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Laugh Emotes ft. Bedouin Pharah and Winged Victory Mercy


Got my Fight Songs in the mail today! The different colored records were an amazing surprise! And the photo collage inside was too cool!

Miss F. Pauling anyone?

(It also came with a poster, but it was too huge for me to get a proper pic. Sorry for the crappy photo quality ^^;)

“Show me your wrist” for the four word prompt requested by @scorpiosyasss

Hunk prided himself in being an observant person.

He’d always been the one to see the oddity of the situation, like focusing on a needle instead of the rest of the haystack. After all, he’d been the one who figured out about the Fraunhofer line that led them to the Blue Lion, and knew how to find his Lion through a quick scan through the old tech he was shown and the one to realize Rolo and his crew were plotting against them (Hunk hadn’t yet forgiven them, oh no - he knew how to hold his grudges).

Needless to say, observations were Hunk’s kind of thing, especially if it meant experimenting with tests and recording interesting results, which was why when he caught a flash of blue on Keith’s wrist, he reached out without thinking and grabbed Keith by the shoulder.

Keith tensed up, whirling back at Hunk with a guarded expression. Realizing it was just Hunk, he exhaled slowly, giving Hunk a loop sided smile. “Hey big guy, what gives?”

Hunk paused, now wondering if it had been a good idea. Sure, Hunk was really curious what the thing on Keith’s hand was, but he wasn’t sure if he’d even seen it properly. “Uhm. Nothing.” He raised his hands, giving a sheepish smile. “Just wanted to, ya know, greet you and stuff. Like a good ol’ pal. ‘Sup.”

Keith squinted at Hunk, crossing his arms, very obviously unimpressed by the blatant lie - did Hunk mention he was bad at lying? Because he was. Very. “Hunk,” Keith said sternly. “What did you want to say.”

His voice sounded patronizing, and dangerously close like Shiro. Hunk snorted internally at the mental image of Keith wearing a #1 Dad shirt. He backed away, giving his too-awkward smile. “Nothing, I swear.”

“I don’t know if I can trust anymore especially after that one incident–”

Hunk tensed, eyes widening up in surprised when he realized what Keith was doing. “Oh no you don’t–”

Keith deliberately raised his voice, an eyebrow raised. “–where you accidentally wrecked Coran’s–”

“Okay! Okay you made your point now please,” Hunk clamped Keith’s mouth shut, which was easy since his hands were big, “Just stop before anyone hears.”

Keith continued staring at him with a sharp calculating gaze, and Hunk suddenly felt that maybe he was gonna be intruding someone’s privacy, again, without even meaning to. He sighed, grumbling, “show me your wrist.”

Keith blinked, holding his hand to his chest. “Uhm, what?”

“Your wrist, man!” Hunk pouted at Keith. “I don’t know if I saw wrong but I saw a glimpse of blue on your wrist? And I’m not like used to seeing that color on you to say the least so like, show me your wrist to prove that I didn’t see anything and so we can not talk about the incident that you were about to talk about that certainly did not happen?”

Keith blinked at him more, frozen in place. He broke from his trance, cheeks suddenly flushed, and he stared down at his wrist. “Oh. Uh.” He pursed his lips, muttering, “I guess I could show you.”

Before Hunk could ask what, Keith had started to take off his finger less glove, extending his fingers and clenching his fist to movements joints or something. Hesitantly, he held out his arm, showing Hunk what was on his wrist.

Hunk reached out, touching at the cool colored skin, jaws slack. “This is–”

“Lance drew it,” Keith cut in, and Hunk thought, ah. “We were, ah, talking, in the hangar, and he started talking about his family, and he mentioned that he used to do face painting with his niece and nephew, so I asked if he could show me and–” He paused, looking down at the minuscule drawing of a dolphin on his hands. “Well, I actually asked for a cat, but he said he only knew how to color marine life, so yea.”

Keith glanced down, faint smile on his lips despite the obvious blush on his face. At the sight of that, something clicked in Hunk’s mind, and he grinned, leaning down to whisper a small, “go get ‘im,” before running to his best friend’s room excitedly, leaving a flustered Keith alone in the corridor.

Hunk was observant, alright. But even the most oblivious person could see what was going on. And he was going to find the root of this.

He slammed into Lance’s room, catching Lance sewing straying seams on Keith’s jacket. Lance looked up, eyes wide at the sight of his best friend. “Hunk? What are you–” He followed Hunk’s gaze down onto the jacket, and blanched. “I swear this is not what you think it is–”

Hunk was going to love the result of this.

Death Note The Musical Original Cast Recording Masterpost (Urai Kenji version)

01. オーバーチュア- Overture
02. 正義はどこに - Seigi wa doko ni - Where is the justice?
03. 哀れな人間 - aware na ningen - Pitiful Humans
04. デスノート - desunôto - The Death Note
05. キラ - Kira
06. 恋する覚悟 - koi suru kakugo - Ready To Love
07. 私のヒーロー - watashi no hîrô - My Hero
08. ゲームの始まり - gêmu no hajimari - The Game Begins
09. 一線を越えるな - issen o koeru na - Don’t Cross That Line
10. 秘密と嘘 - himitsu to uso - Secrets and Lies
11. 正義はどこに リプライズ - seigi wa doko ni ripuraizu - Where is the Justice (reprise)
12. 残酷な夢 - zankoku na yume - A Cruel Dream
13. 死のゲーム - shi no gêmu - A Game of Death
14. 秘密のメッセージ - himitsu no messêji - A Secret Message
15. 揺るがぬ真実 - yuruganu shinjitsu - The Unshakable Truth
16. 残酷な夢リプライズ - zankoku na yume ripuraizu - A Cruel Dream (reprise)
17. 名誉にかけて - meiyo ni kakete - With Honor
18. ヤツの中へ - yatsu no naka e - Inside Of Him
19. 命の価値 - inochi no kachi - The Value Of Life
20. 愚かな愛 - oroka na ai - Foolish Love
21. 最期の時 - saigo no toki - Last Moments
22. レクイエム -rekuiemu - Requiem

Make a Guard out of you (demo)
Blue as Undyne

Was messing around recording with @bluehasablog and they sang this gem.

the edit is far from perfect. but you have the jist of the idea.

He has this and many other undertale Disney songs written and is going to share them with me :D

tbh i love Blue’s Undyne Voice ;3

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If you do the cooking by the book then you'll have a-



AR Spatial Audio Recorder

Another smart AR experiment from Zach Lieberman proving Augmented Reality is an interesting creative platform: this one visualizes audio as it is recording and plays back as you follow the path both forwards and backwards:

A post shared by zach lieberman (@zach.lieberman) on Sep 6, 2017 at 5:55am PDT

Quick test recording audio in space and playing back – (video has audio !) #openframeworks