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"Shit, are you bleeding?" for a pairing of your choice? :)

I chose andreil 😂 I’m sorry it took so long! I got stuck on it for a while

By now Neil was used to being woken by Andrew’s nightmares on the nights they shared a bed. It didn’t happen every time, of course, but it was often enough that he knew now how best to deal with the situation.

Though most times he didn’t have to deal with it from the floor while trying to curb a bloody nose.

“Andrew. Andrew! It’s me. It’s only me. Neil. I’m not gonna hurt you.”

Neil watched as Andrew’s eyes cleared and focused, no longer lost in the horror of his past. Slowly, they focused on Neil’s face. He stared in silence.

“Shit, are you bleeding?” Kevin asked, having been woken by the noise.

“Out,” ordered Neil, in a fierce enough voice that Kevin obeyed instantaneously.

“I’m fine,” he said, hurriedly. Andrew simply stared at him before striding into the bathroom. He was back before Neil could worry, their first aid kit in his hand.

“Don’t tip your head back, you fucking idiot,” he growled when he saw what Neil was doing. He tended to the injury with methodical care that didn’t seem gentle, but somehow didn’t cause Neil a single bit of pain. He was silent as he cleaned away the supplies he’d used.

“I’ve had worse,” ventured Neil, the words a probe to test the waters of Andrew’s mood.

“Shut up.”

“It barely even hurts-”

“Shut up.”

“You didn’t-”

Neil fell silent as Andrew abruptly left, slamming the door behind him.


Andrew didn’t return until late the next morning and he didn’t look at Neil when he did. Nor did he reply to Kevin’s angry demands to know why he’d missed practise that morning. He simply walked by, and Neil knew he was heading to the roof. He followed and found Andrew standing at the roof edge with two lit cigarettes in his hand.

“I’m fine,” Neil spoke into the silence between them. Andrew just stared at him.

“Really. The bruises will fade in a week or two. It was just an accident, Andrew.”


“The bruising will be gone in a week or two and it’s nothing like the worst I’ve ever had-”


Neil stopped.

“Don’t you dare,” Andrew hissed. “Don’t you dare say that this is alright because it isn’t as bad that what they did.” The ‘they’ being all encompassing of anyone who’d ever hurt him, Neil knew.

“This is nothing like what they did,” Neil argued, stepping closer to Andrew but not touching. “Do you think they patched me up afterwards? That they ever did it unintentionally? That they were sorry? It’s not the same Andrew, and fuck you for even implying that it is. If I say I’m ok then I am, ok? You don’t get to decide that I’m not.”

Andrew stared at him for a moment.

“You take shit care of yourself,” he said, finally. Neil laughed.

“Look who’s talking,” he replied, taking one of the two cigarette from Andrew, knowing that they were ok again now.

Fibres in the brain

Credit: MIT

Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have, for the first time, succeeded in delivering a combination of optical, electrical and chemical signals back and forth to the brain with a single flexible fibre. The fibre is no larger than a human hair, and is designed to mimic the softness and flexibility of brain tissue.

The fibres could make it possible to leave implants in the brain for longer periods of time, allowing for extensive data collection. They also allow researchers to collect a variety of data using one device instead of different a one for each signal.

In tests, the researchers placed probes into two different regions of a mouse’s brain measured how long it took for responses to travel between them. The fibres are a composite of conductive polyethylene doped with graphite flakes, made by forming layers of polyethylene and sprinkling them with graphite flakes before being compressed, and repeated.

The team hopes to further decrease the width of the fibres to make their properties as close to neural tissue as possible.

