When Rey and Leia are having a lovely moment and you’re scouring the screen for the rare sight of Jessika Pava. When Poe and Finn are having a lovely moment and you’re scouring the screen for the rare sight of Jessika Pava:


Transformers the Last Knight Premier Edition Voyager Class Optimus Prime heavy repaint and mod.

added ball joints in wrists, reengineered trailer hitch and cabin roof back kibble, chrome wrap, high gloss finish.
the first of more to come. some will be commissioned pieces, others will be for fun that will also be available to buy when complete like this one.


From Apple White into an original character in the span of too many hours. My first time doing an EAH faceup and reroot! Exciting stuff indeed!
I’ll be making a sweet little black and white dress for her in the near future, but for the time being I’m very happy with how she has turned out~

Pro tips:
-If you think you’re using a fine brush, find a finer one!
-Seal seal seal! (Three coats of Testor’s spray lacquer on her face)

Why would anyone chose to row

why would anyone chose to row

why would anyone chose to put themselves through such brutality

who would dare put themselves in a position where all their mental and physical ability

stretches its limits every single day

it takes a certain type of person to go out and face their biggest challenges every single day.

it takes a certain type of person to feel a burning in their lungs and breaking pain in their back but continue to give every last bit of themselves until the very last stroke.

it takes a certain type of person to take extreme pain and harness it into something they can use to finish out the job.

why would anyone put themselves through such torture

the heart pounds into the body like a sledgehammer

the lungs gasp at any air they can reach

the legs scorch as they are driven off the foot board

the back is lit with an invisible flame with every pull

old blisters and wounds rip open with every twist

it takes a certain type of person to have their bodies shut down and still continue on

to see their own blood drip down on the oar handles

to have pain invade every part of them and know that they don’t ever give enough

until they cannot physically move.

rowers don’t stop

stopping means ending

they’d let themselves down, the boat down, and the coaches down

all of the harsh training would equal nothing

rowers put in work most people would run away from

rowers chose to endure pain that most others would fall apart at

the ability to give up is easy

in the middle of a piece the rower can easily put down the handle

and just walk way

leaving all of the hard work, effort and time, stilly sitting on the seat of the erg

every rower knows they can quit

but most do not

so why would anyone want to row

a sport were lactic acid is man’s best friend

gouging blisters become a normality

and the constant pain is a constant reality

pain is measured only by what the body can feel

but not what it can endure.

pain will never get in the way of what the rower can accomplish

no matter how much the pain will scream that it is a roadblock to the path of victory.

a rower does not leave a piece until they have given everything they got to the erg or the boat

it’s not optional

it’s what is expected of them

and the expectations provided are only the foundation on what the rower can achieve

it is that need to dump every hour of work into one seven minute race

all the pain, the blood, sweat and tears

to achieve everything the rower has worked for.

until that bow crosses that finish line the rowers do not stop working,

stop believing and stop fighting

to receive so rightfully what they deserve

not one person knows the feel of victory

until they can see it’s brutal marks made on their hands

feel it roar through every muscle fiber

inhale it sharply by each lung

feel it trickle down all parts of their skin

and taste it’s dryness it their mouths

whether the rower set a personal record on their two kilometer test

or won the gold metal in the olympics

all victory tastes the same

harsh, brutal but rewarding

so why would anyone chose to row?

because everyday rowers get to crush their biggest fears

rowers get to hold victory’s hand everyday

and there is nothing better than that


Starfighter Corps Modern AU

Oscar Isaac as Poe Dameron
Jessica Henwick as Jessika “Testor” Pava
Greg Grunberg as Temmin “Snap” Wexley
Diego Boneta as Muran
Tessa Thompson as Karé Kun
Steven Yeun as Iolo Arana


Liger Zero Eve 2.1 patch notes:

  • fixed glitches in paint
  • Adjusted colors
  • now twice as sparkly as before

So glad I finally got around to fixing up her paint. The blue was thin or missing in some spots, and the previous silver I used was much duller. I also replaced the purple, added some navy, replaced the original blue on the HMM Liger Zero which was sun bleached, and replaced the dull gold of the claws with something much nicer.  Overall I think she looks much better!

Paints used: Tamiya Color: silver/gloss navy, Testors: gold, gloss light blue, grape pearl gloss (acrylic)

Ahhh Jessica Henwick replied to my tweet in support of Rey x Jessika Pava!

