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I love how the final big villain of the movie was Toxic Masculinity

Inflated male ego? Check.

Uses women to further his goals? Check.

Spreads his seed ‘cause world domination and sh**? Check.

Thinks love and friendship = weakness? Check.

Gets defensive when he’s called out for being a jerk of epic proportions? Check.

So in the end, Peter Quill and Co. defeat Cosmic Toxic Masculinity with the power of Family and well-placed 80s tunes.



NJ: JK likes the last carrot the most as there he can enjoy the flavor more…at least that is what he said…

((I had this in my computer way too long and i am quite happy with it and it was funny in my head once again))

Having A Group Baby With BAP Would Involve:

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  1. This is totally planned
  2. Youngjae overheard Himchan and Yongguk discussing the appeal of becoming parents
  3. And Youngjae being the kind of guy that can’t keep a secret to save his life, calls you
  4. You are kind of shocked, but also thrilled to become a mom
  5. Himchan and Yongguk soon find out that Youngjae informed you, because you start dropping hints
  6. You sand BAP have a long sit down, which makes especially both Rappers very awkward
  7. In the end it’s either Yongguk or Daehyun who’s gona be the biological dad
  8. Bc wth we are really doing this now?
  9. Yes we are!
  10. Daehyun ends up backing out, thinking Yongguk’s genetics are more desirable than his
  11. So you and Yongguk begin doing the do without protection
  12. It takes a while for the genetics to mix
  13. When you take the test, all six bunnies are waiting in front of the toilet door.
  14. They jump up and down with joy when the test is positive
  15. From that day onward their dedication is uncanny
  16. Daehyun has all sorts of ways to lessen your morning sickness
  17. Yongguk comes with you to the first ultrasound
  18. He’ll print them out and put them on the wall
  19. Himchan reads copious amount of books about pregnancy and parenthood
  20. When you enter second term, your hormones start bothering you
  21. But you have six sexy men at your disposal
  22. Especially Jongup and Daehyun don’t mind
  23. All your senses are on sharp, which suits Daehyun’s tender touches just right
  24. By your third term, you are not even allowed to do anything yourself, Himchan makes sure are stress free and off your feet
  25. Youngjae gives you foot massages
  26. Yongguk is giving you the softest tummy rubs
  27. Zelo is so excited any time the baby kicks
  28. Daehyun and Himchan make sure all the stuff the baby needs is already stocked up in the house
  29. And then the big day comes
  30. Your waters break just after dinner
  31. Daehyun, Youngjae and Zelo are freaking the fuck out
  32. BangHimUp are calm and collected and get you to the hospital
  33. Bang is pacing, Himchan holds your hand and Jongup facetimes the stress balls at home
  34. Just a bit past midnight you give birth to a healthy baby boy
  35. Himchan picks up DaeJaeLo
  36. Yongguk holds the baby in his arms with that wide gummy smile on his lips.
  37. Then he gives it to Himchan, because he is crying actual tears
  38. Himchan gently rocks the baby and does aegyo voices
  39. Then Daehyun is allowed to hold the baby, singing softly to him
  40. When it is Youngjae’s turn he is so careful and almost scared he will hurt the kiddo
  41. Jongup in his turn is calm and gentle and holds the baby while he falls asleep
  42. Zelo’s rather insecure and look to you for confimation all the while
  43. You’re allowed to take the baby home the next morning
  44. You’re kind of out of it the first week
  45. Of course the boys do everything for you
  46. Himchan is a burping champ
  47. Where as Youngjae is a killer at nappy changing
  48. Yongguk catches up on sleep when he takes naps with his baby on his stomach
  49. Daehyun is the one that puts the baby in a wide array of onesies
  50. Yongguk especially loves the Tigger onesie, of course
  51. Zelo allows the baby to use his fingers as teething ring
  52. Daehyun always manages to sing the baby to sleep
  53. Jongup and Zelo are the one’s who do most of the playing
  54. At first it is mostly tickling and peekaboo
  55. But as the baby starts to grow they will design more cute kiddy games
  56. Himchan always comes home with the A brand toys
  57. Youngjae is the one who teaches the kid new words
  58. But the babies first word is of course Appa
  59. Queue six grinning proud bunnies
  60. He is pasted all over their insta as well

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