name)! Fuck! I’m so stupid!” You couldn’t see him but you could only imagine the look on his face, the pain and anger he was feeling at the time. You opened the door, your eyes looking downward; the sight of you calmed the boy down. “I… Really… Likeyoutooseeyouatschool” you spoke so fast Kenji needed to confirm that what he just heard was right, before you could fully close the door he slipped his foot in front of it. “So… If what I just heard was right, do you wanna go on a date?” You nodded, but that wasn’t good enough. “Is that a yes or a no?” He asked sarcastically. All he earned was a slight giggle from you and a slap on the arm.

It was strange to Hajime, that he was able to just meet up with you every once in a while for a quick fuck. He was always so passionate about everything he did and he always seemed so committed and loyal, so how could he just…do this? Well, he couldn’t. He should have known in the first place and he hated himself for being so dumb. You felt the same way but seijou’s ace didn’t think that. He realised his feelings for you a few months ago, he noticed that you also have a cuter, intellectual side to you. Iwaizumi wasn’t sure what to do at first, he never even thought about your feelings; he was just worried about how pathetic you thought he’d be to gain feelings from a sexual relationship. Over the months he started to see you less, maybe avoiding you would lessen his desire? Unfortunately you thought you should pursue your desire, to you it felt as if you were chasing your own tail; you’d never catch it. Eventually you gave up trying to be nicer and being softer toward him in general, you decided to confront him.
He noticed your silhouette standing outside the gym, the afternoon sun blazing in the background; he knew something was about to happen and he wasn’t sure if he should be nervous or happy. You both waited for the rest of the team to leave before Iwaizumi walked outside to see why you had seemed him out like this. As he approached you his green eyes met yours with an icy stare, making you query whether or not you should really tell him how you feel. “What are you doing here?” His tone was course and gruff; you felt if you told him how you felt he’d reject you in the meanest way possible. You took a deep breath and gulped nervously, “I, um. I…. Really like you” you could barely get a word in before you started to break down from the pressure, your voice cracked and tears started to stream down your face. “If you don’t feel the same way I understand, you probably don’t. I’ll just go now” you turned around and started running as fast as you could, but you were easily stopped by the man behind you. His strong grip on your wrist made you wince from the sudden pain, he let go once he noticed how hard he was squeezing you. You turned to face him, sobbing and gasping for air. His expression softened at the sight of you being so helpless, so vulnerable. Hajime’s arms suddenly engulfed you, “I’m so sorry, I’m so fucking stupid I didn’t even think about you or your feelings. Fuck, please forgive me. I think I might be in love with you, I don’t know; I just thought maybe if I ignored you it’d be better for both of us”. Your eyes widened at the word “love”, you pushed yourself out of the hug. You took his hands into yours and stared down at them contently. The sight of your happy face was enough to assure him that everything was going to be okay now.

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*Wild fangirl appears* *Uses attack 'Do you have any KuroYachi headcanons?😏'*

I will admit, I have been converted because of those two comics of them, and the great tag we have of them, so:

  • Study bugs study together. They even exchange color coding tips. Kuroo has a great system for science, especially for biology and chemistry diagrams. Yachi excels in highlighting critical points for English and literature
    • Yachi shows Kuroo her notes for managing the volleyball team, and Kuroo starts using some of the charts and stuff
  • Yachi used to be really intimidated by Kuroo’s smirk and, you know, their 38 cm height difference. But once Kuroo realizes how intimidating he is to Yachi, he tries really hard—poor guy—to be not intimidating anymore
    • he slouches slightly when he’s speaking to Yachi, not so much that he towers over her, but so that he leans slightly closer to her to listen to her speak. he smiles, genuinely when he sees her, gives her a little wave before trying to speak to her
  • Kuroo treats Yachi like a princess, as in he picks her up and twirls her around. Then hugging her close, he nuzzles their noses together while Yachi is still giggling
  • He lets her try to draw a portrait of him one time, because she was studying the way his hair works. He has the sketch kept in his drawer, along with all the other doodles she’s drawn while she’s visiting him
  • Kuroo showing Yachi around in Tokyo. They go to modern art and design museums. Kuroo listens really intently to everything Yachi says, and he gives really perceptive and intelligent comments
    • then they go to a science museum and Yachi listens to Kuroo nerd out
  • He keeps her close when they’re on the train, his hand on Yachi’s back as he pulls her to him so she doesn’t start freaking out
  • Yachi and Kuroo taking the CUTEST, purest selfies together. Kuroo has the biggest, cutest grin in all of them and Yachi always gushes about his smile when they look over the photos.
    • Sometimes Kuroo snorts and remarks that he looks kinda stupid but Yachi immediately tells him that he doesn’t, then leans over and gives him a kiss
    • They also go to take sticker photos together and use all the cat stickers.
  • Kuroo always makes sure he has a bag of fugashi at his place when she visits
  • Yachi’s mom immediately falls in love with Kuroo the first time he goes over for dinner. Because let’s face it. Kuroo is a sweetheart. and he’s great with adults. the absolute best boyfriend to bring home.
    • Yachi’s started cooking for herself and her mom from an early age, so when Kuroo comes over for the first time, she prepares dinner: mackerel pike
    • The next few times he comes over, he always come like half an hour earlier than they agreed so he can help Yachi cook
Haikyuu!! 199

