testament criticism

Compared to the Old Testament, the cultural and historical contexts of the New Testament are much, much less nuanced. So when critics of Christianity pull stuff out of their asses and start quoting the Old Testament left and right, they’re being super disingenuous. Not only do they fail to analyze the intricacies of Christian theology, but they also fail in their awareness (or lack thereof) of the relationship between Christian theology and the books of the Old Testament. IE do these critics know what it means when Jesus is referred to as the Lamb of God and what the implications of such a title are? What it means for Him to be the Great High Priest? What it means for Him to be the Son of God? The Messiah? All of this is essential when it comes to explaining the Old Testament through a Christian lens. Christianity is not simple, nor is it easy to follow, nor is it easy to understand. I’m not sure why it’s claimed to be otherwise.

I finally understand what God feels about gays

For the past three or four years of my life I’ve struggled with two things; my sexuality & my faith in God. Unfortunately, at this point in time, being gay and being a Christian, don’t really fall together- at least in the world that I come from. For the past six year, since I was in middle school, I spent a lot of that time developing a relationship with Christ that seemed to be unshakable. But about two years ago, I came to discover a part of myself that indeed shook my faith; my sexuality.
I’ve always known that something was different about me, my relationships & my friendships, and nothing seemed to quite add up. And finally I discovered that truth my junior year of high school. That truth is that I am gay. Most people don’t see a problem with that statement, but Christians have been known to be very opinionated about what God says about gays.
For the past two years, it is apparent that I have run away from my faith. I kind of just dropped it because I did not know how to fight the nay sayers, or the people who would tell me that God didn’t love me.
But I have finally come to an understanding, and found a great deal of peace.
This past fall, I came out to my dad. For those of you who do not know my dad, he is your cliche, right-winged, Christian, conservative, business man. So you can imagine my fear of telling him. I wrote him a letter because that seemed to be my easiest and most descriptive & informational way of communicating. And then I waited.
I didn’t think my dad would disown me or abandon me or anything like that but during the time I waited to hear what he had to say, it’s safe to say that every possibility ran through my head.
Soon after I received a call from him that I knew would change my life forever & reluctantly I answered. He said a lot of things in that conversation that I don’t remember but one thing in that conversation stood out to me. It was when he said “I’ve given up my entire life to be a father, and with that, there’s absolutely nothing you can do, be, or become that will make me love you less.”
After 8 or so months I’ve finally come to the understanding why that is the only phrase that’s resonated in my mind, and it’s because as I’ve struggled with my faith, the response from my dad is the same that I believe would be the response of God.
Unfortunately, we are flawed beings. We are inevitably flawed and our entire religion & faith is existent because of one main thing and that is Jesus. Jesus was sent to some how forgive the sins that we commit. The entire Old Testament of the bible is story upon story, rule after rule, developed to some how allow us to be forgiven for the sins that Adam and Eve committed. But the New Testament was written to allow us to have a savior bc we needed one.
To translate passages in the Old Testament to somehow criticize the lives that some people live today is not necessary. And the only reason that is so is because of Jesus. His sacrifice was supposed to be the ultimate act that would free us from our former laws and regulations and allow us to enter heaven by acting in His image. That is why Christians no longer circumcise their sons, that is why we don’t have to perform animal sacrifice, or grow out our hair, or follow any of the laws in Leviticus.
When you quote Leviticus as God’s law and say they are rules you must follow because they are what God wanted us to do, what you are really saying, as Christians, is that Christ’s sacrifice was invalid, & that the plan of salvation wasn’t good enough for you.
A God who sends His son to die for our sins so that we would be forgiven is a God of love. And that’s something we cannot argue. The mention of love appears time and time again in the Bible. and our entire belief is based on a love that is unconditional.
I believe that what my dad said to me when I came out is the same thing my Father would say to me.
“Nothing you do could make me love you less”
As Christians, I ask that we make a conscious effort to love those of us who are different. Even if you may believe that the way they live is in sin, because let’s face it, we all have sinned before, we have all fallen short of what is right. But no sin is greater. The only one who has any right to tell us what is right or wrong is God. So while we are all here remember that each and every one of us is fighting our own battle, and trying to get through life.
But God made us all, perfectly in his image.
Gay, straight, transgender, black, white, disabled, you name it, to Him, we are perfect.
So let us be promoters of God’s biggest truth: love. And accept people for their truths no matter what their truth may be.
My truth is that I am gay, and I am still a Christian. God still loves me & I can still live my life for Him.
So take a step forward and love those around you even if they aren’t the same as you because at the end of the day that’s what we all need to feel the love of God, and as Christians it’s our job to show others a glimpse of what the love of God is really like.

In the old testament, those believed or accused of being harlets are shamed and witnesses are encouraged to vilify them, to the point that stoning them to death was accepted. In the new testament, where we encounter Jesus, the reason why Christianity exist (Christ), we see that When a prostitute was at the risk of being stoned to death,Jesus came to her rescue. “Let he who is without sin, throw the first stone”.Mary Magdalene became a prominent role in Christianity because Jesus appointed her so. So much so, that she was the person that he first appeared to when he resurrected.

When you hear people quote the old testament to criticize Christians and Christianity, it’s because they don’t know the difference themselves.