testosterone shoes

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hello Elise! 💕 I'm feeling abit stressed about an audition coming up so I was wondering could I get some professional dancer!grantaire headcannons please? 💕💕

ballerina grantaire basically keeps me alive, do you have any hcs for him??

  • I love myself some Grantaire who’s simultaneously a ballet dancer and a hardcore bower and who manages to conciliate the two into one
  • Sometimes he’s at the gym, boxing with really buff people and there’s this big testosterone ambiance. Grantaire’s ballet shoes are sticking out of his bag and a dude is there like “are those your sister’s?” and Grantaire just smiles smugly “Nah my guy. Gonna kick your ass with a well placed arabesque, don’t worry”
  • Grantaire who’s a graceful boxer and an energic and a sharp dancer, combining both of his sports together
  • Not to mention the fencing, who literally combines some form of dancing and onslaughts
  • Grantaire who teaches from time to time, when a teacher is not there. He loves the little ballet students because they’re so eager to learn but they’re also silly as heck. He makes them laugh a lot
  • A lot of makeup, especially foundation, goes into hiding his black eyes for representations
  • Grantaire who finds out that Azelma has always wanted to be a ballet dancer but thought she didn’t have the money to be accepted, and now thinks that she’s too old to be a graceful dancer
  • Grantaire calls bullshit on that and gives her one-on-one lessons to catch up with everything she’s missed
  • Grantaire and Eponine at sitting in the front row for Azelma’s first representation and Grantaire feels proud that he managed to do at least /that/. He didn’t change the world but he helped Azelma to make her dream come true and that ha to count for something