Major prayer request.

A friend of mine, her name is Sarah, a young lady of 19 who has had enough of a rough life as it is, got some test results back and found that her leukemia has returned. Please pray for her. Pray for healing for her body and her heart. This young lady has had a life I wouldn’t wish on the most horrible people I’ve ever met.


Knocked up 3

In case it got to hard to read at the end

Max: “ it’s going to be ok. Please don’t cry anymore.

Nikki: * notice the test finally gave the results* “ Ha” *sniff* “ Got you! You actually thought I was crying? Yea right.”
( Trying to pretend she’s wasn’t really crying when she was)

Max: “yea, of course not. Just Like these tear stains aren’t .”

Nikki: *shows him the test* “ I took a new test and apparently I’m not pregnant-”

Max:“ What!?! But I thought-”

Nikki: “ the first test was a false positive.”

Max: “ so…. We’re not having-”

Nikki: “ nope”

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Kaylee’s ultrasound came back clear. No masses. Which is good but also frustrating, because we still don’t know what’s wrong. For the next two weeks I’m increasing her calorie content, and then we go back to the vet for a weigh-in. If she hasn’t gained anything, there’s another blood panel they can do that tests certain enzymes; results take 7-10 days.

So…good news and not-so-good news, I guess.

Science in the Sith Empire

As I was remarking to @darth-char earlier, reading nonfiction inevitably inspires me to worldbuilding. So, as I was just reading a part of my current book talking about the nature and limitations of the scientific method… this happened.

(This set of headcanons springs primarily from two facts: first, the fact that science-wise in the Sith government, we have spheres concerning “Biotic Science” and “Technology” and… nothing else; and second, that the pre-Imperial Sith society placed substantially more importance on applications of Force-sensitivity in a wide variety of domains, compared to other major galactic cultures.)

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hobbies include

-asking people if they know what mbti is

-explaining what mbti is

-compacting the entire mbti theory into a simple explanation

-figuring out what someone’s mbti is

-incessantly bothering people about taking the mbti test

-totally disregarding the mbti test results

-blogging about mbti

-making mbti memes

-contemplating on whether my mbti type is accurate or if i’m secretly esfj


-taking long romantic walks on the beach with mbti

-having deep conversations with mbti

-devoting my life to mbti

A message from #MONSTA_X to #MONBEBE who are taking 2017 academic year National Scholastic Aptitude Test for university admission 💌
Check it right now! #TOMONBEBE #WillBeCheeringMonbebe

SHOWNU: To. Monbebe who is preparing for Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT)
You have worked so hard. Don’t be nervous. As much as you prepared, I hope you do well on the test and get the result that you are satisfied with!! ^^ Until the test, stay in good shape, don’t get sick, and will be cheering for you. Fighting

WONHO: To. Monbebe
Ha… I even get nervous when I think about it. But my Monbebe won’t get nervous and do well, right? Let’s show all the hard works you worked for! I will really cheer for you! I know the test feels looming large, but let’s think of it lightly. If you settle your mind, won’t it be a little helpful? I love you so much and cheer for you! Fighting!

MINHYUK: To. My Monbebe who is close to taking SAT
Hello! It’s Minhyuk. :) Tomorrow is SAT! It is a very important day and important test but! It is not the most important day of your life. So don’t worry too much and don’t be so nervous. Because I am not a big adult, it’s awkward and I lack experience to talk about life, but I hope you get through well on SAT you are preparing or other important days and tasks for individuals. I am always thankful and I love you! SAT fighting!

KIHYUN: To. Monbebe who are taking SAT this year
(Bubble 1: Precious Monbebe who isn’t defined by SAT scores)
(Bubble 2: Looking back, you will think it was nothing back then!)
Exactly tomorrow! There are a lot of Monbebes who are taking SAT?! Because you prepared it so well, don’t get nervous! Think ‘SAT is nothing!’. Be confident and be fighting! Monsta X and Kihyun are cheering for you! Fighting!

