Calling Cipher testing

Hihi everyone!

Since I got a lot of tester volunteers and I didn’t want to disappoint anyone, I decided to divide the whole testing process on phases.

ex: I’ll choose some people for phase 1 (which will start on September 2nd) and then I’ll choose completely different people for phase 2.

That way, I’ll get different opinions and more people will be able to test it.

I’ll choose everyone with a dice roll app. Completely random.

I made a hidden beta testing area on Impqueen forums for the testing.

Please (if you aren’t already registered to the forum) register to Impqueen forums and send answer/reblog this post with your Impqueen forum username. I’ll only choose names from the answers or reblogs of this post. So you don’t have to send me private messages. (Because things get messy with messages, reblogs and e-mails all over, I’m trying to keep this all in one place ;_;)

Phase 1 will have 10 testers which will start on September 2nd and end on September 20th.

Thank you so much for volunteering and thank you for your help ;_;! <3

P.s: Please don’t take this very seriously. This is mostly for fun and little about getting the game in good shape :)! This is my first otome game, so things are a bit easy going atm. You don’t have to be so formal :P

See you on the testing area!?

Updated GRE Resources Post

**I copied and pasted my old post I made last year (found here ) and added some more stuff. Let me know if any links are broken/you have any questions.**

Sadly to get into grad school I need to take the GRE exam and I am not looking forward to it. I haven’t officially started studying for it but I have found some great resources online and I thought I would share with you guys. :)

The official GRE site (This gives you the info you need on how to register and all the overall info of the GRE.)

How to study for the GRE (General info on how to study.)

20 Step plan of study

Study guide zone

My GRE tutor

Test Prep Review

Major Tests (Tons of Vocab! I printed out all of the vocab they have and plan to make some flashcards out of it!)

Kaplan free question a day sign up

Manhattan Prep FREE GRE practice test

Kaplan GRE practice test

4tests GRE practice test

Princeton Review FREE GRE Practice Test 

McGraw-Hill Practice Center

Quizlet Vocabulary Flashcards

Crunchtest 33 Practice tests (May include some of the ones already listed)

I don’t know if I’m allowed to post them but if you search “free GRE practice test PDF” you should find some fabulous results ;)

(hint: just do it)

There are also a bunch of apps for your smartphone/tablet that you can download! I tried the Magoosh app and while it does have a 7 day trial thing going on (I can’t really explain it) you can keep entering your email and it lets you keep using the app after 7 days. I’m more of a pen and paper girl so I didn’t enjoy the app as much, but if you are more tech savvy definitely search for GRE apps!


The College Board has offered a free retest, which is good! They also are complete capitalistic sleeze-bags about it, which is not. 

If you want to take the Oct 3rd SAT, you can take it for free. But you’ve got to jump through their hoops. They didn’t advertise the opportunity for a free re-test, they didn’t apply it automatically to all of our accounts, and they didn’t provide clear directions on how to actually get our free test because they DO NOT WANT you to take their stupid test again for free. They are being deliberately deceptive and I despise it. 

Here is an excellent article detailing the process you’ve got to go through to register (it has to be over the phone, of course). Customer service is only available Mon-Fri. Keep in mind the registration deadline is Sept 3. Please please please, pick up the phone and call them; get yourself a free test. 

People have a lot of misconceptions about what a “failed experiment” is.

A failed experiment isn’t an experiment that fails to produce the results expected. That’s actually a very successful experiments, because it allows you to eliminate a factor from the next experiments.

A failed experiment is an experiment which failed to produce any substantive clear results that are viable to be repeated and tested again in future experiments.

So I went to go get my hiv test done today, and the examiner started asking some questions about my history and all that normal jazz. We then got onto the topic of mistakes I’ve made and dumb decisions, and this guy was such a sweetheart reassuring me that I’m young and that it’s going to happen, but I was being mature about getting tested instead of walking around without knowing. He just really made me feel a lot better about my experiences and I feel a lot calmer. All I’m saying is yall be responsible, understand the consequences of your actions, and know ya status. 😘

I have a doctors appointment monday :( I’m nervous as hell I’m going to be getting tested for other possible health problems as well as talking about some anxiety medications and finding a therapist. I’m hoping there’s nothing else wrong with me other than my scoliosis and severe anxiety and panic disorder. Thankfully both koba and my husband will be with me for it. I’m kinda freaking out.