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Marichat May (Akumatized Chat Noir)

feat. Chat Blanc, The Evil Minor Inconvenience

Let’s face it, this is how Chat Noir will really be if he gets “evillized”. Christmas special tells us he is too pure to even be a real vengeful cat of the night.

Late entry, but I did say I’ll catch up to all of Marichat May eventually… c: it’s june soon


you know who this reminds me of?

these two nerds

SpaceX Sends Super Science to Space Station!

SpaceX is scheduled to launch its Dragon spacecraft PACKED with super cool research and technology to the International Space Station June 1 from Kennedy Space Center in Florida. New solar panels, investigations that study neutron stars and even fruit flies are on the cargo list. Let’s take a look at what other bits of science are making their way to the orbiting laboratory 250 miles above the Earth…

New solar panels to test concept for more efficient power source

Solar panels generate power well, but they can be delicate and large when used to power a spacecraft or satellites. This technology demonstration is a solar panel concept that is lighter and stores more compactly for launch than the solar panels currently in use. 

Roll-Out Solar Array (ROSA) has solar cells on a flexible blanket and a framework that rolls out like a tape measure and snap into place, and could be used to power future space vehicles.  

Investigation to Study Composition of Neutron Stars

Neutron stars, the glowing cinders left behind when massive stars explode as supernovas, contain exotic states of matter that are impossible to replicate in any lab. NICER studies the makeup of these stars, and could provide new insight into their nature and super weird behavior.

Neutron stars emit X-ray radiation, enabling the NICER technology to observe and record information about its structure, dynamics and energetics. 

Experiment to Study Effect of New Drug on Bone Loss

When people and animals spend lots of space, they experience bone density loss. In-flight exercise can prevent it from getting worse, but there isn’t a therapy on Earth or in space that can restore bone that is already lost.

The Systemic Therapy of NELL-1 for osteoporosis (Rodent Research-5) investigation tests a new drug that can both rebuild bone and block further bone loss, improving health for crew members.

Research to Understand Cardiovascular Changes

Exposure to reduced gravity environments can result in cardiovascular changes such as fluid shifts, changes in total blood volume, heartbeat and heart rhythm irregularities, and diminished aerobic capacity.

The Fruit Fly Lab-02 study will use the fruit fly (Drosophila melanogaster) to better understand the underlying mechanisms responsible for the adverse effects of prolonged exposure to microgravity on the heart. Fruit flies are effective model organisms, and we don’t mean on the fashion runway. Want to see how 1,000 bottles of fruit flies were prepared to go to space? Check THIS out.

Space Life-Support Investigation

Currently, the life-support systems aboard the space station require special equipment to separate liquids and gases. This technology utilizes rotating and moving parts that, if broken or otherwise compromised, could cause contamination aboard the station. 

The Capillary Structures investigation studies a new method of water recycling and carbon dioxide removal using structures designed in specific shapes to manage fluid and gas mixtures. 

Earth-Observation Tools

Orbiting approximately 250 miles above the Earth’s surface, the space station provides pretty amazing views of the Earth. The Multiple User System for Earth Sensing (MUSES) facility hosts Earth-viewing instruments such as high-resolution digital cameras, hyperspectral imagers, and provides precision pointing and other accommodations.

This investigation can produce data that could be used for maritime domain awareness, agricultural awareness, food security, disaster response, air quality, oil and gas exploration and fire detection. 

Watch the launch live HERE! For all things space station science, follow @ISS_Research on Twitter.

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Solar System: Things to Know This Week

With only four months left in the mission, Cassini is busy at Saturn. The upcoming cargo launch, anniversaries and more!

