testimonium veritatis

There’s always room for more ‘zines, especially 'zines that have something to say. I got a copy of the first issue back when it was released and thought it made a great read! Now there’s a second issue from the German master! You need to check this out so check out the line-up in the issue and get yourself a copy if you like it.

Testimonium Veritatis Vol. II

Fresh from the printing press the second issue of Testimonium Veritatis is now available.
Expect 64 English written pages featuring :

Aluk Todolo (Fr)
Ash Borer (US)
Burial Invocation (Tr)
Der Blutharsch & the infinite church of the leading hand (At)
Ephemer (Can)
German Oak (Ger)
Give Up (US)
High priest of Saturn (Nor)
Liturgia (Nor)
Mare (Nor)
Matt R. Martin (Aus)
Sorcier Des Glaces (Can)

For order write to: gnosis@hotmail.de
Price will be 3,5 Euros with shipping inside Germany.
International customers will pay 5,5 with shipping included.  

Mailorders just ask for wholesale prices.

Van Records will have copies of this one in stock soon. More distros will follow,
I’ll post an updated list during the next days.

Lux & obscuritas.