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But if sarcasm is hard for you to perceive, how are you so good at dishing it out? This blog has loads of snark.

for me at least, sarcasm is a lot easier to identify on the internet than it is in person. this blog actually has very little sarcasm anyway, it’s actually mostly satire

sarcasm is “oh no, wouldn’t it be such a shame if someone were to accommodate my needs!”, whereas satire is taking “allistics like making eye contact” and turning it into “people with allism heavily depend on eye contact. to make your allistic loved ones’ lives easier, glue googly eyes to their computer screens, windows, and anywhere else they are likely to look”

it also takes me up to half an hour to come up with somethign like that but its worth it

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Passing by to say thank you cuz im still pretty new to the Sherlock fandom(I wish i had known it before)and i just love all the metas i can find and I really like yours too!But mostly thanks because from one of your post I discovered that there was a pilot (i thought it was only in script mode)and i just watched it and it was so gay(restaurant scene) and adorable?!?Like. Sherlock looks like he's 25 with his haircut and demeanor,and the cinematography is so. Basic it makes the real show wonderful

(2)Which is already wonderful cinematographically speaking (Thank cinema class ; now I can’t never watch a movie/serie normally) but like you see all the transition, camera movements and choice of angles and the editing and the sound management (and the script/performance of actor (Director’s job<3)) it just… Blow my mind! I love movies/series *^* (So weird I don’t watch as much as I should..)

(3)so anyway i kinda got away from my point a bit (sorry for babbling) but all in all I just wanted to say thank you for making me discover this piece of art (So cute all of ‘em) even if it’s basic filming, it IS a pilot after all but it just shows all the work a filming team need to do to make a cinematographic piece awesome and dynamic!

Hi Liry!!!!!!!!

First of all, thank you SO MUCH for all the lovely comments on my blog!!! It means a lot to me!!

Secondly, not sure if it was this post or this post that enlightened you to the super-gay unaired pilot, but I am SO happy you got to watch it and I was able to help you discover it! What I love most about it is that it is blatantly clear on the intention of this show, and that the BBC loved it so much that they gave Mofftiss a larger budget and let them re-film and extend the length of it.

The production quality of the pilot is sort of awful in my opinion, but it has got all its own lovely sort of charm to it. The pilot pleases me so much, and I’ll be honest, Sherlock in this outfit is amazing:

He and John look so young, but I’m SO happy that Ben doesn’t look like he’s fresh out of college anymore. I do like him much better in the suits – it fits the character better – even if I do like Benny’s bum in those jeans.

Also, can you believe how ridiculous the music is in it?? Borderline softcore porn. 

Nope, Mofftiss were not subtle about their endgame at all. I think everyone should watch the pilot just to see how far we have come! :)

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hi rosso i wanted to say something nice but i cant think of anything funny or cute so if you need to open a jar, you can use the handle of a metal spoon or something and smack the lid four times like the markings on a compass (hard enough to leave a little dent in the lid each time) and then smack the bottom of the jar and the top of the lid, and then the lid will come off when you twist it. i hope that makes your life a little easier ok i love you bye bye rosso

listen im not saying that i get the best anons on tumblr, but,

My “Potter” Tattoo (Part 1)

Nothing is quite as personal as getting a favorite literary quote, image, or tribute tattooed onto your body. Inspired by her own recent “Potter” tattoo, MN Creative Staff member Jasmine rounded up her fellow MN staff members, friends, and readers of MuggleNet to ask them about their tattoos. Part 1 of 3.

There are a thousand, a million stories out there. Most of us, never dare to tell ours. This is your place. The place where you can take the mask off for a little bit. Share with others what this movement means to you. Why is important. Maybe your story will be the key to one heart, and then another one & another one, until people understand why LGBT fans Deserve Better.