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  • Chocobros: *loses Ignis in the crowd* shit
  • Noctis: Don't worry I got this *shouts* LEIDEN POTATOES!!
  • Ignis: *comes rushing trough the crowd* Thats it! I have come up with a new recipe!
  • Noctis: found him

Guess who just uploaded 4 new free printables? This girl! They’re available on Dropbox as PDFs (link in sidebar), meaning that they’re fully editable (I feel like Adobe Acrobat would be the easiest to do this with, but that’s just a suggestion). If you don’t want to edit them, you can save them as images directly from this post!

I’m always looking for feedback on these, so let me know what you think?

My Father, the YouTube Star
I always knew my father loved food. I just didn’t know he’d been showing hundreds of thousands of people how to cook it.
By Kevin Pang

My dad makes enough in each month’s ad revenues to take my mom out for a nice lunch. Making the clips is a lot of work. The two of them test each recipe a half-dozen times before committing it to film. Dad is behind the camera and editing the footage; it’s usually my mom’s hands demonstrating. They don’t speak in the videos. They say they’re embarrassed by their spoken English and feel more comfortable using onscreen text, in Chinese and English, for instruction. Writing and translating this adds several more hours of work.

“Why?” I asked during one of our weekly phone conversations. “Do you want a show on the Food Network or something?”

“You really want to know?” my dad asked in Chinese. “Your mom’s great-grandmother used to cook amazing Shanghainese food for her. She would dream about it. But when your mom was finally old enough to ask for the recipes, her great-grandmother had already developed dementia. She couldn’t even remember cooking those dishes. The only thing your mom had left was the memory of her taste. We’re afraid that if you wanted to eat your childhood dishes, and one day we’re both no longer around, you wouldn’t know how to cook it.”

Bossy (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Prompt: Shamelessly dropping this filthy smut idea for you, because I love the way you write and I just couldn’t get it to flow the way I know you can. Jughead and the reader have been together and intimate for awhile. Jughead is used to letting the reader pull things her own way. Jughead gets things going and essentially bosses the reader around. Ex. “Down on your knees.” I also feel like he could secretly get into saying things like: “such a good girl.” Seeing bad boy jughead sparked it up

Hello 💕 so i have a fic idea but it’s a little weird so it’s completely fine if you don’t want to do it. Could you write something where the reader and jughead get into a fight because the reader is jealous (you decide the reason) and because of the argument they end up having angry sex? + slightly dom jug? Like i said, totally fine if you don’t want to. I love your writing ❤

A/N: Sorry this took so long! I changed it a little bit. Hopefully you like it xxx

Warnings: Light Smut


Bossy (Jughead x Reader Smut)

Ginger and Tina were flirting with him again. He never flirted back but it didn’t stop you from getting jealous.

Hell half the damn school seem to flirt with him after Betty and Him figured out who killed Jason over a year ago.

You roll your eyes at the two cheerleaders trying to get your boyfriend to do their work. Idiots.

He turns and gives you the smile reserved just for you, making your heart flutter.

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MariChat May Day One: Milk

She was testing a recipe and he showed up.

Oh boy, here we go, my favorite thing!

Check out MariChat May here

Artwork ©: alazic02

Do not repost.

To Sing

Hi hi there!!! Just wanted to write something fluffy and different to take a break from angst!! To the wonderful Nonny who sent this in, forgive me- I changed a couple of them to not all be in the shower… I started writing them in one sitting and this is what I saw, my apologies… 

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Damian Wayne/ Robin X Reader- Murder Kitten

After this post, there will only be 2 requests left!! Yay!!!!!  Also, this was requested by @abigailredgrave, who requests some pretty awesome stuff!!! I hope you guys enjoy this and have a nice day!!!!  If I am counting this right, THIS IS MY ONE HUNDREDTH FANFIC!!!! YYYAAYYY!!!

Warning: Swearing 

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What do you do on an everyday basis? Do you work or study? Tell us a day in the life of Bonny!

Always studying
Always working
Sometimes playing 🙈

There are so many things that goes into working online that people don’t realize.

Just a little upload since you’re curious this week has been really good! Everyday this week I have been testing two recipes a day for our new ebook with Tim and filmed two new videos 👏🏼

Today I’ve been creating a new banner for my YouTube channel so that mainly involved watching tons of tutorials on YouTube because the font and photo I’m trying to use are a bit complicated, and also have edited half of my new video “top vegan places to eat in Sydney”.

Just about to hop off the computer and test a new recipe for tonight’s dinner 👅

There is always something to do that why I can get behind with videos but my aim now is 3 videos a week.

-A full what I eat in a day
- a vlog
- a sit down question/chat or a work out video.

What do you guys think in terms of what videos you want to see each week? I want to get into routine and film on certain days of the week.

Yewwwwww 😘

The Kitchens

part ii

There wasn’t a time Sirius loved more than the beginning of summer. The promise of days and days of sun ahead of him. And, perhaps more so, the fact that those days were free of lessons and completely his—for the most part—to do with whatever he pleased. And there was also the parties. Sirius hated his family, that was true, but he couldn’t say he minded the connections, the money.

He laughed to himself. James would have smacked him right about now.

He had called for some food and blankets to be laid out by the swimming hole just off to the left of the castle for him and Regulus, only Regulus had yet to show. Sirius had spent the first hour waiting, but now floating lazily on his back. Regulus was making a habit of ditching Sirius lately. He wished he could call his younger brother pompous and call it a day but the hurt prickled inside of him like an unreachable itch. Sirius sighed, kicking out into the middle of the water. At least the sun hadn’t disappointed.

He’d asked James to come—he probably would have had loads more fun that way— but it was his day off. And Sirius knew, even as James sent him a guilty smile, that he didn’t stand a chance. Not when—what was her name again? Lily, Lily who worked as a housemaid, yes. Not when Lily was going to be at the pub in town. Sirius had waved him off. He didn’t want James to think he could, or ever would, make him stay. The truth was that James was his first and only friend. And Sirius was his employer. They were friends, of course, but work came first. Sirius was a prince first in James’ mind no matter how much he insisted against it. And he had insisted.