So.. summing up: Yaku is injured, Kuroo and Kai are sexys, Shibayama is cute as hell and I don’t want him to grow up, I’m going to kill those snakes if they touch my bae and Alisa is a goddess.

“Bokuto was biting his bottom lip furiously, his gaze flicking between Kuroo’s eyes and his mouth. Kuroo carefully took hold of Bokuto’s hand again, cradling it with shaking fingers, and brought Bokuto’s knuckles to his lips.”

from chapter 5 of the amazing Common side effects (which I can’t believe just updated. what are the odds?) by @notallballs

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tsukki, terushima and kuroo lil drabble where their stubborn s/o is really really artsy like she paints and draws and everything and once she starts she can't stop until she's finished so shes always owrking at like 5pm-4am just painting and painting and one day the boys are staying over at her house and shes painting yet again but they can tell shes really tired and stuff and try to drag her to bed? idk i thought it was a cute idea hahah


Kei was Bored, with a capital B. He didn’t want to be rude and put on his headphones and listen to music. Nor did he want to turn on the TV because, frankly, nothing good was on Tuesday nights. But it was eleven at night and you were still painting. When inspiration hit you after dinner, Kei said it was alright for you to paint, thinking you’d be done in an hour—two tops. But here he was, three hours later.

Eventually he fell asleep watching you paint from where he lounged on the couch. It was only a nap, really, and he woke up at three in the morning. He expected to find you in your room, snoozing away on your bed, or perhaps in the chair next to him, but instead all he saw a soft light glowing in the corner and you perched on a stool, paintbrush in hand.

Rubbing the sleep out of his eyes, he observed you closer and noticed the bags forming dark circles under your eyes. You took a sip out of a mug labeled Tea and set it down next to the mug labeled Not Tea. Despite the caffeine, you still yawned widely, rubbing a hand across your face, smearing yellow across your cheekbone.

Cute, Kei thought, but highly unhealthy. He stood from the couch, stretching his long limbs in the process and moved to where you were painting. He looked at the canvas and was in awe with what you were working on; it was a painting of him laughing and the way you painted him, frankly, it made him feel beautiful. But, there was a limit on how much one person could blend a background color.

Willing to risk getting yelled at, Kei scooped you up in his arms and starting walking you to the bedroom. He didn’t get reaction he was expecting: thrashing, resistance, a few choice words. Instead when he looked at you, he saw your eyes ease shut and a soft smile on your lips. He placed you softly on the bed and crawled in after you.


Yuuji liked to watch you paint—he loved the passion, the spark, he saw whenever you had that brush in your hands. The only problem here was that it’s been six hours since you said “Yuuji, please let me just get this idea started before I lost it.” So, he expected you to work for just half an hour or so, just enough to sketch an outline. But now it was six hours later, and he just wanted to get you to bed.

You were exhausted, he could tell. It was two in the morning and he just wanted to sleep, but he wanted to sleep next to you. He wanted to cuddle—but he couldn’t do that if you were sitting there painting.

He tried to talk to you, but it went a little something like this:

Yuuji: Hey, ­_____, maybe you should take a little break.

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: What are you even planning on painting, _____?

You: Mhmm.

Yuuji: I never told you this, _____, but I’m actually a forty-seven-year-old woman.

You: Mhmm.

