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i know people mean well and probably haven’t read any comics but i keep seeing the same ‘magneto’s mother was killed by nazi’s/ his parents were killed in the holocaust’ used to protest the secret empire nazi bullshit. and while i’m sure it’s unintentional it feels like they’re lessoning his experience (and FUCK first class for that btw). 

Max/Erik/Magnus/Magneto may not have died but he was a still a victim of the holocaust. he spent his teenage years in Auschwitz. he was a sonderkommando, forced to work in the camp’s crematorium.

(from Magneto Testament)

like i said i know it’s unintentional and due to most of the popularly known “”canon’’’’ being from the movies but i’m just so tired of it 

pipermccloud  asked:

I just found out about Testament the other day, so I need a lot more practice drawing him. ^_^

It’s an old archive (I’ve gotta rework the blog skin), but this may inspire you:


I try to keep that blog as diverse as possible, so it’s not just ecchi fanservice but ACTUAL ARTWORK.

I’ll clean it up and update it one of these days…

This morning’s visit to the Ang Mo Kio wet market - the beautiful colours of Plum, Pear and Apples

For a fruit obsessed person like me (I mean just look at my hugely prolific fruit tag - a testament to how I’m actually a fruit blog more than a food blog (are fruit blogs a thing?) it was wonderful. It isn’t the haven/heaven of cheap fresh seasonal fruit that Thai wet markets are, but there was a lot of imported fruit that I’ve never tried before, and I bought at least two of everything in this picture. And probably from every stall.