Apparently it was a prince’s job to swim and spend the summer alone. Of course, his mind did flash briefly to someone… but it was probably his day off too. Sirius would probably ruin it with some snide, accidental comment anyhow. His mother’s voice chided him in his head: Ghastly, Sirius, to be hanging about with that lot. Positively ghastly.

Sirius groaned, flipping into the water and kicking downward towards the muddy bottom.


The kitchen was burning. He’d been happy to have the room to himself, having finally convinced James and the others that he’d rather stay in—he really did want to try out the chocolate cake recipe Mrs. Potter had found for him even if James didn’t buy it—up until he’d gotten the ovens going. The coals felt like they were right on his neck. But he stayed, throwing all the windows open and mixing and cutting and whisking until it was a pleasant temperature with a cool breeze. The smell of summer and chocolate was a match made in heaven. He hummed to himself absentmindedly as he checked the recipe card, running his finger down the slightly heat smudged ink. As he stirred and checked, stirred and check, his mind went elsewhere, as it often did when he was baking.

Sirius hadn’t stayed long after Remus had found him the biscuits. He’d eaten one, and they’d sat there, next to each other, Remus trying to pretend he wasn’t staring, Sirius trying to pretend he wasn’t catching him.

A prince, Remus had told himself, Get out now, push it down, leave it be. Forget.

That had been Remus’ method for years. With the grocery boy in his home town, with the baker’s son in the village for a time being, even with James for brief period when he’d first got here—he’d gotten over that one quickly.

He had tried to deny this one, but honestly, his breath had caught the second Sirius crouched down next to him by the fire. That was not what he had been expecting. He wasn’t saying Sirius was perfect. He was clearly not a man of both worlds. He was slightly obnoxious, slightly oblivious, slightly pompous, and, possibly, slightly attractive. Note the slightly. But he was kind. Remus saw it in the smiles that slipped through. He was born into the obnoxious, oblivious, pompousness, but the kindness was his own. Remus had overheard his mother—the queen—giving Mrs. Potter instructions for a banquet before. Yes, the kindness was all Sirius. Remus’ stirring had slowed into a lazy motion that he was no longer conscious of. He frowned out the window. And Sirius would catch himself. Repeatedly. He watched him realize what he had said and look sorry for it. Comments like that were burned into him but he was slowly realizing. Maybe he had James to thank for that, but Remus had a sneaking suspicion it was Sirius’ realization as well.

“Always alone.”

Remus whipped his head around, only just managing to keep his bowl on the table, and let out a breathless laugh. He was met with a smiling, rather wet Sirius.

“That’s the third time. I’m starting to think you like doing that.”

Sirius walked in, his shirt sticking in patches to his damp skin. Remus swallowed, dragging his eyes back to Sirius’ face, “Can I get you anything?”

Sirius heaved himself onto a stool across from Remus, eyeing his bowl, “No, I don’t think so… Thought everyone would be at the pub. I just… didn’t want to go upstairs.”

Remus started whisking again, adding a few sifts of flour to thicken the chocolate paste, “No?”

“My mum’s planning a party. First of the summer’s, it’s-”

“Summer’s Eve.” Remus finished, shooting Sirius a smile.

Sirius set him a lopsided grin, “Right. Right, you’d know about that…”

“Always liked watching the dancing.”

Sirius worried his lip, eyebrows pulling together, “Yeah?”


Sirius picked up an egg, holding it between his palms, “How long have you been here?”

Remus leveled off some sugar, crushing some clumps with his fingers, “I think its about a year now.”

Remus looked over the measuring cup when Sirius simply hummed, only to find him staring back at him.

“Funny, that we’ve never met.” Sirius said after a moment.

Remus raised an eyebrow, dumping the sugar in, “Not really.”

Sirius huffed out a laugh, “Yeah. Yeah, not really..”

Remus looked away from Sirius’ smile, swallowing over the heat bubbling in his chest. He was suddenly very aware at just how filthy his apron was. Not to mention his shirt. He glanced quietly at the hole in his left shoe toe.

“Why aren’t in town, anyway? I figured everyone would be at the pub. This place is deserted. Well, except for you.”

Remus cut a slab of soft butter, smoothing it around the bottom of the pan with his knife, and tried to shrug as casually as he could, “Dunno. Don’t like the pub much.”

“Why? Everyone likes the pub.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “How would you know?”

Sirius straightened, eyeing Remus, “Everyone seems to like the pub. Or really, I guess everyone just seems to like the girls there.”

Remus laughed, “True.”

Remus saw Sirius lean forward on his elbows in his peripheral vision, “Don’t you like a girl there? Or here? Someone to go with.”

Remus felt the familiar discomfort at this question rising in his stomach, “No,” he cleared his throat, crumpling some parchment paper in his fist, “No, not particularly.”

“No?” He heard something, something in Sirius’ voice. He couldn’t tell what it was, but he feared the worst.

“Not at the moment, I mean. I’m sure I’ll- I’m sure there’s someone. Just- I’m just waiting for- that someone.” He sounded idiotic and he knew it.

“Oh. Of course. That must be nice.”

Remus raised an eyebrow, “Being alone?”

Sirius looked up at him from where his gaze had been focused on the egg he was holding. His eyes were sad and honest, “Being able to choose.”

Remus opened his mouth, then closed it, then opened it again. “Oh.”

Remus threw everything he had into squashing the feeling that was rising in his chest. Of course. He’s a prince. You know your place and it isn’t with… It can never be with-

Sirius shook his head a little, pushing his wet hair off his forehead so it stick up in the front. He offered Remus a small smile, “You must be just loving this. Listening to me complain. You probably think I have the whole world and yet here I am..”

Remus scoffed, snapping out of it and pouring the batter into the pan over the parchment paper, “That’s an awfully big assumption.”