!!!! And then a few hours later she tweeted about it AGAIN!!! Now how do we ensure that there is more of Jess in future movies, including actual merch??


DATING YUGYEOM or  boyfriend!yugyeom

  • okay as we all know yugyeom is rlly sweet bUT EVIL ASFFFF
  • okay well for starters yugyeom would be a cute ass boyfriend
  • he would love to do all those cliche things couples in dramas do
  • he would loveeeeeeeee to show up at you’re apartment at 4am with roses in his hands
  • he would so be the type to sweetly kiss your forehead alot
  • it’s not that you guys didn’t kiss or anything bc bOIII that kid would have his lips all over you but he loved giving you forehead kisses to show off his sweet side
  • he would also loveeee to hug you from behind and put his chin over your head
  • this would be something usual for you guys since he’s like 7ft and you’re barely average height
  • walks around the city
  • I imagine yugyeom taking you out for cute walks holding your hand as you both giggle about the stupidest things ever !!!
  • couple outfits
  • random acts of kindness
  • like bringing you your favorite food while you’re stuck at home studying for some stupid anatomy test
  • or taking you out for a cup of coffee at 2 am because he freaking missed you and wanted to see you
  • yugyeom would freaking love to hold you in his arms singing cute lil songs to you
  • but like when are we gonna get to eviL MAKNAE GYEOM ???
  • bro this little bitch would annoy the shit out of you
  • babe”  “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “babe” “babe” “babe” “babe”
  • “yes?”
  • “babe” “babe” “bab-”
  • “OH MY FU-”
  • he would pull the stupidest of pranks and laugh at them  
  • like the classic baby powder in your hair dryer
  • he
  • would
  • freaking
  • die of laughter
  • but like you love seeing him smiling so you would shrug it off …. sometimes
  • protecting him 25/8 from jinyoung bc that lil hoe wants to kill ur baby
  • ok now for the S I N
  • sex with yugyeom
  • bro let me tell you, this boy is nothing but innocent
  • yugyeom is a freak in the bed, and let’s be real now you’re one as well
  • this boy will work you up so good
  • kissing you up and down worshiping your body as if it was God itself
  • lustful eyes
  • low whimpers leaving both of your mouths and he works himself in you
  • back scratches tracing his back
  • love biteS E V E R Y W H E R E
  • hitting the right spots as you both reach you climaxes
  • the aftermath of everything being you both just laying down with your head on his chest  
  • slowly drifting to sleep at the beat of each other hearts


gn guyssssssssss hope you like it! dont forget to request more of whatever you like!! - ericaaaaa

since there is not enough about resistance pilots snap and testor, let me tell you how absolutely awesome they are:

Temmin ‘Snap’ Wexley

  • his home planet is akiva
  • his father was arrested by the empire and his mother left to serve as rebel pilot when
  • he had to take care of himself, so he turned his house into spare parts shop, he got involved with black market
  • extremely intelligent and technical genius (he made a killer robot)
  • snap didn’t like neither rebels nor the empire, both took his parents away from him
  • he hasn’t seen his mother for over 3 years
  • later he was took in by his aunt and her wife (that’s right he was practically raised by two lesbians)
  • he and his mother helped free his home planet from imperial rule
  • eventually followed his mother’s footsteps, joined her special commando unit
  • captain of blue squadron
  • has reputation as ‘best recon flier’
  • flies as poe’s wingman for the starkiller base attack - and survives
  • called ‘snap’ because of his habit snapping fingers when nervous or frustrated
  • loves board games

Jessika ‘Testor’ Pava

  • her home planet is dandoran
  • luke skywalker and wedge antilles’ number one fan since she was a child
  • she freaks out when she meets c-3po because he knows luke skywalker and she asks him to tell her stories about him
  • she’s part of blue squadron and her call sign is blue three
  • fllies in starkiller base attack - and survives
  • dedicated resistance member

Shipping this ‘till the end of time <3


Here’s the Catwalk Kitties Toffee head given to me by @dollsahoy done up in a kawaii style pastel face up. I know these dolls are rare, and hard to find but the facial screening was awful, and I hated how low her eyes were on her head.

I tried blushing her Liv body to be yellow using Testors Dullcote and a LOT of yellow pastels. It was alright but I couldn’t get it even but it matches better than before lol.

I’m not sure if I made her eyes too big but if I don’t like her in the morning I’m wiping her lmao.