As our Cassini spacecraft made its first-ever dive through the gap between Saturn and its rings on April 26, 2017, one of its imaging cameras took a series of rapid-fire images that were used to make this movie sequence. Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Space Science Institute/Hampton University

1-3. The Grand Finale

Our Cassini spacecraft has begun its final mission at Saturn. Some dates to note:

  • May 28, 2017: Cassini makes its riskiest ring crossing as it ventures deeper into Saturn’s innermost ring (D ring).
  • June 29, 2017: On this day in 2004, the Cassini orbiter and its travel companion the European Space Agency’s Huygens probe arrived at Saturn.
  • September 15, 2017: In a final, spectacular dive, Cassini will plunge into Saturn - beaming science data about Saturn’s atmosphere back to Earth to the last second. It’s all over at 5:08 a.m. PDT.

4. Cargo Launch to the International Space Station

June 1, 2017: Target date of the cargo launch. The uncrewed Dragon spacecraft will launch on a Falcon 9 from Launch Complex 39A at our Kennedy Space Center in Florida. The payload includes NICER, an instrument to measure neutron stars, and ROSA, a Roll-Out Solar Array that will test a new solar panel that rolls open in space like a party favor.

5. Sojourner

July 4, 2017: Twenty years ago, a wagon-sized rover named Sojourner blazed the trail for future Mars explorers - both robots and, one day, humans. Take a trip back in time to the vintage Mars Pathfinder websites:

6. Voyager

August 20, 2017: Forty years and still going strong, our twin Voyagers mark 40 years since they left Earth.

7. Total Solar Eclipse

August 21, 2017: All of North America will be treated to a rare celestial event: a total solar eclipse. The path of totality runs from Oregon to South Carolina.

8. From Science Fiction to Science Fact

Light a candle for the man who took rocketry from science fiction to science fact. On this day in 1882, Robert H. Goddard was born in Worcester, Massachusetts.

9. Looking at the Moon

October 28, 2017: Howl (or look) at the moon with the rest of the world. It’s time for the annual International Observe the Moon Night.

10. Last Human on the Moon

December 13, 2017: Forty-five years ago, Apollo 17 astronaut Gene Cernan left the last human footprint on the moon.

Discover more lists of 10 things to know about our solar system HERE.

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In which Saiki comes across a charismatic little girl that somehow reminded him of a certain someone he was escaping from on his way home from school just now.

But he was sure he had never seen nor encountered this strange girl before in his life, so he was really troubled and bothered by the fact that this pink-haired kid caught up to him, grabbed his sleeve, and chanted with the most ecstatic voice full of glee a little toddler could muster,


TO BE CONTINUED (nah jk just a teaser for that idea where Saiki meets his future daughter)

anonymous asked:

i literally just found out abt ur oc mona and that shes a muslim nd honestly im yellin bc as a muslim i feel so represented?? the diversity in ur characters im hollering i cant wait for ur webcomic to come out so i can read more abt ur ocs

ah im glad you like her,,here is a sneak peek sketch/color test panel of her from the page im working on rn that i normally would not share but im planning to adjust the scene so this will likely not make it to finalization U__U

Masturbating is a great alternative in the absence of somebody to actually have sex with. Yet jerking off can be a bit expected and even a chore, which might explain the recent success of the Fleshjack, a fancy tube to stick your dick in. But who wants to go shopping when horny and spend €50 on a piece of plastic? Many cheap tricks and domestic solutions are to be found, as tried and tested on the following pages. How practical!

There’s nothing quite like the feel of a 100%-cotton white crew sock from the GAP. They’re really durable and quite form-fitting. They’re also very discreet, and can be tucked under the mattress for safekeeping. They make an excellent gift for your dorm-bound buddies at university. Hurry, someone’s coming! 

This is a good, homemade masturbatory device for real do-it-yourselfers. All you need is a Pringles can, some foam rubber, a sturdy, non-lubricated condom, a 1.5-inch rubber cockring and a pair of scissors. When you’re done, just pop the lid back on, and the device – now ingeniously disguised as a can of chips – can be hidden away from prying eyes.