"Young Avengers" Sentence Starters - Part II
  • "Don't focus on the problem. Focus on what you want."
  • "Where'd you guys learn that? A wiccan manual?"
  • "Quick question? Have you ever used one of those before?"
  • "Not bad for a girl with no powers, huh?"
  • "You do not belong here. Return to your era at once."
  • "You have to go home."
  • "It's okay... Everything's going to be okay..."
  • "We have an actual lair?"
  • "What the hell do these kids think they're doing?"
  • "I was a kid when I started, and I turned out okay. Arguably. Right...?"
  • "If you don't get in here right now and eat breakfast with your family you run the risk of developing antisocial behavior, scoring lower on standardized tests, and not getting into the college of your choice."
  • "She can make him feel guilty. And grandma guilt is the worst."
  • "When you're distracted, you leave yourself open to attack."
  • "That was some punch."
  • "Witch, actually. Warlock means oath-breaker. It's not a nice word."
  • "They've kept me locked up for months; Testing me, probing me, trying to turn me into a living weapon."
  • "I knocked, but nobody answered."
  • "No way. I'm not going to lose you again."
  • "How 'bout you drop the weapon before I drop you."
  • "Your boyfriend has control issues."
  • "They're not listening. A trait I now realize is obviously genetic on both sides."
  • "It's alright, son. Just hold on... Everything will be alright."
  • "That's an order. Go!"
  • "It's okay. We can't all be hyper-neurotic, recovering science geeks."
  • "You're sick, Kid. I like it."
  • "The nose knows, Bub."
  • "If you really want to protect us, you'll accept us."
  • "She was a hero, just like her son."
  • "It wasn't my fault! Okay, it wasn't entirely my fault."
  • "What did you just blow up?"

Big dishes band together

Earlier this month, radio dishes from three deep-space networks combined to catch faint ‘survival’ whispers from one of ESA’s Mars orbiters, underlining the value of international collaboration for exploring the Red Planet.

For the first time ever, deep-space ground stations from ESA, NASA and Russia’s Roscosmos joined together, on 13 August, to receive ultra-faint signals from ESA’s ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter, now circling Mars.

Engineers carefully designed the test to probe the limits of what their ground stations could achieve, and confirm that all three could catch signals from the orbiter should it ever switch itself into the low-power, minimal ‘survival mode’.

This special mode can occur if a software or hardware glitch causes multiple onboard computer reboots.

The test took place just as Mars was moving from the opposite side of the Sun, where it is at its greatest distance from us.

This meant that ExoMars was more than 397 million km from the three dishes, a situation that occurs only every two years, when communications are at their most difficult.

Big Iron listens in

The ExoMars Trace Gas Orbiter is on a multiyear mission to understand the tiny amounts of methane and other gases in Mars’ atmosphere that could be evidence for possible biological or geological activity.
Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars

As expected, NASA’s 70 m-diameter dish at Canberra, Australia, could receive the ultra-weak signals and transmit commands.

Likewise, ESA’s 35 m antenna at New Norcia, Australia, picked up the call and demonstrated that it could also transmit commands to ExoMars – but only at 10 bits/s. This would be sufficient in an emergency to upload instructions to recover the craft.

In addition to the low rate, the New Norcia station used only its low-power amplifier to transmit, and there was poor weather over the station in Western Australia.

“If a problem is going to happen with our orbiter or, in future, our rover, at Mars, we want to have confidence that we can communicate even under the worst possible conditions of power and distance, and this test simulated that very well,” says spacecraft operations manager Peter Schmitz.

Testing success

The RT-64 radio-telescope at Kalyazin, Russia, is supporting the ESA-Roscosmos ExoMars mission.
Kalyazin 64-m dish

The real prize came with the Russian 64 m dish at Kalyazin, some 200 km north of Moscow. Originally designed as a radio telescope, it has been upgraded to support the ESA–Roscosmos ExoMars missions.

“Kalyazin was able to receive the signal, demonstrating that all three networks can support ExoMars under the worst-case scenario, when Mars is at its furthest distance and the signals are at their weakest,” said Daniel Firre, ESA’s ground station engineer responsible for cooperation with other agencies.

“And the test was all the more impressive given the extreme weakness of the signals. These had a power upon receipt at Earth some 1000 times less than we would receive from a typical mobile phone transmitting from the Moon.”