HYUNGWON: To. My Monbebes
Show all what you have prepared. You know that you have to eat well, right? I am always cheering for you so don’t feel pressured and just take it easy~ Let’s sleep early today as we wish for Monbebes’ excellent scores. Cheer up!

JOOHEON: To. Monbebe preparing for SAT ^^
My dearest Monbebe. Tomorrow is SAT. I remember taking SAT. I remember reading all the text books from evening to dawn. Monbebe preparing for SAT, check and do well! Be confident and take it easy! We are cheering for you. Fighting! SAT fighting! 

I.M: To. Monbebe who are preparing for a test called SAT
Hey Monbebe! Without realizing, this year is coming to an end and SAT is soon. Don’t get nervous about that SAT stuff, just answer and come back. ㅎㅎ Because you didn’t sleep well, don’t get sick. Sleep early and stay in excellent shape to take the test well! There is Monsta X who cheers for you the most!
Don’t be nervous. After you confidently fight the test, I will welcome you for doing a good job! Go, Bebemon~

translated by monstaxtrans ϟ take out with full credit.


Can i just..point out that these were my favorite fast frames out of all?

And a little doodle of DR3 naegi with two different arc atmospheres.. ( ˙³˙)

- Watch result here -


【Ruby】Weiss, why are you hiding? Are you crying?
【Weiss】Ruby, my test result is Omega, I’m only 18 years old, but my future will be dark.
【Ruby】Don’t be afraid, Weiss, I’m Alpha, I will grow up and become strong, I will beat all those who want to hurt you, Weiss will be happy if Weiss marry me.
【Weiss】Thank you, Ruby, you’re nice, but I love a Beta woman.
【Ruby】Beta ··· is Blake?
【Weiss】Sorry, I don’t want to say.
【Ruby】But Omega and Beta never have a good ending.
【Weiss】I know, so my life is a tragedy.

Necropsy on endangered killer whale shows animal suffered blunt-force trauma

VANCOUVER — A necrospy on an endangered killer whale found floating off the coast of British Columbia showed the animal had blunt-force trauma to its head and neck, officials say.

The male orca, found in the water off the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver on Tuesday, also had a hematoma, indicating it was alive for a time after the injury, said Paul Cottrell, Pacific marine mammal co-ordinator with Fisheries and Oceans Canada.

He said the damage may have been caused by a vessel strike or other “heavy contact,” but investigators are waiting on tissue tests and other results to determine exactly what happened.

“I think as we get more information back from the necropsy, it’ll help inform us going forward, for sure,” Cottrell said.

Investigators have also taken the animal’s skull to Vancouver, where a CT scan will be done to determine whether there were any fractures as a result of the blunt-force trauma.

The 18-year-old orca, known as J34, was part of the endangered southern resident killer whale population, which live in the waters off southern British Columbia and Washington state.

At least three other animals in the group have died this year, including a calf, a 23-year-old female called J28 and a male known as L95. Cottrell said there are now 79 whales left in the population.

The Center for Whale Research in Washington state said in a news release it has been voicing concerns for over a decade that the endangered whales are not getting enough salmon for their survival.

“We reported that J34 was looking skinny this past summer," it said.

Cottrell said the necropsy showed the almost seven-metre-long orca was in overall good condition with a thick layer of blubber.

There’s a lot of research going on to help protect the southern resident killer whales, and J34’s death will likely help that work progress, he said.

"There’s a big effort going on and of course, when we get a fresh carcass where we can get more information on cause of death and the details around that, we want to know what happened and why, and if it’s a human-caused issue, how we can mitigate that going forward is really important.”

The Sechelt First Nation, which helped retrieve the whale’s body, will keep the skeleton and plan to display it in the future, Cottrell said.

But first the carcass will be left outside for about a year so various organisms can strip it of all organic matter, he explained. Once clean, the bones will be reassembled and displayed.

“This is a beautiful specimen, 18 years old, in the prime of his life. His teeth and everything were in great shape. So this will be a great specimen for display,” Cottrell said.

Gemma Karstens-Smith, The Canadian Press