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hello kiwi! i feel like maybe you have been a bit Down lately and so i wanted to tell you somethin. i've never messaged u before bc im older and i dont wanna be a creep but i thought you should know that you have really really inspired me. i've followed your speedpaints and your art's evolution for a while and i am so impressed with your work ethic and how hard you work to improve and to create. it has inspired me to get serious about my own art! i started a little later in life bc depression(c)

© and junk but you have really taught me more about the value of just loving what you do, and the real benefits of pushing urself to practice & improve. i am so glad that you exist and that your art is out there! i hope u have a gr8 day sry for bein weird gosh i hope both parts of this message go thru lmao

;__; oh ym gosh anon ,,, shahjdfgskajfkda no one ever really comments on my work ethic other than my parents (and its usually negative) so ,thank you so much