TOP IMAGE….New Norcia, Western Australia ESA’s sensitive tracking antennas at New Norcia, Western Australia, and Malargüe, Argentina (seen here in 2012), are being called in to help gather crucial science data during Cassini’s last months in orbit, dubbed the Grand Finale. The mission will end on 15 September, when Cassini plunges into Saturn’s atmosphere, bringing to a close one of the most successful exploration endeavours ever (more information). The craft isn’t exiting meekly, however, and its Grand Finale orbits are proving to be immensely valuable. On 26 April, Cassini made the first-ever daring dive between Saturn and its beautiful and enigmatic ring system. Starting next week, ESA ground stations will work with NASA’s Deep Space Network to record radio signals transmitted by Cassini across 1.6 billion km during 22 communication ‘passes’. The recorded signals will serve important new scientific purposes with the strong involvement of European teams. During its final 22 orbits, the Cassini orbiter is approaching Saturn and its ring so close that the tiny wobbles in Cassini’s orbit can be measured to separate the gravitational contribution of the planet and its main rings. From those gravity measurements, allowing radial velocity changes of the spacecraft as tiny as 0.05 mm/s to be measured, the total mass of Saturn’s ring can be inferred. Scientists will also gain a better understanding of the interior structure of Saturn. In addition, during certain part of the orbits, the radio signal will be transmitted directly through the rings and Saturn’s upper atmosphere, allowing valuable information on their composition and material distribution to be retrieved. “We are just now getting into a new mode of radio science, with much more accurate measurements of gravitational effects compared to previous where the effects of ring density on the radio signals were the main topic of study,“ says Daniel Firre, the service manager at ESA’s mission control centre in Darmstadt, Germany. Copyright ESA/S. Marti, CC BY-SA 3.0 IGO

LOWER IMAGE….Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars Artist’s impression of the ExoMars 2016 Trace Gas Orbiter at Mars. Copyright ESA/ATG medialab

i want to talk about tommy shepherd. i want to talk about when he said “they’ve kept me locked up for months… testing me… probing me… trying to turn me into a living weapon”, because i have questions. did anyone ever try to talk with tommy about this? asking him if he was okay? did tommy have nightmares? did tommy have fears of that the freedom he’d got wasn’t permanent? because yes, tommy is a tough guy, but he’s also 16, and he may have vaporized his school, but he is still just a kid. and he was kept locked up for months. all alone. not being able to use his powers. not being able to do something to get outta there. they had all these tests on him and he couldn’t fight against it. he couldn’t have known if someone would ever go to get him out.

i just need to know someone asks tommy if he is okay.

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Can you help me understand something better? The way I understand things, we don't enter Heaven or Hell until after death. It is stated in the Bible that our time on this Earth is a split second compared to eternity, and that our existence here is a pale shadow compared to the torment of Hell or the beautiful place that Heaven'll be. Why does this life matter, then? Why should anything we do in this temporal existence have any impact or ramifications on the next, much more permanent existence?


I hope I can bring some understanding to this question. Scripture addresses many times the reason for testing. It is to build endurance in our faith. Testing is to build a spiritual character that learns to trust in things that cannot be seen yet. God permits the challenges of this life so that we may reach a certain maturity that is sympathetic to others, because we know what it’s like to have trials.

We read, “And the God of all grace, who called you to his eternal glory in Christ, after you have suffered a little while, will himself restore you and make you strong, firm and steadfast” (1 Peter 5:10). God permits us to go through this life, and even suffer, so that we might become stronger, and more firm and faithful, in what is true, what is beautiful, and what is good.

Life on earth, living in time, walking through physical spaces, facing unknown people and unknown situations, is a truly human experience. Since we are living in the body, and making choices with the mind, life on earth forms us and molds us by all the challenges.

Life after death, as the Catholic Church sees it, is a time when the mind has been freed from unknowing, from confusions, from challenges. In that world of spirit, we see things so clearly, that it is not really possible to be put to the test. And without testing and probing our hearts, there is really not true growth in maturity. Nor is there faith, which is a trust in things as yet unseen. For in the spirit world, God permits us to see clearly.