So now, he finally decided to take things into his own hands, but how? Should he carry your thrashing body into bed and force you down with his cuddles? Or should he mix some melatonin into a cup of water? Or would that be illegal?

Instead, he tried a different approach. He waited for you to start mixing some new color and carefully grabbed the canvas and set it down (paint side up, obviously) on the table behind the easel. That obviously caught your attention and he awaited your criticism.

Instead he heard, “Yuuji, how long have I been painting?”

“Six hours,” he answered truthfully and you had no choice but glare at him.

“Why didn’t you stop me earlier? God, Yuu, I’m so sorry for ignoring you.”

“It doesn’t matter anymore. Let’s go to bed.”

“Okay,” you said, standing up and placed a quick kiss to his cheek.


Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him. You pressured him into going to different science museum exhibits and asking questions, and he pressured you into buying new paintbrushes—it was a balanced relationship. But just as you knew he should limit himself, he knew you should do the same.

You started painting when he started his homework, which took him three hours. He finished that two hours ago and you were still painting. It didn’t seem anything special to him yet, just a flash of colors all over. Must be an abstract, he reasoned.

He was tired and he knew that if he went to bed without you, you’d stay up all night unless you finished your painting, and that was quite unlikely. A painting on a canvas that size usually took you a total of fifteen hours to complete.

Testurou analyzed the situation and found only one way to distract you from painting long enough to get you to bed.

Taking a breath, he uttered, “_____, I think I’m going to change my major. Chemistry is just too difficult.”

He knew it was successful when he saw you slowly clean your paintbrush and place it in your paintbrush cup. When you turned to him and saw his sly smile, you huffed out a breath.

“It’s been that long, huh?”

“Yeah, _____. It’s time for bed.” He held out a hand and you took it, willingly being led to the bedroom.

Testurou liked to encourage you and your passions and you liked to do the same for him, but you both knew there were limits.

Cats Vs Owls

First of all…

Let’s take a moment just to look how cute they are.

So damn cute.

Those eyes

Because I’m deeply in love with Kuroo. But… look at him!

“The greatest thing since sliced bread!” Best thing ever

Ok… I will summarize:

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Bokuto, Kuroo, Oikawa, Akaashi, Tsukishima, Noya, relationship headcanons? Like the very first days of new relationship


  • Bokuto would be one to confess to his crush rather shortly after realizing his feelings for them. He would think it pointless to keep it inside, so he would pull them aside between class and practice, and let them know how he felt. 
  • Everyone around would know as soon as his crush accepted his confession, because Bokuto would not be able to contain a loud, excited scream. 
  • He would want his new s/o to come to every game and practice they possibly could so he could show off his mad skillz in front of them. 
  • At games, he would also give them a wink before every serve or spike he hit to let them know he was dedicating it to them. 


  • The beginning days of Kuroo’s new relationship would center wholly around teasing his partner (calling them pet names around their friends, asking them to play the pocky game with him, etc.). He wasn’t trying to be mean, he just loved to see them flustered. 
  • If they lived within walking distance of his house, they could expect to see him every morning at their doorstep, usually with Kenma in tow, ready to walk them to school. He wouldn’t skip out on taking them home either, assuming he didn’t have practice or that they stayed late as well.
  • Kuroo would always have some pretty unique date ideas. He’d want them to try all kinds of new things together, so his partner would need to be up for some sort of strange adventure whenever he took them out. 


  • Oikawa is the Selfie King. His partner had better be prepared to quickly become the co-star of every picture he takes. If they’re not together, he’ll constantly send them selfies, and expect them in return. 
  • He would start immediately spoiling them, wanting his s/o to know right away how much he adores them. Oikawa would surprise them on almost a weekly (if not daily) basis with flowers, trinkets, or even little snacks. 
  • As for his massive fan club, Oikawa would do his best to distance himself from them, but he wouldn’t be able to swear them off completely. He would make it clear to all his followers that he was taken now, and even though they were still his important supporters, they needed to focus their romantic attention elsewhere (cue him doing the Will Smith pose by Iwaizumi).


