testing other colorings too but i failed


I’m back!!!

Finally, let me introduce my Ocs Chishio Shinkin and Nichi Botsu >:3

…and after I had drawn many fanarts, I’m warmed up myself with something I love - Designing ^^
I’m truely love designing, specially designing charaters, 2 best things I can do… :)
I’m design the uniforms just for fun, that all…
Probebly they don’t fit to the game, but I still want to test myself a bit :)

They not that good, but it’s fun…

Hand drawing failed a bit…sorry…


Now I KNOW y'all know, Yorktown (The World Turned Upside Down), song 20 of 46 in Hamilton, An American Musical. And I KNOW y'all know it’s the jam of a lifetime. So I went to the Battle of Yorktown battlefield and GUESS👏🏼WHAT👏🏼I👏🏼FOUND👏🏼. A fUCKING HILL. THATS RIGHT. A HILL. IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE HUGE, AND EPIC, AND ALL THAT IVE DREAMED, BUT NO. A HILL. Of course I was basically moved to tears and starstruck™ that I was standing right where our main hoes moved undercover and they moved as one, but there was literally no room to do that? This hill (that actually had a place for the British to hide on the other side) dropped off into a cliff behind this? You can literally see the water? How could they have had this EPIC battle when there was literally no room to have it? I’m shook guys, so shook, but still admire how they were able to move around that metal fence and plaque, like they had no room and still had obstacles, damn that takes some insane agility when ur trying not to get shot, they pass with flying colors in my book, I took a test on commas today and how to not use too many, look I’m failing.

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"for goodness sake how more oblivious can you get, I've been trying to woo you since kindergarten and everyone else knows about my big fat crush except you??" author-nim if you've got the time please fill in this prompt pretty please c:

!!! this prompt is a+ gold!! i hope you like it anon, even though it might not be entirely what you were expecting? 

green tea latte
sugakookie; fluff; 2.5k 


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Peridot WIPs and tests. 

1. This is my wig base, made out of foam and with stretchy fabric glued on top to provide a bit of smoothness to the shape as well as a good surface to later glue wefts onto. When it’s done I’ll make a post showing beginning to end progress photos.

2. Pattern for the arm pieces. The blue part symbolizes a glove I will be wearing under the solid part that will be a matching color so I will still be able to bend my arms while keeping the proportions looking good. I will probably have to do the same kind of thing with the back of the leg pieces.

3. I won’t be using the resin gem pictured here, it was just a failed color test, but I still wanted to post it in case anyone finds it to be a useful reference for something. I mixed probably about 10 drops of Plaid lime green glass paint in with the resin and it ended up being too opaque/foggy looking and the wrong color anyways, but could be a good look for other things made out of resin.

4. Robonoid body, which is mostly done. The legs are about 1/3rd done. Magnets will be involved.

5 weeks remaining :,)