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Midterm Blues and Perfect Naps

“A little celebration for killing those midterms, princess,” Dean smiled, clearly proud of his gift, placing a monstrous burger in front of you.

“Dean, what the actual fuck is that?” you asked as he placed in front of you what could only be described as a burger on steroids. You eyed the beers and snatched one up, popping it open and guzzling it without a thought.

Dean kissed his hands and smiled wildly as he looked at you, clearly proud of himself.

You gave the burger a leery look.

“Just try it,” he encouraged, pushing the burger in front of you.

“Is that a fucking donut?” you asked, incredulous.

“Two donuts,” Dean corrected. “There is one on the bottom too,“ he clarified like that was supposed to make it better.

You gave him a disgusted look and downed the rest of the beer. You grabbed the second one, popped it open and downed it too.

Dean furrowed his brow then, watching you guzzle his beer.

“Test that bad sweetheart?” he asked.

“It was that bad,” you agreed with a nod of your head. “I’m just glad it’s over. I don’t want to even THINK about studying for the entire damn weekend,” you huffed, moving to stand. “I need a nap,” you yawned, stretching up on your toes, your arms stretched out above your head.

You took off your flannel, laying it on the chair and toed off your boots. Dean watched hungrily as you slowly shimmied out of your jeans.

You looked up at him with a sly grin and tossed the jeans at him. He stood as they hit him, a wicked gleam in his eyes.

“You look like you might need help with that nap, darlin’,” he smiled.

“What are you waiting for, Winchester?” you laughed, darting down the hall to your room.

Dean was quick on your heels, his arms snaking around your waist just as you reached the bed. The two of you toppled onto it with a plop, wrestling briefly before Dean settled on top of you, kissing you causing your head to spin and your heart to race.

“This is gonna be the perfect nap,” you commented, running your hands through his short dirty blonde hair. “Just one problem,” you noted, running your fingers along his plaid button up, fiddling with one of the buttons idly.

“What’s that?” Dean asked, quirking an eyebrow. The smile on his face said he knew exactly what you were thinking.

“You’re wearing far too many clothes,” you commented with a pout.

He stood quickly, slipping out of everything he was wearing in a matter of seconds, smiling proudly at you.

“That’s better. Now, get that cute ass over here,” you growled, spreading your legs, inviting him between them.

“Nap time,” he growled, crawling over you, settling on top of you, kissing you passionately as he slid your tank top over your head, throwing it on the floor beside him.

His hands roamed your sides as his mouth showered your body with kisses. He reached your hips, kissing each one as he pulled your panties down your legs slowly, watching you through hooded eyes before he crawled back up your body, his length sliding between your legs deliciously.

That was the most relaxing nap you’d had in a long time. You filed that away in your memory as the best and only way to take a nap. Period.

Dean’s weight heavy on top of you, relaxing you in the best way possible.

This is for @ravengirl94 Rough day wth midterms so I wrote this little fluff on lunch to help. Hope it does!
It might just be because smut appreciation day made me tap out

But man I just wanna put out some wholesome content for a while.

Retire my smut badge and take a few fluff detours in fanfiction land.

Get to know some of these characters for a while ya feel?

I mean, what’s Dean’s favorite kind of pie, and who put him on to said pie?

What book does Sam like to get lost into when he has those rare free moments?

Castiel watched the world being formed, man, what does he think of the ocean? What does he think of trees and mountains and volcanos?

What do Max and Alicia look like on an average Tuesday when they aren’t hunting? Are they just…tossing back beers? Testing out spells – oh god what if Max has a familiar cat named Sofia and Alicia has one named Harpo? 

GADREEL getting that flower shop I always imagine he’d have


I really just wanna write some wholesome shit.

Parenthood (Wade Wilson x Reader)

 ‘just because I said you could spend £80 on clothes didn’t mean you HAD to spend £80 on clothes’ my parents 2k16


Request; CAN U DO A WADE WILSON IMAGINE? Where the reader is pregnant? Pretty please!!! Also I just found you account today and it’s bomb diggity. :) (I’m not sure if you write deadpool imagine if you don’t sorry I understand :)

Other characters featured; none 


Y/N - Your name

Y/L/N - Your Last Name

Warnings; swearing, mentions sex but not super directly and there’s legit no detail 

Word count; 554 

Originally posted by nerdreamer

‘Shit.’ You murmured under your breath. ‘Shit!’

You threw the pregnancy test onto the kitchen counter, leaning against the wall. It wasn’t uncommon for a child to accidentally conceive - Protection can split, and the pill wasn’t completely foolproof.

But you weren’t even careful. It had been your birthday about three weeks previous, you and Wade both got insanely drunk - And forgotten to take any precaution.

Wade was due home in about fifteen minutes, and you were feeling even more anxious as every second passed. You grabbed each test you’d done. You’d bought several - And every one of them had confirmed you were going to be parents.

The increasing amount of tests was only decreasing the numbers in your bank and creating a pile of evidence that your boyfriend would see as soon as he entered the doorway.

Were you ready to be parents? You’d been together two and a half years, but none of you had ever even discussed the idea of a future together, yet alone children. You could barely handle one Wade on his own, how much would another tiny one test your sanity?

You forgot about the pile of tests and collapsed on the sofa, staring at the TV. An old episode of Friends was playing, but not even the the slightly surreal antics of the infamous characters could distract you from the fact you now had a small person inside you. 

You didn’t know how much time had passed, but soon enough, the front door clicked open and Wade wandered in. Just like every other day, he had a bag of junk food in one hand and a takeout one in the other hand. ‘Hey, babe.’ He greeted you, chucking the bag onto the island, not noticing the pregnancy tests. ‘Beer?’