  • Akaashi would definitely be the type to date a friend of his, whether from childhood or more recently. He would like that they already knew each other, so there would be fewer awkward moments at the beginning of their relationship.
  • He would object terribly, but if Bokuto was also in a relationship at the time, he and his partner would be more or less forced to double-date with his captain. The better his new s/o did with Bokuto, the more respect they would earn from Akaashi. 
  • He’s definitely the type to show his feelings through actions rather than words. While it could take him months or even years to finally say “I love you”, he would quickly begin to go out of his way to take care of his partner. If they didn’t have lunch, he would give them his. If they needed help with homework, he would be there. Anything they required, he would gladly do for them.


  • While he would still remain his smug self in public, when he and his partner were alone, Tsukishima would let his facade slip a little, showing them his gentler side. 
  • He would still be a little stand-offish, though. If his s/o asked too many personal questions before he was ready, Tsukishima would be quick to let them know he wasn’t willing to talk. 
  • If his partner listened to, or was willing to try out, his music, he’d be more than willing to pick up a splitter cord at the electronics store, so they could listen together while they hung out.
  • Dates with him would be relatively simple. If they weren’t doing dinner and a movie out, they were doing dinner and a movie at his house. 


  • As soon as he and his partner were official, Noya would begin telling everyone he knew the good news.
  • He would immediately want to take them out on a date, just to show them  off in public. More than likely this would mean a day in the park, playing ball and eating popsicles. 
  • If his partner was okay with it, he would start being physically affectionate with them right away, wanting to hug and kiss them as much as possible.


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Okay but consider hinata x kuroo x oikawa. Okay, the big and sassy boyfriends always acting cool and chill around others. But when they're alone with hinata they spoil him. God they give hinata massages after hard training, cook for him, make him bubble baths. Tell him goodnight stories. Give him nose and forehead kisses all the time. They're not like that around each other; only with hinata. Bc he's their smol boyfriend and needs to be protected

k that’s suuuuper cute but consider hinata wanting to protect his boyfriends 25/8 too like he protects oikawa when his fangirls get a lil out of control and defends kuroo from his haters but just outright antagonizing anyone who talks shit abt them,,,,,,, and kuroo and oikawa are like don’t we have the best boyfriend ever

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Kuroo,Oikawa and Bokuto meeting s/o's dog that is small,fluffy,energetic, white,foxy face and the dog is jumping around friendly and happy :3

For anyone wondering, I imagined a Pomeranian as the chosen dog for this.

Kuroo Tetsurou //

You had promised to meet him at the park at five. Kuroo had called you earlier with the promise that practice wouldn’t last as long as usual today so he wanted to spend time you. Since you didn’t have anything planned for the evening – and was it even possible to say no to your boyfriend? - you agreed to meet at the park and get something to eat together.

You had promised to meet him at the park at five. It was now almost five thirty and you were still nowhere to be seen.

This wasn’t usually something that worried Kuroo. He knew you were busy with practice and school as much as he was and it wasn’t unusual for both of you to be a bit late.

What worried him was the fact that you didn’t respond to his texts or his calls. You lived about twenty minutes away so it shouldn’t take you this long.

Just when Kuroo was about to stand up and go look for you, insecurities and worries buzzing in his head like a swarm of wild hornets, a voice he would recognize anywhere yelled out a panicked “STOP!” before something collided with the back of his legs.

The impact, although small, caught him off guard and his knees buckled, sending him straight to the dewy grass below. Looking back he was suddenly smothered with something white and fluffy and for a second he thought a stray cloud had attacked him.

The cloud, however, turned out to be a small, he would even call it tiny, dog that looked like it had accidentally touched a socket. Like white cotton candy with a foxy face and round, dark eyes that stared up at him like the tiny poof expected a treat for the stunt he just pulled.

Kuroo wasn’t much of a dog person but he had to admit that the little Romeo was cute.

When you appeared in front of him with a leash, the collar was still attached to it, you immediately grabbed the dog but the little thing had other ideas, jumping away from you and up onto the bench Kuroo was sitting on just seconds ago.

“I’m sorry.” were the first words out of your mouth. “I know I’m late but I didn’t know what to do with this little guy here and he freed himself from his collar about ten minutes ago and I’ve been running ever since and-”

“Woah, woah!” Kuroo chuckled deeply and held up a hand. He smiled gently at you, patting the dog with one hand. “No worries. You’re safe and sound and here, I mean it would’ve been nice of you to answer your phone but hey life isn’t always a bowl of cherries.” He leaned forward and placed a tender kiss on your lips, ignoring the teeth that were gnawing at his hand.

