testing photoshop brushes

Did a sketch of an older Chibi Moon/Black Lady about a year ago, but I abandoned it. I literally only came back to it just so I could test more photoshop brushes I made (roses, thorns, gems). I think I went just a bit overboard…

Tools: Paint tool sai, Photoshop CS3
Time: 3 weeks on and off?

*sigh* there’s a lot more I wanted to do with this, but honestly? I’m tired of wasting time on it…

anonymous asked:

Heyo! I just wanna ask, what brush setting do you use to draw freckles? They look so beautiful in your drawings!

You can download them here :’) (That’s just my google drive, with an abr file that contains two brushes of mine that work well for freckles (AND STARS *HINT HINT*) – nothing shady lmao)

I’d make a tutorial on how to make some yourself, it’s ridiculously easy, but my photoshop’s set in French, so idk if I’d be a big help haha

You can play with those ones and tweak them to your liking, if you want :B

I was really inspired after reading @beta-19‘s origin story for her Scrappy Morty (go check it out!), so did some fanart of him. The poor thing ends up cycling through like five Ricks and just needs a hug so badly… but is also capable of pounding your face into a pulp if pushed.

It was so much fun doing this! Got to test out some new Photoshop brushes and just tried not to worry too much about being neat :) And it’s always fun to do colourful alien planets.