Thus, comparing life on earth and life in eternity, now is the time for growing, for maturing, for being proven in faith, for being tested in virtue. Now is the time, however short, when everything is not yet revealed to us, and when our choices are not easy and convenient, as they would be, if we already had all the answers that will come to us in eternity. God bless and take care, Fr. Angel

Does he love me? Does he love anyone more than me? Does he love me more than I love him? Perhaps all the questions we ask of love, to measure, test, probe, and save it, have the additional effect of cutting it short. Perhaps the reason we are unable to love is that we yearn to be loved, that is, we demand something (love) from our partner instead of delivering ourselves up to him demand-free and asking for nothing but his company.
—  Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

Thank you so much, anon! It makes me very happy that you think my writing is good. (≧▽≦) I hope this scenario is alright!

Soulmate AU: Come time, a map will appear before you, showing you your soulmate’s path from the past and the present.

The footprints show up three days after the map appears beside your pillow.

That day, early in the morning, you wake up and immediately turn towards the parchment you keep at your bedside. Like you’ve done every morning after it had appeared, you sit up and untie the ribbon, smooth out the scroll, and scan the map for any changes.

A small gasp escapes your lips as you find that the map of Yokohama and its surroundings is no longer empty. Instead, the printed lines and symbols that indicate streets and landmarks of the city are filled with tiny footprints, a long dotted line indicating places your soulmate had been.

The footprints are grey, meaning that these are the places your soulmate had visited in the past. There’s nothing to tell you where he is now, but still, you find yourself fascinated.

You roll up the scroll carefully and jump out of bed, resolving to get changed and have a quick breakfast. Then, you’ll be out on the streets, following the map to wherever the footprints lead.

Night closes in and you sip on some tea after a day of exploring, sitting on your bed with the open map and a notebook and pen. As the day had gone by, it had become increasingly clear that you were not going to get to everywhere that the footprints were in just one day, so you had decided to prepare for a few more day trips on your next days off.

As you plan, your eyebrows crinkle a little. Your soulmate’s footprints show up in many odd areas. Still, you write up a schedule and then go off to bed, placing the scroll delicately beside your head again.  

The more you explore, the more confused you find yourself. Your soulmate has set foot in many, many places, and a lot of them, strange.

An old, hidden bookstore. A quiet bar.

Dark alleyways and backstreets, some of which you’re too nervous to enter.

An old abandoned hospital on the outskirts of town.

Train stations. The airport.

Long walks along the river. (The footprints just…stop.)

You’re not sure what to make of it, but you feel your excitement and wonder grow with each step you take. You find yourself wanting to know more, and as you follow behind the mysterious man, you feel as if there’s a story to be unraveled somewhere.

You finish trailing your soulmate on the third day trip.

It’s early evening, and you’re at the river yet again, wondering what to do from here on. The breeze blows around you, and you clutch at the map a little tighter in fear of dropping it. You sit on a bench and look down at the paper again, hoping to see some new, black footprints.


A sigh escapes you, and you try to calm the agitation you feel. Your exploration has left you greatly unsatisfied, and you feel like a detective at a dead end. A million questions run through your head, and you contemplate each one for a few seconds before the next appears in your mind. Who is this person? What is he doing? What’s his past like, and more importantly, his present?

What’s his story?

And will he accept you into it?

That’s when they show up. You grab at your map, hoping that the marks you had just spotted from the corner of your eye wasn’t a trick of light or of your mind. There’s nothing there at first, and you’re about to give a disappointed sigh when a spot of black appears again, blinking slowly.


Black footprints, black moving footprints, faint at first, but getting clearer and clearer. Footprints, starting from the opposite end of the river, and now heading your way. Your eyes widen, and you’re unable to move your gaze away from the map.  

50 meters.

20 meters. You take a deep breath, trying to calm yourself down.




You look up. Deep brown eyes meet yours.

“And so we meet, my dear soulmate.” The voice is light and playful, and belongs to a man with unkempt, wavy hair. He’s dressed in a long coat, and as you take in the sight before you, you notice bandages surrounding his neck and his arms. They stop at the wrists so that his hands are free, the hands holding a map almost identical to yours.

