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Contest Results!

1st Place Winner! {Prize: Companion Cube Messenger Bag and Drawing}


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3rd Place Winner! {Prize: Drawing}

Participants! {You will all be contacted about a secret participations prize!}

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THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR ENTERING!!! This has been a lot of fun! Look forward to more of these in the future! I’m coming up on a follower milestone, I’ll probably do something special for that.

Everyone’s art and writing was truly lovely and special in its own way and I fully encourage you to keep doing what you are doing. It’s a little overwhelming to know that there were enough people that liked my fic enough to want to make art for this contest, but it makes me really happy. I didn’t expect this good of a turn out! You are all wonderful, talented people and I love you! <3

Expect a message from me within the next couple of days!

How much is lunch with Aaron Tveit worth? If the winning bid for the MCC Theater Charitybuzz auction is anything to go by, somewhere in the ballpark of ten thousand dollars - or $10,250, to be precise! Conscientious Bidder #65035 survived a spirited last-minute attack to take the grand prize, and will be taking Aaron (and Bernie Telsey) out to a $10k lunch. You go, Conscientious Bidder #65035! Congratulations, and have the best lunch ever!

For context, the next highest winning bid in this auction group (Megan Hilty’s late lot ends in a week) was $4,650 for 2 Hamilton tickets plus a Cast Member backstage tour, and the next highest winning bid for a meet-and-greet-style auction similar to his was $3,250. The estimated value that had been declared for Aaron’s lunch was $2,000 - incidentally, the lowest estimated value of the meet-and-greet-style auctions, with the two next closest values estimated at $2,500. Boy, we wonder how he feels about his $10k lunch now…!

But the real winner, of course, is MCC - congratulations on monetising Aaron’s unspeakable appeal (and the rest of the cash)…but honestly, you deserve it. See, it pays to make Aaron Tveit sing pretty songs and show off his butt.

anonymous asked:

First kiss with Youngjae? <3

(Someone requested a derp face contest with Youngjae, so that’s where the plot came from!)

You grunted as you climbed into the van and aggressively buckled your seatbelt. You were so annoyed at your best friend, Youngjae. Not only did he beat you at bowling, but he also taunted how you got a lower score than him. Again. 

This was your friendship with Youngjae: competitions. Growing up together, you two always wanted to see who could jump the furthest or who could whistle the loudest or who could get the best test score. Throughout your life, you couldn’t help but think that his competitive side brought out this part in him you cannot help but like about him. He was always so determined and motivated which you admired, even if it was to beat you.

Ignoring him in the van, he tried to gain your attention again by poking your arm. Giving him the cold shoulder, you turned your head to the window on your right as you heard Youngjae sigh and discontinue poking you.

With your peripheral vision, you saw that he seemed a bit sad as he brought his hands together and started twirling his thumbs. “I’m sorry,” he whispered.

You turned to look at him and saw a sincere frown on his face. Part of your heart dropped and wanted to forgive him, but part of your heart also wanted to punch him in the face.

He looked up at you with big puppy eyes. You groaned because he always did this every time you got mad at him. In defeat, you accepted his apology as he wrapped his arms around you tightly.

You actually don’t know why you even bother with this sometimes because it’s always the same routine: someone wins, someone makes fun of the other, awkward silence, forgiving moment, and then a warm hug. You thought it was rather pointless, but you did like the warm hugs at the end. Youngjae always gave the best hugs.

Climbing out of the van, you and Youngjae went to the coffee shop you two always used to go to as children. Walking in, the aroma of the atmosphere brought back memories of you two.

Sitting down on the table, you remembered how Youngjae always helped your mother bring over the drinks to the table. He would usually carry your drink with both hands and bring it to you with the cutest smile. One time, he spilled it on your lap which made you cry. Panicking, the young boy ran to fetch some napkins and began wiping your face (rather than your pants with the stain on it).

Before even saying a word, Youngjae walks in line to get coffee. “Americano?” he mouths as he turned his head back to you. You smile and nod, happy to know that he still remembers.

It isn’t everyday that you get to spend a whole day with your childhood best friend, especially if they have such a busy schedule as an artist. You were really thankful that Youngjae took the time to call you up and offer a let’s-catch-up-sort-of-date with you. He even offered a ride (courtesy of his manager). 

Coming back to the table with both of your drinks, Youngjae sat down and slid over your Americano. You smiled as you blew the cup and brought it up to your mouth. 

You forgot how Americano tasted, so your face grimaced at the flavour. Laughing, Youngjae pointed out what just happened. “Your face went like this,” he chuckled as he imitated you.

You stuck your tongue out at him as he took a sip of his coffee too. He yelped at how hot it was, grimacing at his drink as well. This time, you imitated him and his strange face.

You two narrowed your eyes at each other, realizing what you both just got yourselves into. As the two of you kept making faces at each other, you couldn’t even tell that people in the shop were judging you. (Especially that little boy who decided he would never drink coffee because of what it does to people.) 

Taking out your phone, you decided to record this moment with Youngjae to show the members how great their main vocalist truly is.

The toughest part of competitions was deciding who won. Usually in games and tests, the winner is always the one with the highest score but this was different because there was nothing to compare it to. 

Randomly, Youngjae walks up to a little boy and asks if he saw your derp face contest. Nodding, the boy says yes and points out that you had the best face.

Hearing you cheer for yourself, Youngjae walks back to the table glaring at you.

You scrunch up your nose and lift your cup of coffee up in the air as a symbol of victory.

The coffee never tasted so good, you thought after that victorious sip.

Suddenly, Youngjae began to giggle. You dumbfoundedly stared at him. “You sort of have—” Youngjae began as his fingers made a circular motion around his lips. You licked the side of your lips to realize that your whole mouth was covered in coffee foam.

Embarrassed, you were quickly going to get a couple of napkins.

“No, wait, hold on—” Youngjae says grabbing your arm. Turning around, Youngjae lips fall right upon yours. As your eyes grew wider, you realized that he was actually kissing you. Pulling you closer, Youngjae presses his lips to yours even deeper. Earning a small welp from you, he grins as he takes this time to gently bite your lip, opening your mouth a little. 

Slowly sliding his tongue in your mouth, he begins to explore. You quickly shut your eyes, feeling your cheeks burn at everything that was happening.

As he pulled back, you whimper. Opening your eyes, you couldn’t help but giggle at the sight. Now the two of you both had coffee foam all over your mouths.

Surprised at what had just happened in only a few seconds, Youngjae quickly walked over to grab some napkins. Returning, he wiped your mouth as you pulled a napkin from his hand and began wiping his mouth. He laughed as you smiled at him. 

“You may have won the face competition,” he said. He pulled you closer as soon as you finished wiping the last bit of foam from his mouth. “But I’ve won the ultimate prize of being able to kiss you.”

Reflection (oboe)
Reflection (oboe)

RIGHT SO. I play oboe. But I don’t practise anything as like as much I should or would like to, and soon won’t have any regular ensembles to even make sure I get the thing out of the case once a week, and that’s bad. So-o, I’m wondering if “SEND ME OBOE REQUESTS!!!” might be a possible thing occasionally – people get music and I get better at oboe, everyone’s a winner !

So, testing: Reflection ♥ ♥ ♥ I never had a chance to even start getting annoyed at the Mulan soundtrack for being *gasp* not Alan Menken, because it’s just so fab. There’s a long intro, just cos I wanted to work out the pretty bit in the film version on piano. anyway, enjoy!??