Sirius sighed, rolling the egg on the table, eyes following it as it changed directions on its own, “Yes. You’re right.”

He was much more willing to admit Remus was right today.

Remus turned back around from pushing the cake into the oven, dusting flour off his hands, “Do you even know how to cook that?”


Remus smiled, “That’s pathetic.”

Sirius jolted up at that, “I beg your-“

“Sorry.” Remus was still smiling.

Sirius’ eyes were narrowed but Remus could see the smile that was threatening to show itself.

“Can you do the Summer’s Waltz?”

Remus blinked, “What?”

Sirius raised an eyebrow, “Can you?”

“Well, no-“


Remus stared at him for a few moments, “I’m lost.”

“I’ve no reason to know how to cook an egg, so I can’t. You can. You’ve no reason to know the Summer’s Waltz, so you can’t. But I do, so I can.”

Remus rolled his eyes, “Yes, alright, very clever.”

Sirius smiled. Remus turned to the oven with one of his own. The flames seemed less bright that that smile.

Get out now, push it down, leave it be.

Remus took a deep breath. Forget.

“Am… Am I bothering you?”

Remus turned to Sirius once more, rather too quickly, “Hm? What?”

Sirius actually looked a little sheepish, “It’s just… I realized I just sort of… came in. You were alone. I don’t know-“

“No.” Again, too quickly, “No,” Remus cleared his throat, “You’re fine. I mean- I mean to say you- I mean, of course you can be here. You’re you.”

Sirius’ brows pulled together, corners of his mouth turning down, “That’s not what I meant.”

Remus took a shaky breath. Of course you’re fine, I want you here, “I know. Sorry. I don’t mind you being here. I’m just testing recipes…”

Sirius seemed to relax a little and got up, spying the recipe card on the table, “But you bake every other day of the week…”

Remus was very aware that Sirius was right next to him, and very aware that he hadn’t bathed that morning, “Well… I like chocolate.”

Sirius looked at him.

Remus motioned to the oven, “I never get to bake for myself. I like chocolate, I made chocolate cake.”

Sirius was quiet, just nodding and looking so intently at Remus that he felt his cheeks start to heat.

“It will be ready soon… If you-“


Remus almost laughed at the quick response, “Alright…”

The lapsed into a silence. Remus alternating between watching the cake and watching Sirius, and Sirius alternating between rolling the egg and watching Remus.

Remus poked fun at Sirius when he watched in (almost) awe as he took the cake from the oven, and nearly hit him when he recounted how different it looked without all the dressings and plates.

“Absolutely ridiculous…” Remus muttered under his breath.

“Can we…”

Remus looked up when Sirius trailed off. Sirius’ hair was dry now and slightly fluffy around his ears from the heat, and with the way his cheeks were heating up Remus took a step back. Because he didn’t look royal right then, in his fluffy hair and bare feet. He looked normal. He looked attainable.

No one you look at is attainable.

“Can we..?” Remus prompted.

Sirius straightened, “Can we eat it like this?”

Remus blinked and his mouth slowly formed a smile, “Had too much of proper life, have you?”

Sirius shot him a look and Remus sat down and dug his fingers into the cake, taking a rather large chunk out of the side. Sirius grinned almost impishly and pulled a stool over next to Remus, taking a chunk from the other side.

“My god.” He said, “This is fucking brilliant.”

“The eating method or the cake?” Remus said through cake.

“Both.” Sirius sighed, “Can’t remember liking dessert this much in a long time.”

“Excuse you!” It came out sounding more like hue hu! and Remus swallowed, “I make that dessert.”

Sirius held his hands up in mock surrender, “I think it’s good and all, don’t get me wrong. I’ve just… I don’t know.” He was quiet for a moment and then, “Maybe the company makes the meal.”

Remus started, blinking at Sirius. He had chocolate on his upper lip, his hair was still fluffy, his cheeks were even more pink than before. And Remus could feel the tug. The familiar, forbidden tug.

“I-“ He was out of his seat before he knew what he was doing, chair screeching back against the slate floor painfully, “Um.”

Sirius stood too, “Remus..“

Remus couldn’t decide if it was a plea or a question. He wanted to stay. God, Sirius had only said his name and he wanted to staystaystay.

“You can have the rest of the cake. I’ve just remembered-” His mind drew a blank to any excuse he could have made.

And he was gone, leaving Sirius alone in the kitchen with half a cake and a frown.

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How did you meet your amazing girlfriend?

I’ve been sitting on this ask for some time trying to figure out the way to say this, so I suppose I will just tell the story as it happened.

I won’t be posting her URL here because I don’t want to send thousands of eyes to scour her blog, but we’ve been mutuals for something like a year, and always had crushes on each other, flirted a ton online, etc. But she lives very far away from me and this, of course, is a major obstacle, so we never made plans to act on that at all. She messaged me one day to say she’d be in town for a day or two on a family trip, and I brought up hooking up if she was interested, although I was such a nervous baby about it that I think I ACTUALLY said, “Hey we should make out or something if you want.” We agreed to meet, go to my place together, have a lot of sex, and make some sourdough because why not?  So in the days before meeting 1) I tried a new recipe and tested it out to ensure it would be good enough and 2) we sexted a ton (she’s good at this and also? world’s best Snapchat snapper) and just got to know each other really well, too, and I found out that we have all sorts of weird little things in common- we want the same number of kids, we want the same color Le Creuset oven, we like and dislike the same kinds of fruits, she has been making jam for several years and I have been making bread for several years, etc- and each of us made several obviously-not-regular-hookup comments about the other being :) the woman :) of our :) dreams :) and how ohhhh gosh if only she didn’t live so far away we’d totally be dating!

