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The husband is out of town this weekend, so it’s just been Apollo and me at the house.

I watched the morning news, drank 2 cups of coffee, and then hit the trail.
At one point, a snake was laid out right across the trail, so I turned around and booked it the other way. I was not going to test it by jumping over it. I let him win.
And then I almost got hit by a cyclist on the trail. I had to jump off the trail to the right very quickly.
Overall, a good 4.2 miles in the sunshine.

I purchased this awesome food scale afterwards. Very excited to have a more accurate way to measure portions.

take my hand (I’ll take us back)

Cassian and Jyn slow dancing, for the prompt: ~all three words in one fic:  ‘agony’, ‘fingers’, and ‘shiver’~ (it was really fun trying to come up with something for this one! *^^*) | Ao3 post | for @rebelcaptainprompts

“Shh, hey, no, like this-”

Cassian’s voice caught husky, he’d been shouting over engine tests for the better part of the night.

And now that the X-Wings were docked, spare parts reconfigured and enough grease on their clothes to fuel a small expedition round Hoth…

Cassian turned, steps carried between the cargo crates. His jaw nudged her cheek, fingers closed gently around hers.

“Learning the waltz. The cornerstone of any successful mission,” Jyn said dryly, flinched a grin as Cassian tucked her hand to his shoulder. She promptly returned it to his waist.

“On Coruscant it’s the other way.”

“We’re not on Coruscant,” Cassian said easily. Smiled as she narrowed her eyes.

And deposited her hand back at his shoulder.

“We’re not on Fest either.“ Jyn managed to keep a straight face as she tripped on her ankle. Her hand moved pointedly back to his waist.

“But you did lose a Festian bet,” said Cassian, mouth twitching at one corner. “Festian rules. Festian forfeits.”

“I’m dancing,” Jyn said brightly, determinedly quickening their pace. “You said dancing. This is dancing.”

“No, no-” Cassian swerved to avoid a loading ramp, eyes creasing at the edges. “This… this is…”

When Jyn raised an incredulous eyebrow, Cassian spluttered a laugh.

“Festian horror? Festian agony?” Jyn suggested, her boot accidentally knocking a spare groundcrew helmet. The clatter echoed enthusiastically through the empty hangar.

Cassian dipped his head, they were shaking with too much silent laughter to continue. He was exhausted, her whole body felt like lead. And yet…

“Alright. One more time,” Jyn said slowly, her mouth curving to a smile. When he took her hand, his grip was steady.

Closing her eyes, Jyn’s feet recalled the pattern, the crackle of a holospeaker and her father’s palms warm and rough. Lyra is laughing- and her mother so rarely laughs- her smile is real and sparkles every time Jyn swings past. There’s a rhythm to it, they count out the numbers together, and sometimes, on four, papa lifts her so her socks skip over the ground, Jyn whirls in a giddy circle, squealing and giggling as the facility becomes a blur. Sometimes Jyn’s too sleepy to remember the end. Secretly, she likes it best when she’s only half-asleep. And when she peeks out of her blanket, she can see the dance one more time, just the two of them, slower. Happy.

Like now.

Cassian met her gaze, a flicker of something Jyn can’t quite catch. They’re gliding, weightless, Jyn’s not even sure who’s leading who. Her breath is a shiver and he holds her close. When her steps fade, his hand is still at her cheek.

“One more time?” whispered Cassian.

Bartender with one hell of a story

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Tony’s parties were always extravagant and seemingly wild. But a secret that you, and most of the other staff working tonight knew, was how meticulously organised the affair was.

7:00 - General party guests arrive.
7:30 - Avengers (assemble) arrive.
-keep track of how many drinks each partygoer consumes.
-any partygoer over 10 drinks is discreetly tested and, if over a predetermined limit, set by Mr Stark, are to be sent home.
11:30 - general party guests transport arrives.
-Avengers relax
-All bartenders leave except finishing bartender (Robert).

I hadn’t been the finishing bartender before and after Robert quit because of his panic attacks (wonder what caused those), I was next in the firing line.

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in this bangtan bomb yoongi was asked who will get scared by the video and he said it’s going to be hoseok and started laughing

you can see the exact moment he realizes that “oh wait. he’ll get scared” and stops laughing

and when the test was over he made sure to comfort hoseok even though they weren’t told who got scared

Overly Analytical Problem #21
  • Person: It might be funny but I categorize my friends. You know... best friend, close friends, just friends, acquaintance friends... How about you?
  • What We Think: I have interesting psychological test subjects, less interesting psychological test subjects, uninteresting people who I just know it's socially polite to say "hi" to, and a few close friends to help me analyze the data...
  • What We Say: Yeah... I have something like that...
The Tests In Origins

So I don’t know if anyone noticed this about the tests, but after watching Origins after the Christmas Special, I realized there was a bit more depth to them than I first thought.

It’s an old fairy tale cliche. A fairy or a god is in disguise of some poor old soul and they see if someone deserves a reward or punishment depending how they treat the old soul. This is what Master Fu does with both Marinette and Adrien.

But something always stuck out as odd to me. While Marinette’s test had a lot of possible candidates, Adrien only had three other people besides himself and more than that, there was no danger of a car in his. But after seeing the Christmas special, I see what the tests ACTUALLY were.

There is that whole making sure the person is nice enough to help someone in need, but there’s also the details of it.

In Marinette’s scenario, the car makes a time crunch. But there’s also the crowd. Everyone is on their phone, distracted, not paying attention. The test isn’t to see if someone is just kind. It’s seeing if someone Will Notice and Act. Because that’s what’s necessary for Lucky Charm. To take in your surroundings, notice what you need, make a plan, and act on that plan. The test is not just kindness, but a test on how well she would be able to use the powers. 

Then there’s Adrien’s test. The test is actually directly made for Adrien, none of the other three are candidates. Why? Because Adrien’s scenario is harder to find and this is why I realized it after the Christmas special. Adrien’s power is that of destruction. This is a terrifying power in the wrong hands. This takes a very particular personality.

Master Fu doesn’t fall when Adrien is running to school. He falls when Adrien is about to get into school. When it would be harder for Nathalie and Gorilla to grab him without causing a scene, he could be inside before they have a good grasp on him.

Fu falls then because Adrien is given the choice. Does Adrien go for what he wants, or does he go to help even if it means losing what he wants? Adrien does the latter, and now he has to get through Nathalie and the Gorilla to get to the school. Less of a scene, and he’s lost his chance. But he doesn’t show any bitterness to Fu for it.

Adrien’s test was not just that of kindness, but if given the choice between being selfish, or being selfless to the point of hurting himself, he’s going to chose the latter. It’s a test to make sure if the hero of destruction ever breaks, instead of destroying the world, he’d destroy himself first.

Overly Analytical Problem #29

When test questions don’t contain enough information…

Seriously. How am I supposed to answer when there are 29 ways the question could be taken, 35 variables that aren’t specified, and 7 different ways of writing any of the possible answers!!!

That’s… 7,105 potentially correct answers and nothing indicating which one to choose!!!