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about me: hi im ducky and i care too much about everything while also caring about nothing at the same time! otayuri ruined my life but also they ARE my life??? also *insert a 3000 word essay typed and double spaced about how chris x victor theories* talk to me about dickcourse bc it is what i live for. also im super talented and have the voice of an angel. get drunk w/ me so i know it's real <3


the rest of this is also 100% me and i can’t believe you also yes get drunk with me <3 <3 

(Deemo) 【Lyrics Translation】 onoken - Fluquor

“Goodbye, my beloved sister Alice.”

I’m pretty sure a translation for this song will turn up soon, but here’s me posting my version of it.

I’ve spent the last few days crying over the ending to this game. If you like rhythm games and/or need a game for your smart device(s), I highly recommend that you get Deemo and play it. You will not regret it.

This song was played right before the climax, where the titular character Deemo plays this song as a farewell for the little girl. Only the second half of the song was played in the game, starting with the lines “’Don’t leave me’ you said, but I’m sure the one that can’t stand being alone is me.” TT__TT

And yes, I translated this song from Deemo’s POV. Kanji and Romaji lyrics are included. Enjoy!

EDIT (4/6/15): It turns out that there’s another version of the lyrics which actually makes more sense. I have changed my translations, the Kanji and Romaji accordingly. I can’t be sure if these are the ‘actual’ lyrics (they certainly are the most popular), so if anyone has the booklet or the scans, I would love it if you can confirm this with me. :)

Composition: onoken
Lyrics: Sao Minase
Vocals: Rin

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👂 { You're the best Aku on here, tbh. I'm always delighted to see you on my dash & you just do him so well by giving him his own personality/humanity and keeping in IC --technophiliac-game-changer }

Send me “👂” if you hear my character’s voice in my writing! | Not Accepting.

//I saw this message last night but I was pretty tired and couldn’t keep my thoughts together, otherwise I woulda answered at the time–

–but thank you!!! Like seriously. I’ll never get used to people telling me that they like my Aku or prefer him to other peoples’ haha ;w; I’m always striving for my best with him, and I hope that it really shows!

How it was for me, working on FINAL FANTASY KINGSGLAIVE

How it was to work on Final Fantasy KINGSGLAIVE.
careful…it’s a long read.

You must wondering why I’m writing a note about “how it was to work with”…for a freelance guy…but you will understand what I’m trying to say if you keep reading. It is odd, even for me, but whats happened to me during my work on FF made me want to do it, and to give a big big up to team behind FF Kingsglaive.
let’s start…


Well I must admit when I saw the email the first time from square enix I was like, what the hell is happening, it must be a mistake.
It was like : “hey hello, we liked you art and we would know if you’d be interested in working on a final fantasy thing related, let me now.”


Of course I was interested, even if at that time I was not aware of what it was.
So I had a skype session with a part of the team, maybe one week later. They were very friendly, they talked a lot about my works and how the works I did on Remember Me led them to me. It was maybe 6 a.m for me (because of the different time zone) and I was a bit sleepy, even I was hiding it well because my webcam was not working at this time. I see you but you can not see me…you know the thing.
Then we talked about the project, and this is when it all happened, they told me that it was for a CGI movie, a side story of FFXV, I was literally shaking.

ou have to understand, final fantasy is for a lot of us, what ignited the flame of drawings or the will to put 100+ hours in a video game and most of it ,to work on this kind of video game. For me, my love of the video game really started with FFVII.

We kept talking and I eventually ended by saying that “YES” , I wanted to be a part of this project and that I still have the DVD of advent children on my desk with the artbook.
At this moment they revealed to me that the team behind this project was the same team behind FF Advent Children.

Try to picture me, jumping on my couch, yes…no i’m not overreacting!

the deal was settled, I will be working on some crowd people.Yes it’s not the shiny boss of the movie or the lead character, but man, it’s Final Fantasy!
Ho and for the record I still have a day job at dontnod entertainment, working on life is strange at this time, so every work I had to do for FF was on my spare times and nights. They were okay about that.

So I started, working days and nights with every spare minutes I could get. It was freaking awesome and trust me a lot scary, because, you know the level of details they want, and you are like, ok, it’s not enough, and you push harder and harder, but in the end I delivered almost 60+ differents character concept for the crowd in five weeks.
I have to say also, the collaboration with the guys at square enix, with the producers and the art director was the smoothest collaboration I had, EVER! The guys were always answering in the row, even when it was 4am for them, they always gave me the right direction for the feedback and retakes, they knew what they wanted but they were really open minded and they gave me a lot of freedom on a lot of differents things that they ended by liking, and in the end, be approved… and with people like that, the job is faaaaaar more easy.

So when I finished my first assignment I thought it was it, but no…they really liked my work and the way I was working with them, so they asked me to go on several others characters, but this time, more important characters.
Me I was like, “no it’s not happening, really?” okay go, round two!

