things james definitely said as quidditch captain:

  • “Okay, guys! Practice all day Saturday, I’m taking sandwich orders.”
  • “Marlene, if you do not get on that broom right this instant, I’m putting in that first year and I don’t give a shit about the consequences.”
  • “To prepare for the game against Slytherin, we’re having an extra practice at 6:30 tomorrow morning.” “Except me.” “Right, except Sirius.”
  • No, Sirius, you cannot install a mirror into the beater’s bat. No, I don’t care if your hair doesn’t look good.”
  • “Marlene, answer me this: Is Mary MacDonald on the team? Is she? No, I thought the fuck not. Get her off the field.”
  • Sirius: “Okay guys, I’m filling in for James today. Practice is cancelled.” James, yelling, running across the pitch with his robes tangled and his shirt stuck half-over his head: “No it is not.”
  • “Sirius, you’re coming to practice. The full moon was a week ago.” “I need time to recuperate!” “Oh, sure, if ‘recuperate’ meant ‘sex with a werewolf’…”
  • “Okay, team! Make sure to make me look good today, because Lily is watching. (To chasers) Each of you must pass the Quaffle to me a minimum of twenty-four times or you’re off the team.”
  • “Sirius, is there any way you can hit a Bludger at Snape and make it look like an accident? Great.”
  • “You know what? Fuck Slytherin. Fuck ‘em. No, I am not crying.”
  • “Sirius, trade uniforms with me. I need it to be a size small so that Evans can see how shredded I am.”
  • “Moony, if you do not come to the final game against Slytherin I will personally come to the hospital wing and attack you. Physically. With my fists.”
  • “How much would it cost to cover every broom on the team in pure gold?” (Harry takes after him.)
  • “Guess what? Hufflepuff’s a bunch of losers. They suck. They all deserve to die. No, it’s just allergies, shut up Sirius–”
  • “Test tomorrow? Fuck Transfiguration.” “Fuck it!” “Thanks, Marlene.”
  • “Treat those goalposts like they are Snivellus’ asshole. Nothing can penetrate them.”
  • “Get off the pitch, Mary! Peter can AND will eat you.”
  • (During a game) “Yes, Sirius, your hair looks lovely. Please get back to mauling your loser brother with bludgers.”
  • “You know what? I knew we could do it. I knew we could win. Because what we have–love–is the most powerful Quidditch skill there is. And the Slytherins will never, ever, understand that. Ow–oh, God–fuck you, Sirius! Yeah, I am fucking crying!”

“The map showed Peter Pettigrew” - “I doubt that is possible.”

But what if it isn’t only impossible because Remus thought  Peter Pettigrew was dead at this point - what if it is because the boys never used their real names in the map?

When it came to the map, it had never been Peter Pettigrew. It had always been Wormtail.

Just as Remus Lupin had always been Moony, and James Potter had been Prongs, and Sirius Black had always been Padfoot.

But the map has its own intelligence - from the moment Peter had betrayed his friends, his family, the map would change his name into his birth name.

It wasn’t able to change the introductions (and the Snape-insults) as the love the boys held for one another was too big, too deep, but it was able to forever take part of the legacy from him.

And that is why in that moment, Remus began to realise they had all been wrong.

(I know this is probably proven wrong by the canon, but I still like the idea of it.)

- Alina

this sounds like an embellished tumblr lie but in 7th grade i took a public speaking class and we had to give a persuasive speech. so i was planning on doing my on why accessible spaces are a human right and i had it all written out and memorized and shit, but the guy who went before did his speech on why FDR was the best american president and i was so annoyed i improvised a speech on the spot about why FDR was the worst american president. and thats the story of the day i learned why professors and academics are so petty

weird shit about my school
  • theres this one girl who always wears a shirt that says “vegan”
  • half the people don’t wear shoes
  • we sit in silence as a whole school for at least 15 minutes every day (long story)
  • teachers just throw their opinions into classes
  • half the classes are about identity politics
  • we could die and the teachers wouldn’t worry about us
  • teachers ask your pronouns at the beginning of the year

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As I have learned from some of you, the Black plague may not have been the best example, however, the point is: Get your vaccines or Eirin is gonna be passive-aggresively dissapointed in you.