She made it to the coffeeshop where I work, and I saw her coming in the door, thought, “WOW she is prettier than I expected” and immediately pretended not to see her/to be very QUICKLY taking some trash to the back of house to go get myself settled. I put on what was apparently a very good -I am totally chill and not going to die- face, sat beside her, made some conversation about her trip up, blah blah, sexted for several hours while I was closing up shop, and decided we would catch a ride from a bar across the street from my job because I MAY have skipped out on a meeting to go fuck this really hot woman and didn’t want it to be super obvious. So I closed up like normal, went to go meet her at the bar, and she kissed me several times while waiting for the car because she was too excited to wait. Then we got home, made bread, and had really incredible sex during which she came 13 (THIRTEEN) times before I stopped counting :) :) :) And when she left I did my best to pretend not to be sad, but it didn’t work because she asked, “Are you sad?” and when I said “Oh! I didn’t think you could tell!” she proceeded to mimic my posture, which was hands-in-my-pockets, slumped over, and forlornly gazing at the ground because I’d had a really genuinely magical time with her.

The main thing is really that the second we met I just felt an instant sort of “WOW I’d like to keep this one around” feeling that I know from a lot of dating is extremely rare and really special, and I think there were lots of moments during our first date that were very much not regular hookup/hangout moments, like we each called the other sweetie more than once, spent…an absurd amount of time staring into each others’ gay eyes, held hands a lot more than would be normal for a hookup, etc. I think it took her a few hours after she left to really realize she was feeling the same thing, but every now and again you meet someone and it just feels right and natural and comfortable instantly, and you just MESH well, and that’s really what happened. So in the next few days we sort of talked things over and decided to give this thing a shot. And I’m glad we did! Sometimes you have to do the very stupid, very silly, very wild 20something thing to do and just go for it because you think you could find something really special and worth it. I think I just sort of thought, “No this isn’t the most logical thing in the world but I know how rare this feeling is and if I can, I don’t plan to let it go because of something like distance.” So now we’re girlfriends and I couldn’t be happier about it- she’s really wonderful and sweet and makes me incredibly happy and I’m so proud to be, as my blog is titled, Her Butch. She’s the best coincidence I’ve ever encountered, and I’m so glad that she came through the city at just the right time and on just the right day and we talked just often enough beforehand for her to tell me she’d be in town, because I honestly didn’t think I was capable of feeling this way again and she’s been a wonderful addition to my life. She’s a pretty excellent girlfriend and I’m more excited than I can say to kiss her again.


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Spending time with Wonwoo is a rare occurrence. You’re often busy with school while he’s busy with practice or schedules so seeing one another, face to face, is something that you rarely get to do. You’re usually stuck with seeing one another on a blurry screen at a time that is incredibly inconvenient for the both of you. But you’re best friends and you’ve been best friends for far too long to let a little distance tear you apart.

So whenever you have a moment to spare, you spend it with one another. You make plans way too far in advance and sometimes, like today, those plans don’t get to come to fruition.

Today, you were planning on going to the park and playing on the playground before getting ice cream. You’re adults now and it feels like you’ve grown up much too fast. You wanted to take it back to the good days, the days of no worries and happiness, but those plans were dashed by the rain.

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Since our boys are so extra and  quick here is what Isak and Even moving in together will consist of:

  • All the cuddles, little spoon Even is a real and powerful thing.
  • Even leaving little doodles on the fridge or Isaks forehead to remind Isak to have a good morning and buy milk on the way home.
  • The atmosphere of the house is always changing. Sometimes it’s peaceful like the sun on your face, where they sit on the couch for hours on end while Even sketches and Isak reads, not speaking, the silence and each others presence the greatest comforts. Other times it’s electric, Nas blasting through the house, the beat so loud that you can feel the vibrations. Even grabbing Isak’s face pulling him closer singing the words onto his lips.
  • They wear each other’s clothes so much that they’ve given up all pretense of diving their wardrobe and now everything is meshed together.
  • Even is always testing out a new recipe, very rarely is there ever take out in the fridge.
  • Isak randomly buying little things to decorate their home or because he thought Even would like them. One day he shows up with yellow curtains because “We’re together in every universe.”
  • Everyone always piles in on Friday nights to their home wether it’s for a pre or to watch some terrible movie that Magnus recommended.
  • Evens usually the early riser and Isak will always tread carefully into the kitchen wound his arms around Even’s waist and dig his head into the space between his shoulder blades and just breathe.
  • On the occasion that Isak wakes up earlier he makes the best french toast.
  • On the difficult days, the days that feel like they may never end Isak is reminded even more so how much he loves this beautiful boy, how it’s like an earthquake every time they kiss but how it’s also safety the way the sunshine feels on an autumn day.

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🇮🇹Romance Headcanon for the Chocobros? 😊

There you are! ✨
It took two hours and a half to write this, I’m hopeless, so I really hope you like it!
I totally loved writing Ignis’s one! Thank you for the request~ ♥

🇮🇹 Romance Headcanons - Chocobros

• Prompto would be the best loving guy ever. His ever bright personality would let him be able to make his dearest feel at ease and cheerful whenever he is around. His smile is contagious, the sun inside him makes everything shine. He’s not aware of this, though.
• He would care so much for you and, although he may result lovingly awkward in his attempts, he would try to never disappoint you. He wants to be your pride, and that let him grow as a person.
• Spending time with him would be a whirlwind of laughters and soft kisses. He’d like to take you on dates, he’d love holding your hand and show the world how much he cares for you. It makes people around you smile and say with adoration, “What a cute couple!”.
• Dates with him would be sometimes out of the ordinary - like, “Hey!, let’s have a Chocobo race! The winner decides where to go next” -. He wouldn’t mind spending some time with you alone at home, where you can stay in bed cuddling, kissing and hugging, pillow and tickle fights, a film and snacks. Actually, those are his favourite dates!
• Selfies, selfies, selfies~! He’s Prompto, after all, and he likes to make memories. His camera would be filled with photos of the two of you together, smiling, laughing, or kissing, but he loves taking photos of you when you’re not expecting it. He has a collection of photos of you while you sleep, or perfectly inserted in every kind of landscape you visited with him.
• He would do just anything for you, literally! He would buy you ice-cream and candies, every kind of book, if you like to read, video games to play together, and lots of plushies. He would take you to every place you’d like to visit, and cover you with affection and love every time you feel down. He needs it too, though. There are times in which he feels worthless and useless, but he has you by his side ready to remind him how beautiful his heart is.

