Jessica Henwick as Resistance pilot Jessika “Testor” Pava

Jessika Pava, also known as Jess or Testor, was a human female who flew as a X-wing fighter pilot for the Resistance under the call sign of Blue Three.  She was a dedicated member of the Resistance and an admirer of Luke Skywalker, having heard that he was the best star pilot in the galaxy [x].


When Rey and Leia are having a lovely moment and you’re scouring the screen for the rare sight of Jessika Pava. When Poe and Finn are having a lovely moment and you’re scouring the screen for the rare sight of Jessika Pava:

Jessica Henwick (pilot Jessika ‘Testor’ Pava) with Arty Anna Cosplay

“She hinted to me that I looked a lot like the character she was about to be in Force Awakens *_* And I told her also about the female pilots that actually was planned to be in the very first movies, but that got both cut out and dubbed over by male voices, and she got very surprised! Like ‘wtf really??’”

Ahhh Jessica Henwick replied to my tweet in support of Rey x Jessika Pava!

!!!! And then a few hours later she tweeted about it AGAIN!!! Now how do we ensure that there is more of Jess in future movies, including actual merch??


F-19 Stealth Fighter

The designation F-19 has been oddly missing from the american fighter aircraft numbering system. Northrop was offered the number for the Tigershark, but chose the F-20 designation instead. Aviation enthusiasts and model companies jumped on speculation that the F-19 was a rumored stealth aircraft in secret service with the U.S. Air Force.

In 1986, model company Testors released their “F-19 Stealth Fighter” kit, which has been claimed to be the biggest selling plastic model kit of all time. Their kit was based on publicly-available stealth research, and a number of features from it, such as canted fins, would appear in later stealth aircraft.

Monogram released their model F-19 in 1987, having bought the rights to use the name “F-19 Stealth” from Testors. Monogram’s F-19 design was based on conceptual art from Loral.

Once the F-117 was acknowledged by the U.S. Air Force in November 1988, both models were proven to be quite inaccurate when compared to reality.

via Infomercantile and Wikipedia


Jessika Pava and the rest of Black Squadron in Poe Dameron Comic #1 - Snap Wexley, Karé Kun, L’ulo, and Oddy Muva (high res copy of the squadron).