testing night pics


I’m still working on hood deco street lights. Another type I’ve added was this old fashioned downtownish looking lantern that will be released in two versions - with and without flowers on the post. I’m really happy with this one because I’ve managed to get the flowers lit up at night by the lantern itself and @lowedeus helped me to get the flowers off the poles during winter.

But still some items should be added to the soon to be released set.


u ask, i answer…::::::: MORE BATHROOM SELFIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

not being able to put text before pics is fucking stupid what the fuck i mean yeah there’s text posts but those dont allow you to format pics properly (at least 4 me i’m dumb lol)


Speaking of street lights. I do have some progress on subject. Layer issue is solved and I’ve decided to add two maxis match light poles to the set. The metal one and more rural wood one. I want to recreate them as hood decorations. It’s actually a brand new mesh with heavily edited Maxis textures so these light posts will be relatively low poly (not so low poly as LOD model of those, and you can see).
This wood light post looks good at night so far, but I want to lit up the pole itself too. So it could visually match the night appearance of the original lot mode street light as close as possible. 

And it is funny, bu somehow the hood deco version of this street light looks a bit more detailed that original buy mode one here and there (thanks to normal map)  ^___^


Alpha channel for night mode textures is now enabled.
Why is that so important? Here’s why:

This is how vanilla night mode textures looked like (texture does have a proper alpha channel enabled but the game won’t recognize it).

So the first thing was to get night mode textures to work in custom decorations. This was achieved. Now we will be able to make fully functional night mode textures, and that means working street lights with light beams, neon signs, easier lit up night windows process, and other possibilities


So yesterday I’ve decided to add a night mode texture to the pole itself to make it lit up by it’s own light (like in real life or at least like in-game Maxis wooden pole does).
But suddenly I realized, that it is impossible to have a pole and a light cone/spot light working properly at the same time. I’ve tried a bunch of shader variations for this material but every time something went wrong.

But then I just added a new material type to the maxis neighborhood material shader. That was a crazy idea, but it worked! So now there’s two functional night mode material types. One for usual night mode textures (like windows and poles in particular, it has alpha channel enabled though) and another one is for those light cones, spot lights and glow effects!

Now I need to enable bump/normal mapping for ‘day time’ textures to have those nice little ‘StandardMaterial’ features back


I was messing around with neighborhood material shader and suddenly enabled alpha channel for NeighborhoodBuilding material!

That means alpha channel for night mode textures!

Before it looked like this:

Light poles did turn on at night, but I couldn’t manage to get alpha channel to work.
Right now it’s still needs further research because two meshes in the same group are eating each other instead of multiplying and it also eats items with alpha channel with blend mode enabled.

So I hope to get those working properly at some point.

With enabled alpha for night textures we will be able to create even more cool stuff like neon lights, street garlands, we will have more flexibility with night windows, on and those beautiful trees covered with light bulbs too!