As you stare, he sneaks a peak at your own map. “Wow, this really is detailed,” he exclaims in surprise. “Really, it shows everything!”

You force yourself to speak, working past your initial shock. “I’ve been following your footsteps, everywhere,” you blurt out, blushing a little at the accidental loudness of your voice. The man looks impressed.

“I’ve been following yours too. But mine? Even into the weird corners?”

You bite at your lip, a little timid. “I was a bit too nervous to go look at those.”

“Well, they’re places I used to frequent.”

His voice is light, but you don’t miss the hint of something else. Something probing, testing, heavy with a weight of some sort of challenge. Oddly, you find that you want to accept it, and you lift your eyes to look directly into his.  

“I did try my best to follow.”


You decide that the truth is the best way to go, and hesitantly, you voice out your thoughts. “I’m a bit confused.”

Your soulmate grins slightly. “And do you want to know anything?” There it is again, light words, secretly weighed down with some kind of burden. Still, you have your answer ready, right at the tip of your tongue.

“Yes,” you breathe out. “Everything.”

A brilliant flash of light shocks both you and the man, and it takes a second for you to realize that it’s coming from both your maps. You barely keep yourself from dropping your parchment, and when you look down after the light fades, your eyes widen.

White footprints, indicating where you and your soulmate now are, are imprinted into the map. Two pairs of prints face each other, solid and clear. You reach a finger out to touch them, before turning your gaze to the top of the paper. There, also in solid white…

Map to Dazai Osamu

“Da…zai?” You say it hesitantly. “Dazai…Osamu.”

You hear your name fall from his lips as well, slowly, as he pronounces the syllables for the first time. You lift your head to look at him when he calls out your name a second time, strongly, with no hesitation.

He’s smiling a brilliant smile, with no hint of the challenge in his demeanor he had before. Instead, it’s a smile full of mystery, but open to your curiosity. You’re drawn in instantly, finding that you want to know him even more than you had before.

Maybe he feels the physical pull that you swear is tugging you towards him, because as you take a few short steps to close the distance between the two of you, he reaches his hand out for yours.

“Well then, soulmate,” he chuckles. “I’m very happy I’ve been led to you.”

space kids unsure of how to deal with the opportunity to return to earth after so long in space. sure, they miss their families and want to see them, but

  • it’s been so long - earth feels more like a vacation spot and the cockpits of their lions feel like a whole new home they never thought they’d accept
  • coran and allura don’t think, act, or say anything other than excitement and joy for them to return finally
    • it was a hard fought battle and it’s surely not over, but they deserve this they have to do it
  • but there’s an unspoken agreement that they can’t stay gone for long because coran and allura are their family too
  • disenfranchised keith more or less too anxious over the thought of leaving the castle
    • there’s nothing back on earth for him
    • unless all of them could somehow rocket into earth’s atmosphere without immediately being taken in for tests and questioning
    • unless the garrison’s ranks swear they won’t touch a hair on allura or coran’s head and he knows there’s zero chance of that happening so he stays - “thanks, but no thanks”
  • lance is super torn about it because “my family can be your family” “everyone deserves to have someone love and miss them” “my helicopter mom that’s the best cook ever would love you despite that god awful mullet and the grumpy cat thing you’ve got going on”
    • what he would give for all his siblings scrambling over him - the older ones teasing him - and all of the bone crushing hugs he thought he had outgrown and was too cool for the day he left for the garrison
    • varadero’s sand beneath his feet and wedged under his fingernails and clumping in his hair, the familiar slap of water in his face when he would wipe out while surfing
  • pidge thinks about their mom - going undercover had been part of the plan, she had helped her daughter forge documents and make a fantastic cover story about sending Katie Holt off the garrison to stay with family
    • disappearing from the face of the earth had not been part of that plan
    • pidge gundersen had a fictional family that didn’t exist and Mrs. Holt more than likely had to investigate - she stopped getting messages and she knew something was wrong, having to find out through whispered grapevines that three kids, a man believed to have died on a mission with her husband and son, and the loose canon dropout vanished without a trace
  • hunk: x he misses it all so hard and he wants to see his family he wants a break and his own bed, but he can’t bring himself to think about staying - his team is torn and what if something happened while they were gone?
    • being light years away from allura, coran, keith, and shay unsettles everything he thought he had figured out
  • shiro
    • earth doesn’t feel or sound the same on his tongue
    • the nerves that weren’t completely damaged in his right arm twinge and burn with the thought
    • how could he explain the Galran prosthetic? how could he get out of a litany of tests and probing and somehow reigning in his ravaged head to see his parents and assure them everything was alright and deal with the fact that they probably buried the thought of their son and had spent the last year+ mourning his loss
    • the two things that keep calm - allura and the lion - can’t go with him, they’d be torn from his hands the second he landed
    • the thought of not having her at his side or him at her side tears him apart, he never thought staying space, fighting in a giant, alien robot could be a third home
      • her being his second, slowly creeping over his memories of earth and overtaking it as first
  • it can’t be the same again