• As former Prince of Lucis, Noctis would have a lot of plans and obligations, so that it would be difficult for you to spend time alone together, but he would eventually make it somehow, and it would be magical.
• He would like for your relationship to work perfectly. It could require a little effort, maybe, but it isn’t as difficult as it seems. The two of you love so much the time you manage to spend together that it doesn’t matter if you can’t see him for a day or two.
• He’s totally into doing cute things together, like cuddling under a blanket with a cup of hot chocolate, trying to cook something sweet together, like cookies or cupcakes, and napping together. He wouldn’t restrain in covering you with kisses and smiles, or hugging you from behind when you don’t expect it. That’s his favourite, actually.
• Even though he’s so narcissistic sometimes, he’s so shy when it comes to dating. He’d blush quite for anything: you entwining your hand to his, a kiss on the cheek, a smile too bright and happy. His cool attitude would break at this, and his lips would part in an awkward smile that makes you giggle. He’s trying his best, and you love it.
• As he doesn’t want it to be a bother for you, he’ll probably try to hide your relationship from everyone in the castle - his friends the only exceptions -. He has the habit of sneaking out of his duties just to come and kiss you - “I missed you so much, I couldn’t avoid it!” -. You’d scold him, but his heartbroken expression would make your heart ache, and you can’t help but jump at his neck, thank him, and kiss him.
• He’s overprotective and extremely jealous, he fails to hide it even if he doesn’t want anyone, especially you, to notice. He would stick around you every time you hang out somewhere, holding your hand tightly and throwing stern and threatening looks to anyone who even tries to glimpse at you. Even if he doesn’t want you to talk about it, that would amuse you, but it makes you happy.

• Being involved in a romantic relationship with Gladiolus Amicitia means: adventure. He’s not a sedentary guy, he loves exploring and going for long excursions in places never seen before. He would take you with him - consider it to be a great honour! - and share with you his most loved locations.
• You wouldn’t mind watching him as he trains. You love noting how his muscles tighten up and twitch under the heaviness of his great sword, hearing his voice coming out of his throat husky from the exertion. You would be ready to offer him a towel to get rid of the sweat, wiping the droplets from his face, then laying a little kiss on his forehead, and a flower crown on his dark hair.
• Gladio would protect you with his own life, if necessary. You’re his special one, after all, and he would not let anything to touch you, for any reasons. With time, you could decide to start training with him, and learn how you could be a little independent, but no matter what, he’ll stick by your side.
• Sometimes the two of you would decide to camp together, in need of some time alone. Any haven is great, all that matters is being together under the stars. You would eat his loved Cup Noodles with him - he would sometimes let you feed him -, talk a bit with you sat on his lap, then going to sleep. If you feel too cold, no problem! Gladio will pull you the closest to him and he is not going to let you free yourself from his embrace.
• Just because he’s a big guy doesn’t mean he can’t be romantic. Actually, he’s hopeless. He loves to spoil you beyond every limit, treating you with every kind of gift. Not always ordinary gifts, though. Whenever he goes away with the others, he’ll pick up anything that reminds him of you. A cute flower, a beautiful seashell, an hairpin with an encrusted little butterfly bought in a small shop. Nothing too fancy, really, but it would make you smile every time.
• He’d love to show you’re his by holding your hand, caressing your hair and kissing you, at times softly and extremely gently, others with a passion you’d never imagine he’d pull out. He doesn’t care that much if people stare, they have to know how happy he is.
• In intimacy, he’d be the best ever. Giving the fact that he’s twice your size, both in height and in muscles, he would be quite afraid to break you whenever he touches you. He’d be the most careful and caring man you’ve ever known. Making you feel comfortable would be his best achievement.

• As the gentleman he is, Ignis would treat you as a princess. It’s impossible not to fall for him. As he likes you, his good manners and perfect behaviour would try their best to stun you in every situation: is it raining? Ignis’s arm would immediately appear on your shoulders, his jacket over your heads. A puddle on your way? Would you mind jumping in his arms? He would be right there to catch you. - “I am afraid I’m not letting anything bringing you down”, he whispers in you ear, and you just melt.
• Living a romantic relationship with him means being involved in an eternal valzer, just the two of you. He’d lead you through every moment spent together with lightness and elegance. It would feel like you both live in your own little piece of universe, your complicity reaching unimaginable levels.
• You’d laugh at his puns, and he’d just fall for it. Making you laugh, hearing your giggles makes his heart flutter away, and he has to hug you and dive in your perfume.
• He comes up with innumerable utterly cute nicknames, conceived just for you. “Darling” and “Sweetheart” would be his favourite, but it seems there isn’t a brake to his imagination. In special situation he loves to call you “Kitten”, he’d use “Sugar” and “Honey” sometimes, but your absolute favourite has to be “Starlight”. (There’s a precise reason for it, I could write a little something about it if you like.)
• Of course, he’d cook for you, and you adore it! He wouldn’t mind going to some restaurant sometimes, but it would make him proud to glimpse at you while you’re eating and see, with a pleased smile, that you like what he prepared for you. He’d like to test new recipes made out with your favourite ingredients, and then let you taste test for him. Useless to say, everything turns you absolutely delicious but, more importantly, you can clearly feel his love emanate from his composition, and you never know how to thank him properly for his efforts.
• When he has to leave earlier than you in the morning, he’ll leave a muffin, a red rose, and a simple message on the nightstand. Your waking up couldn’t be sweeter.
• Whenever you’re outside with the others, Ignis won’t be as showing as you’d like to. He cares for manners, and even if he doesn’t like to put it between the two of you, he has a duty to fulfil. You understand, but you’d giggle and be so happy when he casually touches your hand, or leave a soft kiss on your hair, or even winks at you.
• Nothing makes him feel better that cuddling with you after a long day of work in the Citadel. His job as Royal Advisor can be hard to bear, and he loves “restoring his vitals” keeping you next to him while watching some culinary program or you playing some game. You could even take him to bed, enclose him in your arms at let him fall asleep in the crook of your neck.

