test scores changed

evidence for ezrA

(in s7)

1. Liam called him a predator and no one on the show actually denied it

2. no A messages/activity while Ezra was out of town “working on the book” – A mysteriously only starts up the episode Ezra comes back, sending messages, getting Emily’s test score changed, bringing Ali back her sweater

3. Aria comforts Ali for marrying a monster because she was “in love” – Ezra proposed the next episode – in 4b, when we believed Ezra to be A, Aria also inadvertently called him a “monster.”

4. “Little Sparrow” plays right before Ezra proposes, and is explicitly, textually analyzed in the same episode to be about being in love with someone who betrays you. Also, note the song’s actual lyrics: “I am just the broken dream / Of a cold false-hearted lover / And his evil cunning scheme.” As a choice for a musical lead up to a proposal, that’s certainly interesting.

5. If Ezra is A, he knows the girls buried Rollins, which could explain why he proposed to Aria right after she murdered someone, which would grant him spousal immunity if their crime was ever brought to light. He also proposed right after being called out for being a predator.

6. The first part of this season has been all about one of the liars marrying a man and then finding out that he didn’t love her and wanted to use her, that he was stalking and manipulating her and her friends, and that he had everyone fooled and was using their marriage as a tool to get what he really wanted. If Ezra turns out to be A, the parallels bookending this season would be pretty damn great.

7. The show’s quality has gone up a lot since Season 6, and Ezra would narratively speaking be the best possible A. Shocking, yet obvious all along? Yes. There since the beginning? Yes. A huge betrayal? Yes. A major character and not a small side role or occasional recurring guest? Yes. An actor who not only could pull it off but HAS pulled it off in the show before? Yes. Ties together a lot of plot holes and loose ends from previous seasons? Yes.

ezrA2k16. Come on, show.

If you move from roughly 70 degrees Fahrenheit to roughly 87 and a half degrees Fahrenheit, a child’s mathematics score decreases by 1.6 percentile points. We throw billions of dollars at moving test scores in the United States, and we do a reasonably lousy job of it…so when you see a test score change of this magnitude, it’s pretty notable.