On 20 August, 1976, four men were night fishing while on a camping trip at the Allagash Waterway, during which they claimed to see a strange object floating towards them. What happened next became one of the most famous cases of alien abduction in history. They began to run and then saw a bright flash from the object and the next thing they knew, they were standing on the bank again. The group claimed to miss a large portion of time. They noted that they had lit a fire which seemed to have burned out in a matter of moments. The men all had nightmares over the next few weeks, all of which were very similar and depicted them being  “probed and tested by four-fingered beings with almond-shaped eyes and languid limbs”. They claim that they were abducted by aliens and their stories all matched and they all passed lie detector tests. 


@tyrantisterror     ATOM Create A Kaiju Contest 

(Updated details to better fit ATOM)

Name: Odinokiy Soldat [Lone Soldier]

Aliases: Russia’s favorite son, Yamneon Man, The Ul’tra Chelovek

Date Discovered: 1996 [date redacted]

Place of Origin: Attu Island

Height: 100 ft

Notable Stomping Ground: Soviet Russia

Abilities: Super human strength, extreme gymnastics, “hammer/sickle” martial art (a style that mixes Russian martial arts with a technique of heavy hitting and fast accurate cutting moves), incredible jump height, macrowave arm rays

Description: Large humanoid sparsely layered with chitin plates painted red or blue pattern. Thick dark rubber like skin. Head covered in smooth bone “helmet”, luminous mineral layered eye,  double layered “beak” covers mouth.

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ficlet: Going Numb (I've Been Hijacked)

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Perhaps all the questions we ask of love, to measure, test, probe, and save it, have the additional effect of cutting it short. Perhaps the reason we are unable to love is that we yearn to be loved, that is, we demand something (love) from our partner instead of delivering ourselves up to him demand-free and asking for nothing but his company.
—  Milan Kundera, The Unbearable Lightness of Being

“They’ve kept me locked up for months… testing me… probing me… trying to turn me into a living weapon. Well, congratulations officers… it worked.”

Guess I’m making more of these? | Fav Young Avengers Silhouettes
Empty - G-Dragon|Kwon Jiyong - Drabble

A/N: I’m mostly writing this just because I can’t bring myself to write anything else regarding him unless I get this out of my system… This is all I can think about and it’s haunting me. I am not attempting to correctly portray him or his persona as this is the G-Dragon|Jiyong that exists in my mind, a human being. And I’m sorry if it’s overly dramatic/angsty.

Why can’t I live in peace? is a thought that he’s recently found himself asking lately, repeating it over and over like a broken record in his head. Especially at times like this.

He stared out in front of him, sitting at the foot of the bed, his back taking support from the edge of the mattress and the cold hard wooden floors seeping through the fabric of his pants as his legs sprawled lazily in front of him. He hadn’t bothered to turn on the lights in the room after watching the sun set, hoping that the matching darkness of his mood would find comfort from the lack of light. He’d been sitting here for hours after the incident, but it only made him feel emptier, even more hollow now that the last bit of what remained of his privacy was once again revealed against his will.

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