“I’m sorry”, you repeated, once you separated. “I forgot it at home.”

“ ’s alright.” Sitting back down next to your dog, he grabbed the collar from you. Fastening it was a bit harder with the little thing trying to escape, happily yipping and yapping because he thought Kuroo was trying to play with him. “So who’s this little ball of wool?”

“He’s our child for the evening since my parents are both out and I couldn’t leave him alone.” Your statement was accompanied by a huge smile and doe eyes.

Again Kuroo chuckled. “I didn’t expect to become a father so soon”, he said. “But with this little renegade I guess I can manage.”

Oikawa Tooru //

“What are you doing here?”

Admittedly that was not was Oikawa had hoped to be the first words out of your mouth when you opened the door. But he was more hurt by the tone your voice had. Like he came at a very bad time.

Putting a hand over his heart he acted deeply hurt, sighing and giving you the best pout he could muster. “I’m wounded!”, he exclaimed. “Here I am trying to light up your afternoon and this is is how you greet me.” He shook his head. “I’m truly hurt, ____-chan.”

You rolled your eyes, still keeping the door mostly closed. Right now only your face and a little part of your upper body could be seen. “Well life is a bitch, isn’t it?” If he wanted to be a drama queen he had to be prepared for the sass that was to come. “This is a really bad time anyway.”

“Why?” He tried to look around you but you successfully blocked his view. “Do you have guests over? Are you ashamed of me, ____-chan?”



“But there are no guests. We just encountered a tiny little prob-”

Before you could finish your sentence a blur of white shot out between the crack of the opened door. You didn’t have the chance to stop it from crashing into Oikawa either.

Both of you were surprised for a second and then the whining and barking started and you had no other choice but to kneel down.

“You didn’t tell me you had a dog, ____-chan!”, Oikawa exclaimed, his hands busy to both keep the dog from jumping up his face and pet it.

“That’s because we’ve had him for about three hours now. I didn’t have the chance to tell anyone yet.”, you answered while rolling your eyes, motioning for both of your boys to enter.

It wasn’t hard to keep the little dog from running away since he kept following your boyfriend as happily as he greeted him, yipping and jumping around like a bouncy ball.

“What’s his name?”


Oikawa whined almost as high as your dog when he shot you a look from the ground where he was playing with the puppy. “Why didn’t you name him after me? That would’ve been adorable.”

You snorted and went to get both of you something to drink. “I don’t need two of you running around. One is hard enough to manage.”

“How rude, ____-chan!”

Bokuto Koutarou //

Finding twelve missed calls and about eighty messages from you was alarming enough for Bokuto. Not knowing whether the urgency in your ‘get your ass over here NOW!!’ and the ‘fucking HURRY KOU!!!’s was because of excitement or anxiety became the cherry on top.

He hadn’t even changed out of his training clothes, the kneepads still tight around his legs, ignoring the others who waved him goodbye and immediately sprinting towards your house, which was, fortunately close to school.

Panting heavily he knocked on your door, after tripping in your driveway and wasn’t all his attention focused on seeing you unharmed and safe, he would’ve been glad to have worn his kneepads. Already expecting the worst when you didn’t immediately answer, his anxiety grew and a plan was forming in his head, wondering if you would be very mad if he smashed your window and climbed in and-

When the door finally opened he didn’t even get a second to enjoy the relief flooding his body because you grabbed his arm and pulled him through the door with accusations spilling from your brightly smiling lips. He was momentarily blinded by the feelings your obvious happiness caused in him and started smiling without noticing.

And then you two arrived in the living room and he realized why you had wanted him to come over so badly.


Bounding up to him was a tiny being that looked like that one time you both had blow dried one of your couch pillows after washing it by hand because Bokuto had spilled juice on it and God forbid your mother ever found out about that.

You reveled in the happy noises both balls of energy made, being at ease with each other from the get go.

You explained that you had finally convinced your parents to get a dog and had went with them to the animal shelter after school. The rest was a story of love at first sight because the little dog may or may not have reminded you of your boyfriend with his endless bouncing and excited barking and the tail that was wagging 120 km/h.

In hindsight you probably should have reconsidered getting another companion that had more energy than everyone you knew combined. However, seeing both of them playfully fighting over the ball on the floor, not being sure which one made you more happy, definitely washed away the doubts and had you joining them.