testing out my new lens

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If you're still wanting to procrastinate: 🎁 :D

I’m always wanting to procrastinate tbh, thank you! <3

here’s a pic of some flowers I picked from my garden when i was testing out my new lens’ aperture :D 

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Testing out my new close-up lens!! Breakfast is oats for 2 this morning ❤️ topped with banana, blackberries, blueberries, strawberries, Purely Elizabeth granola and crunchy peanut butter 👌

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Thanks to the generosity of my followers I had enough donations to get a new lens. These were the first pictures I took to test it out. It’s my first new lens since I got my camera 2 years ago. I almost had enough money saved up for a new lens a while back, but Otis really needed a fence and that little fluffball always comes first. The lens isn’t super fancy or expensive, but with all the macro work I’ve been doing lately, I think it is perfect for my needs. 

I got the Sigma 50mm 2.8 macro lens. Not only will it do macro, but it is also great for, well, anything else. It is the sharpest lens I have ever used and the color rendition is very good. I didn’t have to add any saturation to the photos above.

The only downside to the lens is it has some green color fringing in out of focus areas. Things like tree branches and other fine lines that are out of focus will have a bit of a green band surrounding them. But Lightroom has a function that pretty much eliminates that with a single click. 

The autofocus is also a bit wonky. It works fine as long as you understand the behavior of the lens, but I think people who reviewed it didn’t know what they were doing. The lens essentially has two focus zones. Normal and close up. If you have the lens barrel extended for close up and then your try to focus on something far away, the lens gets confused and won’t find focus. But if you retract the barrel all the way and then autofocus, it is quick and accurate. 

The working distance for the lens is very very short. Just a few inches for extreme macros. I knew that before I purchased the lens. I went with a shorter focal length because I wanted my macro extension tubes to be more effective. They give you less magnification on longer lenses. With this lens and macro tubes I think I can get more magnification than I ever have before. If you saw my fly eyeballs, I think you can see what I’m talking about. 

I couldn’t have gotten this lens without you folks. I also just did a photoshoot with all my other equipment that I am really excited about. I still have to edit the photos, but it really gave me a confidence boost that with this lens and all the other doodads, I can do some professional quality work. Thank you again.