Breaking of the Bread- Alfie Solomons

*Gif by @bonniebirdsgifcentre. So I’m going to start spreading out my PB posts now that I’ve officially finished the work I fell behind on fo Peaky Week, but don’t worry. There’s still much more to come! For now though, I have a couple Teen Wolf request I need to fill. I will also be moving back into TVD/TO and possibly even shadowhunters, so be on the lookout. Lastly, I’m fastly approaching 1K followers so when that happens, I already have a super cool Derek series planned, but I have to meet my goal first. Stay on the lookout! xoxox*


Bread. The most common and essential food in the daily life of a Londoner. It was one of the only thing the wealthy and poor ate alike. It was toasted for breakfast and served for supper. You liked your meals, but in your opinion, dessert was the best dish. You had grown up with a severe sweet tooth and ardent parents who would indulge in all your desires since you were there only child. The results of being given what you wanted could have been disastrous, but you think it turned out quite well considering you now owned your own bakery.

After being open for three years, business had steadied and you would even consider it to be going well. Well, enough to put food on the table and allow you to move into an apartment of your own. You found your social- and perhaps romantic life- take a turn for the better as you rung up the evening rush, customers taking goods home for their families and special occasions. You continued going through the motions until I burly pair of hands laid themselves down on the counter.

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Glacier headcanons!!!

- whenever Cole does push-ups, he asks Zane to sit on his back so he “can actually have a challenge for once” (Cole does it because Zane keeps him from overheating, and also he likes to show off for the nindroid)

- Zane sometimes asks Cole to taste-test his recipes, and they use this time as a really sweet bonding experience

- Zane doesn’t tell anyone but PIXAL (since my headcanon is that she’s his long-suffering best friend/platonic soulmate) that he really, really likes Cole’s muscles

- seriously, Zane will stare at Cole who’s sweating and working out and PIXAL will just lightly scold him before teasingly pointing out all of Cole’s muscle groups

- Kai is super perceptive and instantly picks up on this thing between Cole and Zane, but doesn’t say anything because he wants them to figure it out for themselves

- Lou and the Royal Blacksmiths, Edna, Ed, Dr. Julien, Wu, Garmadon, and Misako (basically all the older folks) know what’s up with the Earth and Ice Ninjas. They have a betting pool going on for when either boy asks the other out

- Kai eventually learns about the betting pool and joins in (he’s got his money on Cole asking Zane out at a really romantic moment like watching the sunset after a battle because Cole is that kind of guy ya know)

- the Betting Pool Squad eventually renames the ship, “OTP: Triple Tiger Sashay” because of how Zane seems to melt whenever Cole pulls off that move

- Cole makes sure Zane is within eyesight whenever he does the Triple Tiger Sashay because he always does the famous Growl at him

- the Growl does things to Zane’s internal systems and PIXAL has to do a mini reboot to get him back online

- Zane isn’t consciously sexy or suggestive, but he moves gracefully and that draws Cole’s attention because he can appreciate that kind of movement as a dancer

- neither boy knows when they started liking the other, it just sort of happened naturally for the both of them

- in their down time, Cole and Zane often play chess; both are highly intellectual and love mental challenges. Most of the time their matches end in draws

- professionally, Cole appreciates Zane’s intelligence, insight, and ability to quickly adapt to new situations; Zane appreciates Cole’s hardworking attitude, leadership abilities, and focus in battle

- non-professionally, Cole likes introducing Zane to new movies and music and books, making him laugh or smile whenever there’s a chance, and being his taste-tester in the kitchen; Zane likes engaging Cole in deep discussions about anything and everything, being his regular sparring partner, and watching Cole do dance routines

- Cole and Zane are more introverted than extroverted, and so spend a lot of comfortable silence in each other’s company either reading or meditating

- funnily enough, Lloyd thought they were dating since way in the beginning. When he tells Kai this, Kai cracks up and includes Lloyd in the Betting Pool

- out of all the Elemental Masters, Karlof ships Glacier the most because he saw how Cole reacted to finding Zane alive in Chen’s dungeon and how close Cole stayed near Zane during the planning stage of the break-out mission

- Neuro also ships Glacier because he got snippets of their thoughts on each other, and secretly thinks it’s kinda cute but doesn’t tell anyone

- Karlof and Neuro eventually join the Betting Pool Squad, and that’s a whole other story

Thursday lunch is a bowl full of goodies! Roast sweet potato chips, roast brocolli, zuchinni noodles, green beans, tuna and avocado! Taught 2 classes at southport sharks gym and one at world gym this morning, trained my mum and tested out another recipe for the ebook! Coming soon!!! I’m off to go get a massage in an hour… And I don’t mean a relaxing one, I mean a more painful one using pressure points and other techniques to reduce muscle tension, promote flexibility and prevent injury! Wish me luck! 😂😂😂 hope you’re all having a great day x


Falling Sick (Chocobros)

How the boys deal with being sick. Hope you enjoy anon! :)

Dramatic and whiny. It could just be a runny nose, but he’ll start panicking and insist that he needs to be hospitalised, lest his condition worsen. Being that he isn’t very assertive, anyone willing to give him a firm “No.” is all it takes for him to settle into his bed and stay there. But that doesn’t mean he thinks his condition “is stable”; far from it. Anyone tending to him will be badgered constantly. He’ll urge them to look up his symptoms to “confirm for themselves” that his life is in danger. And again, the first person to give him a very firm “No.” is the only guaranteed method to get him to stop. And, God help whoever takes on the task of medicines. He’ll flail about, and start gagging at the thought of having them. I’d imagine Ignis typically handles this, being the only one with the patience for it. It’d be funny to see Noctis taking his medicine reluctantly, because Ignis told him: “What do you think the doctors would do?”