And it lasted like that for 7-8 months of freelance with them, with a lot of concepts, from crowd people to…well…I can’t say, but when they asked me for my last gig to do, one design in particular, I was shocked…
this is not the kind of design you ask to a freelance guy, it’s more a design that the art director or the lead concept want to keep in intern, but no…they offered me this (no don’t insist, i will not say).
So for me I was brought in to design some people that you will not notice in the final product, to ended up by designing some guys/gals you will see a lot!

WHAT A RIDE! WHAT A LOVELY RIDE…sorry…wrong franchise

Now I want to explain to you why it was one of the most fulfilling and kind adventure I had in term of remote/freelance work.
They were HUMAN! yeah I know, but I mean, truly human! Rui, Kenji, Shinya, Yuri, they were the four persons who I worked with during this ride, the producers and the art director.
They were nice, kind, always trying to do their best in Japan with a guy in France. The way they worked with me was the smoothest I knew and know so far.
 The Art Director always made some long feedbacks about my designs to not let me with some grey areas about what I have to do, and the producers always reported feedbacks when kenji was not able to do it.
it was smooth!

Some of you may know or not know, but during this ride, I ended up in hospital, I had some bad things in my stomach plus a rupture of some abdominal muscles…it ended with a lot of pain.I was already struggling with pain to finish some work for them.
So I told them that I had to finish in a hurry my last design (yeah you know…the BIG ONE) because I will be in the hospital the next week for a stomach surgery who will end up by two month in bed…yeah imagine…

In the freelance area, you deal a lot of time with people who want what they paid for, not excuses, it’s okay, it’s like that sometimes, but sometimes people forget that we are in fact, all human, with up and down, for my case at this time I was in a big down.

But, they were very supportive, in fact they told me to stop working and to rest before my surgery, that I will resume my work with them after, when I will be okay, with no more pain, that I had to listen the doctors and not pushing it to far…
I was like, “yeah but your design…”
and they were like, “nevermind, it’s not so hurry, just REST”. 

Okayyy…So I went to the hospital, the surgery went well, but i had a lot of of postoperative complications. I had to go back to the hospital 3 times in the first 3 weeks because of it…it was a living nightmare…I could only stay in bed, not up, no sit, just lying on the bed.
During this two months, the guys at Square enix sent me a lot of mails, not to know if I could resume my works, but only supportive mails, letting me know that they were thinking about me and they wanted to know if I was ok.
Only this…they never asked or talked about works, only took health update from me…HOW COOL and HUMAN is that? right!

So after my month and half of rest, I started to draw again, a bit, and started to resume my work on this big design, little by little. I was super late I guess, but I wanted to finish it to not put them in trouble. And they still keep telling me, “no rest, don’t push it.”
Finally, we resumed our way of working, kenji made some important feedbacks and I made the numerous retakes, and the design was approved. This ended my work with them, with a big virtual shaking hand session.

Why am I telling you this…It is because we often listen how bad this freelance gig was, how late this guy or this studio paid you, and all and all (ho by the way they never paid me late, never, sometimes even one week before the approval), we, as freelance, have to deal with a lot of people, different kinds, sometime it is same shit/different day…but sometimes it also good and necessary I guess, to tell to others, “HEY it was a blast, everything was fine with them”.

Well in this case it was for me! so thanks again Rui, Kenji, Shinya and Yuri, it was a blast working with you guys and I hope to work again with you one day.

that is all for me.
hope my little experience could bring you something and know you understand with I made this post.



ps : here is a screenshot of some of the many guys I designed for the movie. It is just INSANE, the amount of details they put on it! it’s like…my design, but moving.
We are all used to see our models, moving in a video game, but we always have to deal with video games limitation, consoles, production pipeline and all…so seeing this designs, fully CGI rendered, with all this details and shaders…I don’t even want to know the polycount on it haha congrat guys! awesome works!!


Part 4 of my series on angry gamers. This one was the longest, hardest, and scariest part to work on. We’ll see how things go having this online. Transcript below the cut.

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Steven Gerrard in his testimonial game today.
He is the biggest legend of my lifetime.
His technique is still perfect.
And I hope he plays for years to come.
I am proud to call myself a Liverpool supporter.
And to wear the shirt.
And hearing YNWA sung by the kop gives me chills.
Liverpool supporters are the best in the world.
Good thing they won today.;)
Shame Gerrard didn’t score though, would’ve been fitting;)
Gotta admit I was happy to see Suarez greeted by cheers, it proves that the supporters are still behind him, giving him every reason to stay.

So to summarise - Gerrard is a legend, and I’m proud to be a Liverpool supporter

This is an amazing post on twitter:

“Messi doesn’t care about Argentina the way Maradona does.” Maradona won World Cup 86’ and became a National hero, right? But what really happened before it? He stopped playing between 82 & 85. Maradona didn’t want to play most qualifying games. And while he wasn’t playing for his NT, he played unnecessary testimonials and Sponsor games who paid him very well. Then Bilardo called him and Maradona wanted him to get ride of certain players. Bilardo accepted. Argentina won the World Cup, which is amazing. Maradona is a myth but people only remember 86’ WC, not before, not after. Leo Messi played against Slovakia sick. And it was a friendly game. You can criticize him, but not his commitment for his country.