One thing that keeps striking me as the series continues is the way Steven and Rose serve as foils for one another. It’s easy to see how similar they are and yet the most beautiful part of Steven– the way he is capable of intuitively picking up on emotions, his consideration for others and how gently he treats others’ feelings– is what is sorely lacking in his ethereal mother.

What a contrast. Rose attempts to understand Greg’s emotions, Steven picks up on others’ feelings right away, be they gem or human. In his short life, Steven has already reached a depth of emotional maturity that was closed off to Rose for the millenniums she existed. 

As willing as she was to try, even Rose knew she’d never experience true love the way a human being could– and that’s why she gave up her physical form. This precious cinnamon roll bridges the gems to the human condition and helps them find the humanity in themselves. Steven is the embodiment of humanity’s beauty– vulnerable, gentle, complex in simplicity, and more capable of love than any other species.


i turned down the volume of the background music (or my converter did)

you can hear the kissing noises much better now. yay :D 

College Application Resources

Hello everyone!

I wanted to make a post of helpful college websites, tools, etc that I use, to share with everyone else. 

Don’t know if your ACT or SAT scores are better? Check out this link that shows you a chart comparing ACT and SAT scores

Want to read honest reviews of a college and not just Student Profiles on colleges’ websites? Check out this website that has ratings in several different categories from current or past students. Make sure to check each one, a C in drug safety may mean there aren’t drugs and people don’t like that, or it could mean there are drugs and the people reviewing are unhappy about it.  Just read it all. 

Aren’t exactly sure how you stack up to be admitted? Check out this website (it’s the same one, I know) that allows you to create a simple profile and then ask what your chances are.  Please remember, this is not 100% accurate nor is it done by admissions counselor.  It just gives you a ball park. 

Have an interview coming up? Be prepared by reading this article that details how to prepare for an interview.  Just don’t forget, be yourself, be respectful, and be enthusiastic!

Can’t decide which application is best for you? This can be a tricky topic, so to get the full scoop, check out this helpful guide that breaks down the pro’s and con’s for each type of admissions plan. 

Need help with the “Why” Essay? Check out my detailed post on it. 

If you have any questions, my inbox is always open and I would love to talk to people!  

Burst-In Rock 'n' Roll
  • Burst-In Rock 'n' Roll
  • Nintendo, Shogo Sakai
  • MOTHER 3

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It’s been a while since we’ve done a MOTHER/Earthbound Sound Test, hasn’t it? But the series has some of Nintendo’s best music, if you ask us. It’s incredibly unfortunate that only 1/3 of this brilliant series has ever been officially released outside of Japan.

If you haven’t played MOTHER 3 yet, well… We can’t condone piracy, but uh… Play it. Play it now. Learn Japanese if you have to. Just find some way to play it.

And bring a box of tissues for when you inevitably bawl your eyes out.


Rolling Sun is a 2.5D adventure platformer with stunningly beautiful visuals and an excellent soundtrack where you play the manifestation of the sun god in the form of a magical ball, trying to counter the plans of the moon god.

The game is physics based, with even the smallest bump on the ground affecting your movement.  The beautiful levels are laid out a little like those of Trials, but with you able to move forwards and backwards into the screen too.  As you progress you’ll unlock new skills to aid your progress through the beautiful CryEngine rendered world.  It’s a fun and challenging physics based platformer where you really can belike a rolling stone.

Play the Beta Demo, Free