Since he’s had to depend on himself since childhood, he’s pretty self sufficient. Even when sick. He doesn’t dismiss any help, but he doesn’t expect to be looked after either. If the bug he catches spreads over time, he’ll go to a doctor before he’s too sick. But if it hits him like a hard smack, he might ask Ignis to arrange for a doctor to visit him. And if he doesn’t feel like imposing, he’ll just spend the day in bed, and hope he has something light in the fridge. Again, being pretty independent from childhood, he’s learned which medicines to take for what, and which ones to keep around the house as a rule of thumb. He’s no fan of medicines, but he does manage to grit his teeth and do it. He’s a pretty silent sufferer so people might not even know he’s sick, unless he tells them. Which is why Noctis has these periods where he panics severely because his best friend seems to have fallen off the face of the Earth.

He soldiers on. Being the sort who takes his work seriously, he wouldn’t want to take a break unless the situation is so severe he has no choice but to. So, unless he’s really out of it, he’d still show up to work while trying not to make his health apparent. Though if someone he trusted were to offer to take care of things for him till he’s better; he’d agree to it without second thoughts. Being the responsible type, he’s well versed in how to care for himself. Looking after Noctis has only given him more experience in the matter. He has his doctor’s number on speed dial because, one never knows when it’ll be handy. Even if he can’t actually schedule an appointment, he can still consult his doctor to confirm the effectiveness of what he knows. He also doesn’t like to “just rest”, he finds it boring as compared to the otherwise fast pace of his life. He likes keeping busy in some way or the other. So he’ll likely read something, or watch something. If he isn’t that sick, he might test out some new recipes. 

Stubborn and partially in denial. He absolutely hates falling sick, to the point he tends to not admit it to himself. When younger, Iris would love to throw it in his face when he fell sick. Though now that she’s older, she doesn’t want to risk the fury that accompanies the words “You’re sick.” it just isn’t worth it anymore. Ignis learned the hard way as well. Being the caring, nurturing type; seeing Gladio not feeling well instantly brings out his doting side. Telling Gladio which medicines to take or offering to go see a doctor together. The response is a fiery glare. With Gladio’s words seething with rage. “You don’t need a doctor when you aren’t sick.” The unnecessary seriousness convinced Ignis to steer clear of Gladio when he’s sick. When it does so happen that Gladio is too sick to ignore it and he painfully accepts it. A sneaky visit to the doctor is made. And while he’s grateful for the relief that medicines bring, he’s still incapable of accepting that he can fall sick.

Practical Magic: Practice for the Busy Witch

Seriously, Josh? You’re going to lecture us on the merits of practice? When did witchcraft become sports?

Woah! Easy! Witchcraft isn’t a sport! I’m just -

And for the gods’ sakes, if you tell us that it’s an art…

But it is!

Why are you lecturing us on practice?! We see it all over the place!

Calm down! Goodness!

It’s true that sometimes people get all up in a huff when they’re told that they need to practice something. Sometimes this is a result of upbringing, or a result of having been in sports or visual arts for so long. (I can understand… I was in soccer teams growing up, in concert band and marching band, in a handbell choir, and am trying to become a chef… all of which require significant amounts of practice in order to become proficient.)

So when the new witch is told that he or she should practice every day, it’s understandable that it may not be very… encouraging. Between school, work, and life, when is there time in the day to break out the altar and cast a spell? Let alone on a daily basis?

But that’s what I want to address. Now, I’m not one to say “stop practicing.” That would be bad advice, and very hypocritical of me to say, given that I’m casting spells regularly as well as testing new recipes and cooking techniques all the time. Instead, I want to provide encouragement and some tips on how to practice your magic on a daily basis. It’s much easier than many books and websites make it out to be. I don’t think even “Wicca for Dummies” really simplifies practice as much as it should.

What do you mean? How do you simplify practice? Don’t you have to practice each technique in order to master it?

Technically speaking, yes. But that’s if you’re approaching your personal training like a sport or like a culinary course. Spellwork isn’t a kitchen knife, but it does need to be kept sharp. Keeping it sharp is a matter of daily maintenance. Unlike sharpening a knife, however, magic doesn’t require a lot of equipment or physical effort on your part. We’ll break it down a bit, starting with the “why” and moving on to the “how.”

The Importance of Practice: The “Why”

Don’t you think this is a little obvious, Josh? Why would you need to tell us why we need to practice?

Simple. Knowing why is half the battle. For many individuals, practicing something does nothing if they don’t know why they’re practicing. When I picked up the clarinet in grade school, I was told to practice. I didn’t know why, and for the first couple of years, I had made no progress. It wasn’t until my mother explained that I needed to develop coordination in my fingers as well as learn how to read the music that I began to make much progress.

The same principle can be applied to magic. It is one thing to read theory, lore, history, and books on cultures and tradition. It’s another to implement all that you’ve learned. Like many witches, the first thing I learned about was energy work. I needed to understand what energy felt like and how it moved. However, it wasn’t until I talked with another local witch that I learned why I needed to practice working with energy, let alone maintaining my personal tradition.

First, there’s the fact that working magic is the art of moving energy and using it to manifest an intent. Second, there’s the fact that magic is also a relationship. It’s the art of looking into yourself and how you are interconnected with the world around you and with whatever spirits or divinities you honor. Tibetan monks didn’t start meditating overnight. It took days of actively trying to center themselves and exploring that relationship.

Another great example of this is found in nearly every town. Each week, Christianity, Islam, and Judaism has a Sabbath, or sacred day. On this day, worshippers gather in one spot to study, pray, and honor their god. This isn’t done simply because it is mandatory. Each member of that faith is trying to bring themselves and their relationships closer to their divinity.