This piece of organic British beef from Tesco is probably the closest you’re going to get to penetrating real flesh. Just be sure to leave it out for an hour before using, so it can reach room temperature. Other cuts will do, of course, but the test panel found this sirloin steak to be the right size for wrapping around a good piece of meat. When finished, grill on both sides and bon appétit

Fucking IKEA… literally. This two-seater is covered in hard-wearing, easy-care grain leather – a very practical choice for families with children. The cushions, filled with high-resilience foam and polyester fibers, provide you with the sensation of fucking an ass that has maybe seen better days. On the other hand, if you like ’em loose, then just close your eyes; humping Ektorp is actually almost like the real deal.

The 1800-watt Electrolux ZSH710 Cyclone Power vacuum used here provides some powerful suction – just make sure it doesn’t suck your dick off completely. It’s probably okay as long as you keep it at a lower setting. If the hose provided is too small for your erect penis, look for a girthier one in the plumbing department of your local hardware store.

All that’s required for this last trick is a banana. Bananas can be found literally everywhere, and there are over a thousand different varieties, so there’s bound to be a perfect fit for almost any dick length. There’s some debate from banana-peel-wanking enthusiasts about whether bananas or their larger cousins, the plantains, are better for jerking off. It’s a matter of personal choice, really.


Traditionally, states that rely on the timber industry, like Oregon, haven’t had much to cheer in the last 30 years. Modernization of mills, economic changes and huge declines in logging led to a long downturn in the industry. During last year’s presidential campaign, candidate Donald Trump promised to bring back timber in Oregon.

Some in the industry are hopeful, but others aren’t waiting. They’re moving ahead with innovations they hope are the key to survival.

Oregon Lumber Community Looks To Trump And Innovation To Survive

Photos by Tom Goldman/NPR

Shenko - “For Lovers”

Prompt fic from my forever Shenko-whisperer @tlcinbflo, who requested the first flirtations between my Francesca (Franky) Shepard and Kaidan Alenko.  If T asks, T receives.  Hope you love it, hon. <3

For Lovers

“Franky Shepard had the kind of smile that seemed always on the verge of laughter, but the kind you couldn’t share in public.  She had a smile for lovers.”  -  Shepard and Kaidan – sore muscles, tender hearts.

Can be read here: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/12442884/1/For-Lovers

And here: http://archiveofourown.org/works/10596090

* * *

“It’ll be fun, Shepard. Knocking a few heads and putting baddies away. Blowing off some steam. Flexing those righteous Spectre muscles. It’ll be fun,” Shepard growled mockingly, a dark chuckle falling from her lips. “That krogan will be the death of me,” she vowed, shaking her head. She stopped, pushing against the ceiling panel above her. It didn’t give. Frowning, Shepard looked down to Kaidan beneath her as she rested along his shoulders. “A little to the left, Alenko.”

Kaidan gripped her thighs against his cheeks and stepped left, his back already aching from the full weight of his commander sitting on his shoulders. “Remind me never to trust Wrex when he uses the words ‘fun’ and 'fortified’ in the same sentence ever again,” he grunted, managing a short chuckle after the words.

It wasn’t the first pirate stronghold they’d stormed. And certainly not the first time Wrex had charged off on his own, shotgun blazing, gruff yet maniacal laughter echoing through the halls. But it was the first stronghold Shepard had ever been trapped in. She and Kaidan had made it through the second lower level of the bunker when the failsafes were tripped and the place went on lockdown. Wrex was trapped in the basement level, though the word 'trapped’ was probably an overstatement when he had already blown a hole through the pirate leader’s stomach and any other unlucky souls confined to the room were just as quickly and brutally dispatched.

With little cover and an over-abundance of enemies trapped on their own level, Shepard had barely managed to put down the last pirate in the room before Kaidan’s barrier fell, his amp threatening to short out with the heated throbbing at the base of his skull. So now, with an impatient, seven hundred pound krogan one floor below, the main console keeping the lockdown activated one floor above, and a flagging biotic without even enough juice to Lift the ceiling panels, it was up to some good old fashioned soldiering on Shepard’s part to get them out.

And this was how she ended up sitting atop Kaidan Alenko’s shoulders in the stark red light of a pirate bunker.

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