He turned around to open the fridge to grab one. Once he had, he turned back round, his eyes landing on the blue and white sticks. He shrugged and began walking back to the sofa, apparently not having registered what they were.

Once he had sat down next to you, it seemed to have processed. Wade dropped the beer on the floor as his eyes widened. ‘Fuck!’

You hadn’t said a word to him since he got in, and now he knew why.

‘Surprise!’ You nervously exclaimed, your voice wavering. ‘We’re gonna be parents.’

‘Yeah, I kinda worked that out.’ He responded, dumbfound. ‘Holy shit. We’re gonna have a little Wade or Y/N.’ His face broke out into a grin. ‘We’re gonna be parents! Y/N, we’re gonna be parents!

He leaped off the sofa and tried to pull you with him, in an attempt to get you do some sort of happy dance. You were still in shock yourself, and your brain wasn’t really in the place to be dancing.

‘Aren’t you happy?’

‘I am happy.’ You replied. ‘I really am! It’s just a lot to take in. I dunno if I’m ready-’

‘Babe, is anyone ever really ready to be parents? It’s not like something you can prepare for - I guess we’ll take it one step at a time.’

You smiled, as he wrapped his arms round you. ‘Can I ask you a question, though?’


‘-Can we name the child Timmichanga? Because chimichanga but with like Timmy-’

‘Wade Wilson, I swear to God.’


Testing Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer on my husband’s birthday. #LgbtTravels


Drinks and snacks available during After Hours Wind Down at the Rose & Crown Pub located in Epcot’s UK pavilion.


Explore this universe’s food, different neurmods, products and alcohol. This themed day requires that something revolving around these topics (just need to include one, at least) are present. This could be drawing up advertisement for the Neurmods, a scene between two characters enjoying some Duck Beer, testing out the Gloo Gun, and/or falling into the eel tank in the Water Treatment Facility. Whatever it may be, engage with TranStar and Prey Universe’s products!


  • Glo Gun creations
  • Morgan reprogramming Skillet for Chef Mitchell
  • A night at the Yellow Tulip. 


Electronic Tongue Identifies The Correct Beer — Every Time

by Lisa Marie Potter, Inside Science

Machines mimicking a human’s sense of taste are going on a beer-tasting binge. Despite being called electronic tongues, these devices aren’t party robots, pouring beer onto wagging, mechanical tongues.

“It’s just a bunch of wires and buttons and computers,” said María Luz Rodríguez-Méndez, a professor of inorganic chemistry at University of Valladolid in Spain. “It’s an ugly thing full of cables.”

However it looks, Méndez and colleagues developed an electronic tongue that accurately distinguished between four styles of lager beer 100 percent of the time. A variety of screen-printed sensors “taste” electrochemical compounds in the beer to predict the brews’ color index and alcoholic strength 76 percent and 86 percent of the time. The new robot taster contributes to a growing field of electronic tongue and nose development meant to improve quality control in the food industry.

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Reports that Starbucks is testing a new coffee drink for autumn that incorporates “toasty stout flavors” has set off a debate over how such a concoction might taste — and questions over where customers can find one. The Dark Barrel Latte was “inspired by the rise of craft beers,” the company says.

This isn’t the first time beer and coffee flavors have mingled. But the relationship has largely been a one-sided one, with artisanal and specialty beers adopting coffee flavors years ago. Many ales have been flavored with espresso, for instance. And the combination of Guinness with espresso is established enough that it’s known as the Muddy Dublin in some corners and the Dufrain in others.

Starbucks’ Dark Barrel Latte is being tested in “a handful of our stores in Ohio and Florida,” a company spokesman says. The company doesn’t yet know if it’ll expand the drink into other markets.

Stoutaccino? Starbucks Tests Coffee With Beer Flavors

Photo Credit: Starbucks

anonymous asked:

If you're still doing the prompts, Ship: bamon prompt: trying to get pregnant its not working

Send me a ship and a one-word prompt and I’ll set a timer and write a drabble in exactly five minutes. No editing, no re-reading, I’ll just post it.

It’s complicated 

In that a vampire turned human is now desperately trying to impregnate his witch wife (who for the record was once a ghost).  

Bonnie can sense his disappointment at the latest negative test.  He has a beer in his hand and she is pretty sure he will try to down it all at once even though his tolerance is far from what it used to be.  She decides she will not let him slide too far down that road.

She sits next to him on the couch.  Her head falls naturally to his shoulder.  “You know things like this don’t always happen right away,” she reminds him.  

“I am used to getting it right the first try,” Damon says and he is sulking (she finds it amusing in a way; though she also feels her heart sink knowing how badly he wants this to happen).

“I know.  Big bad Damon Salvatore — always on top,” Bonnie tells him.  She gives him a playful poke in the side.  “Maybe you’re just not trying hard enough.”

Damon makes a classic Damon face before shifting so that he is facing her.  “What did you just imply?”

“Exactly what you thought I did,” Bonnie answers.

“Not trying hard enough?” He repeats.  He then sets the beer bottle aside.  “I’m about to prove that wrong.  Way wrong…”

Little Winchester: Deviant

Prompt: - If you have enough time could you write a ‘Little Winchester’ part two? Cause i just love your writing and this kind of story.
- Can you do a one shot where reader is sam and deans sister and is like 5’ 110 lbs 15 years old not very muscular and sam and dean are teaching her to fight?
- One shot where the boys have a teenage sister and she gets into some trouble at school?

Word count: 2,281

Warnings: None.

Author’s Note: This is set in the same ‘verse as Little Winchester but is not connected really. I just put it in the same series because it’s the same OC/reader. Same backstory/character.

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