Sweaters uwu

Rich Goranski’s presquip wardrobe is sweaters ok 

Things The Signs Say At School

Aries: “Lol wait what the f**k”

Taurus: “Ok no”

Gemini: “I don’t even know what I don’t know”

Cancer: “How will this help me in real life”

Leo: “I studied all night but I didn’t even pass the test”

Virgo: “Whens lunch?”

Libra: “Oh I know this”

Scorpio: “What test”

Sagittarius: “What about the homework”

Capricorn: “Are we taking notes”

Aquarius: “Will there be a test on this?”

Pisces: “Wait what”

‘Rope tricks’ are seen in this image of a nuclear explosion taken less than one millisecond after detonation. During operation Tumbler-Snapper in 1952, this nuclear test device was suspended 300 feet above the Nevada desert floor, and anchored by mooring cables. As the ball of plasma expanded, the radiating energy superheated and vaporized the cables just ahead of the fireball, resulting in the ‘spike’ effects. (Dept of Defense image via The Atlantic)

I downloaded 3ds max on friday. Tried it out this evening to see what i can make with this thing. So far I got this in 2h (yes 2h, cause im a slower learner)
So hopefully i can pull this off and make an actual ts3 hair

Jester went very quiet for a few hours today. 

I got worried. Literally, frantic, because I couldn’t find him. He couldn’t have flown anywhere because the doors are closed and the window, has mesh AND a curtain over it. 

So I’m literally turning my whole flat upside down looking for him. Suddenly I hear the tell-tale sound of beak grinding coming from above me. On top of my wardrobe is an overnight bag that I use as a place to shove stuff I don’t know what to do with. It moves a little.

Lo-and-behold, the little…. he’d climbed INTO the bag, and was asleep. Cue relief, followed by, how did you even get in there? And, even better, because he was a bit dopey and tired, he let me pick him up and take him to his cage in hand. He even stepped up while I was getting him sorted out. Haha. So, swings and roundabouts.

I’ve been mostly silent for the better part of about three weeks because I didn’t want to post about this until the situation had reached it’s conclusion….

I was exposed in a minor way to HSV-2, genital herpes.

The person that exposed me did so without malicious intent, he just didn’t think to tell me until after the fact.

There’s nothing quite like sending the “I’m getting tested” text to five different people at two in the morning.

Now for those in the know, you might recognize that there is no reliable way to test for HSV-2 without a sore to swab. More on that later.

First I want to take a moment to gush about my wonderful experience with my local Planned Parenthood office.

I was easily able to book an appointment online and my reminder call was made at a convenient time, after 5pm. I wasn’t able to answer and their voicemail simply stated that they were calling to remind me of my doctor’s appointment at the [City] location.

My wait was minimal, they had WiFi in-office and the nurse practitioner I spoke with was amazingly courteous and professional.

I did have to specifically request the HSV-2 test as it is not part of their usual STD screening. The nurse practitioner explained that is because the test is essentially unreliable and prone to false positives. There’s a 70% of an inconclusive result, and unfortunately that’s what I received.

She didn’t bat an eye when I explained the “polyamorous situation” and only expressed that safe sex was even more important when you have multiple partners.

My inconclusive result led me to follow up with my regular OBGYN, a wonderful man who despite his strong Christian background, has never said a negative thing about my chosen relationship path. He delivered my daughter and I’d follow that man if his practice moved 100+ miles away.

His take? Essentially, “LoLNOPE. You don’t have genital herpes.”

The veil of depression lifted and I feel like myself for the first time in weeks. That was yesterday.

I really want to thank all of my partners for their understanding and support throughout this whole ordeal. Especially my husband @chancellorberrynewt for letting me stay in my Depression Cocoon but making sure I ate foods. And boyfriend C ( @chronk ) for letting me Depression Cocoon at his place.