Magic is the same thing. In itself, it is secular, but it comes from within yourself first. For those of us who are pagan, working magic every day and practicing isn’t just a matter of honing skills. It’s a matter of nurturing our relationships with Goddess and God, whatever the names may be.

Practicing magic is beneficial for several reasons: 1) It brings us closer to ourselves and trains us to be honest and open with who we are; 2) It brings us closer to the divinities we honor, allowing us to understand our place in the world and universe on a grander scale; 3) It helps us develop the spiritual “muscle memory” that can help us work magic when meditating for thirty minutes to an hour isn’t practical.

Busy Witch, Practical Witch - The “How”

Any witchy website you come across might give you a whole list of what you “should” do in order to practice and become a “more powerful witch.” That said, I have a couple of things to say. First, you’re not becoming “more powerful.” You’ve always been powerful. You’re learning how to reach your potential. Second, there is no right way or wrong way. It isn’t their tradition. It is yours and yours alone. So instead of telling you what you should do, I’m going to tell you what I do, and what I recommend that you try. If something I recommend doesn’t feel like it’s working after daily attempts over three weeks, drop it and pick up some other method. What works for me might not work for you.

Visualize - Before I get out of bed every morning, I like to encourage myself to use my imagination. For everything. It may seem childish at first, but it is invaluable and has always helped me to become better at visualization. So the first thing I do is mentally pretend that I’m some other creature. A dragon. A robot. A cat. A clay golem. As I begin to move, I see myself as that creature moving. I stretch out my limbs, and I breathe fire and smoke as I yawn. I unfurl my wings and writhe my tail. I see the air swirl around me as I displace it by moving around and getting up, like I’m pushing water around in a bathtub or a still pool. This is simple, requires very little energy, and allows me to more easily visualize on a regular basis.

Devotion and Affirmation - This is something that varies from witch to witch. I’m pagan and feel the need to do a mental devotion each day. Affirmations may be different by the hour, by the day, by the individual. A devotion is a small conversation between yourself and your deity. It’s establishing a personal goal for the day. “Today, I will devote my energy toward making others smile.” It can be as simple or as complex as you’d like, but it also has to be practical - something you know that you can do, but need to turn into a habit. “Today, I will be more organized. I will not procrastinate.” Often, devotions and affirmations go hand in hand. Affirmations are positive cheers for yourself or for the day. “I am calm and collected tonight.” Like working with intent, it is a phrase that can easily be visualized and is seen in the present and not as something in the future. The devotion enhances your relationship and shapes your mannerisms, while your affirmation hones your ability to focus intent and work in the present.

Energy Play - We always have a little bit of time to play. And this is something that can be done discreetly. Each day, try making little energy balls in your hand and manipulating their shapes. Visualize them. Are they solid, well defined spheres of energy, or are they wispy and trail out of your fingers like heavy fog? Try absorbing them or moving them around the room. If you feel comfortable enough, focus on an intent or purpose for it before sending it off into the world in order to create a very basic thought-form. If you’re like me, you’re working with energy constantly. I feel it in and around me all the time, and use that to my benefit. The first sip of coffee in the morning is loaded with magical energy that I’ve channeled into it - the first potion of the day. I do this at work, too, seeing the energy in the food I’m making and allowing myself to funnel feelings of happiness and satisfaction into every dish. The more you do it, the better you get. Since magic uses energy, this helps you to work with it instinctually, making on-the-fly spells simpler and quicker to cast.

The Daily Spell - Once again, every witch is different here. Some witches like myself are constantly casting. Others have more difficulty doing so. If you have the time, set aside a few minutes to do a simple spell. It doesn’t need to be complex. It could be stirring confidence into your coffee, or happiness into the jar of cookies in the kitchen. It could be sweeping negative energies out of the house while you clean. The more you do this, the more reflexive and natural it becomes.

The Meditation - Some will definitely disagree with me on this. Some people are more inclined to feel that meditation must be done every day and must require having a clear and empty mind. That’s completely acceptable for those individuals’ practices. For me, the meditation isn’t clearing the mind. It’s relaxing the mind. Letting my thoughts flow, my limbs relax, and my breathing to become deep. It’s letting go of the past and relinquishing my concern for the future and simply being in the moment. Everyone has a different way of doing this. There are many who find that driving gives them that release. Others find that it’s sitting in a quiet room, or losing themselves in music. For me, it’s the daily shower. With the hot water, the music in the background, and having my body fully exposed so I don’t feel restrained, I allow myself to simply be me, in the moment, without any concerns. My mind can run its course until it is capable of focusing on one thing, and one thing only. That’s what meditation is mainly geared toward - helping narrow focus and training the brain to stop multitasking so that all processing power is trained on one topic. This helps train the witch to focus intent. With all of that processing narrowed on the intent during spellcasting, distractions are less likely to have an impact.

The Joy - This last one is easy in concept, but difficult in action. It’s finding joy in the simple things. And honestly, this is one that you’d have to learn how to do on your own. But I started by choosing one thing each night that I felt went well in the day, no matter how large or small, and focused on why it brought me joy. The sizzle of the pan made me think of my mother making chicken cacciatore when I was younger. The trail of ants reminded me of what it’s like to feel accomplished after working hard. The kiss my boyfriend gave me reminds me that I’m loved. The hummingbird at the feeder showed me that life itself is worth living for.

In Conclusion…

Working magic and practicing it daily need not be a chore. It’s something that you develop into a habit by doing small things. These small things all add up and help us to become better witches and better individuals. If you’re a new witch, incorporate all of these little exercises into what you’re already doing with your research or your time spent with your Book of Shadows. Instead of seeing it as work, see it as playtime intermingled throughout the day!

Unlike cooking or playing an instrument, the core techniques for magic come from within you. If you practice loving yourself and practice embracing the childlike nature within yourself, you’ll find the wisdom is much easier to discover and the magic a natural part of life.

Blessed Be! )O(


I don’t know when I will get the kitchen alone so I don’t know when I will be able to make these recipes, but here are my ideas if you want to test them out! These have not been tested yet.