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RP thing (Continued from ask with Rin)


“I love bunnies too!” she cheered and pulled a stuffed bunny from her skirt pocket, “also nice jump and landing, anyway,” she continues, “they are just so cute! I sometimes wish I had a real one, but… maybe I’m wouldn’t be so good at taking care of real animals,” she says in a saddened tone, “but maybe one day!” She brightens up.

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i'm crying sweet tears right now omg you draw akagami no shirayukihime and more than that ZEN AND OBI that is my ship right there thank you for this gift

👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍 :D

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Pharah makeup test! So I’m really really excited to cosplay a character who’s North African like me because so often I don’t see much of myself reflected in the media I enjoy. I’m very much looking forward to wearing this–thank you Blizzard for being awesome. 💖