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Hi! ok so im a scorpio, very much so since it's my dominant sign. Anyway, alot of people and zodiac tests things always assume im a leo?? which doesn't make sense because leo and fire is my least prominent in my chart. Do you have an idea of why this could be? my other placements are sag moon and taurus rising if that helps any. Thanks

It could be the fixed energy present in your chart. Taurus and Scorpio are fixed signs and Leo is fixed also.

omg i signed myself up for like this product testing thing and they sent me like a questionnaire about ready-made meals that you just heat up and whatever and im crying bc i eat a ready made meal like….. once a month???? literally NEVER but i put like once a week in the question thingy and put a check mark on all these kinds of brands so it seems like i eat a lot of readymade meals and i got picked as a sample person or whatever so im going to be able to go there and snack on some items now and get paid for it lshdflsfhsdlfhs lmao

How basic is your sign?
  • Aries: 23%
  • Taurus: 82%
  • Gemini: 50%
  • Cancer: 124%
  • Leo: 99.999999%
  • Virgo: 74%
  • Libra: 25%
  • Scorpio: 43%
  • Sagittarius: 258%
  • Capricorn: 5%
  • Cancer: 124%
  • Aquarius: 69%
  • Cancer: 124%
  • Pisces: 96%


Guardians of the galaxy 12 cover by Arthur Adams

 I haven’t dropped a bomb in a couple of weeks because with the TV show and civil war debuting simultaneously it’s been crazy time around here

 now that powers and Civil War 2 are in your hands it has officially been the craziest best week. thank you all so much for your enthusiasm and fun. I love doing this, I love doing it for you,  an I love mixing it up with you here.

 Next week we get what I think will be everyone’s favorite episode of powers this season, directed by Jonathan Frakes, and even more fallout from civil war testing breaks wide open

 also next week David and I are signing at things from another world here in Portland on Wednesday and then on Friday I’ll be in Austin signing a dragons lair

The Signs As Dumb Things I Have Done During Sleepovers

Aries: Forgot headphones while listening to EDM music on Spotify (I literally woke up the entire neighborhood)

Taurus: “I’m only going to eat ONE slice of pizza.” *Four slices later* “Nvm”

Gemini: Chatted with my friends on Skype instead of talking face to face.
(We were 2 feet from each other)

Cancer: *Suddenly hears a noise*
“So this is how I die”

Leo: Whip’d and Nae-Nae’d at 3 in the morning. Literally scared the turd out of my friends.

Virgo: “I’m going to get sleep!”
* Tumblr: 99+ Notifications *
“Sleep is for the weak”

Libra: *Accidentally trips on the corner of a counter*
Me: “Help me, I’m shot.”

Scorpio: Turns the AC on 15 degrees Celsius and wears two jackets.

Sagittarius: “I’m going to pretend I’m drunk!”
*Starts mimicking every move my sister makes*

Capricorn: “I’m going to go look at Creepypasta”
* Five minutes later *

*Creepy whispering*
“What if aliens are real”

Pisces: “I’m finally going to pull an all nighter!”


Apparently Amanda Abbington got some hate this week from a few Sherlock fans, which is ridiculous for so many reasons they aren’t even worth the keystrokes. She’s GORGEOUS and TALENTED and here are just a few pics from past premieres where I think she looks HAWT. I can’t wait to see her in Sherlock!! I LOVE that pink dress, by the way, and she looks banging. Hopefully those few Sherlockians have crawled back into their dark, dingy Internet-holes to learn some manners.



Story Structure: Scenes and Chapters

xalazi asked:

Hello. Do you have any advice on handling scene transitions within a single chapter? When is it a good idea to have one chapter with multiple scenes Vs each scene being it’s own chapter. Than you in advance.

Scene transitions occur when we move to a new time, location, or point-of-view. When scene transitions occur within a chapter, we generally indicate them with a scene break. There are different ways to indicate scene breaks. Sometimes it’s just a few extra spaces, # # # or * * *, or sometimes even a special decorative element.

Sometimes scene transitions can occur without these breaks, simply by using transitional phrases. For example:

I laughed as Britta made a flourish as she signed her name at the top of her test. One thing could be said for my best friend: if she was going to fail, she was going to fail with style.

The next three weeks passed at a snail’s pace, but finally it was graduation day. Despite our fears, Britta and I had both passed all of our tests, and now as we stood in the girl’s bathroom looking at our capped and gowned reflections, I couldn’t believe we were finally here.

Or, this excerpt from Maggie Stiefvater’s, Blue Lily, Lily Blue:

Gansey steered in a hurry. Adam blinked awake. Ronan swore. Gansey’s heart restarted.

Eyes on the road, Gansey.

At the airport, the professor was not waiting at the outdoor passenger pick-up area…

If the scene ending has a sense of finality to it, or if you’re changing POVs, go ahead and do a scene break. Otherwise, try a transitional phrase, especially if the scenes aren’t terribly distinct.

As far as knowing when to start a new chapter, the key is to group like scenes together. Think of each chapter as sort of its own mini-story. When there’s a significant change in setting, location, or point-of-view, it’s a good time to start a new chapter. You can also begin a new chapter after a cliffhanger, even if the scene itself is continuing. Remember that chapters aren’t necessarily necessary, so there’s technically no right or wrong time to start one or end one. Follow your gut instinct. If you feel it’s time to start a new chapter, it probably is. :)

things + the signs :
  • aries: tests with perfect grades. paintings. colored pencils. 
  • taurus: food. hella food. bright smiles.
  • gemini: loud music. shredded band t-shirts. cameras.
  • cancer: warm hugs. lots of cuddling. brown eyes.
  • leo: flowers. dark lipstick. a magic wand.
  • virgo: biographies. oversized sweaters. blonde hair.
  • libra: alcohol. books about mythical creatures. 
  • scorpio: pink eyeshadow. cute sense of style. short hair.
  • sagittarius: instruments. dark eye circles. 
  • capricorn: bright red lipstick. classic novels.
  • aquarius: thrift stores. oceans. cats. 
  • pisces: violets. blue eyes.