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Princess Tessy loses title

Cour Grand-Ducale has confirmed that Tessy’s title does fall under the Nassau Family Pact, meaning that Tessy’s title is not her “property” and thus upon legal separation or divorce, she will lose it. Due to the fact that the Decree Nisi, issued last week, is both a legal separation and a decree of divorce, Tessy ceased being a Princess of Luxembourg, Princess of Nassau and Princess of Bourbon-Parma on 17 February 2017. She may still being Prince Louis’ wife legally until the Decree Absolute is released; however, following the Decree Nisi, Tessy Antony is no longer a Princess of Luxembourg.

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This was something I suspected at the beginning when she returned to insta and her user was no longer tessy_de_luxembourg and it is now tessy_from_luxembourg.
I am very sad to confirm that Louis and I are getting divorced after 12 years together. Despite our separation, we will always remain unified by parenthood to our two precious boys. It is extremely sad for both of us to realize that we will walk separate life paths from now on. In these challenging times, I ask for privacy for both of us and especially the privacy of our children to be respected. No further comment will be given at this stage.
—  Princess Tessy released this statement regarded her divorce from Prince Louis

Lake Tahoe, a large body of water that sits on the border of Nevada and California, is said to house a creature that everyone calls Tessie. Sightings of this lake monster claim it can be anywhere from 10 feet to 60 feet in length, have a dark colored body and be “as wide across as a barrel”. Witnesses Beth Douglas and Ron Talmage recall the creature as having three to five humps on its back.  Reports of a monster in Lake Tahoe go back to the 1800s, but a surge of sightings happened around the 1970s.

12 Signos, 12 libros " L'amour des nos jours"

Aries: Orgullo y Prejuicio- Jane Austen

Tauro: Indiscreción- Charles Dubow

Géminis: Secretos de una noche de verano- Lysa Kleypas

Cancer: Amor en minúsculas- Francesc Miralles

Leo: Ardiente Verano- Noelia Amarillo

Virgo: El amor en tiempos de la contaminación- Aurelí Guerra y Tessy López

Libra: Bajo la misma estrella- John Green

Escorpio: Cincuenta sombras liberadas- E. L. James

Sagitario: Ciudades de papel- John Green

Capricornio: El teorema de Katherine- John Green

Acuario: Juntos: Caminos cruzados- Ally Condie

Piscis: Eleanor & Park- Rainbow Rowell

-Bloody Phoenix-

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The Tahoe Tessie: Hidden in the Tunnel

The Tahoe Tessie is a water cryptid that resides in Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada. Sightings have determined the she is anywhere from ten to eighty feet long, and black to turquoise in color. Surprisingly, her skin is said to be smooth, even though they feel she has reptilian features. 

The original stories come from the Pauite and Washoe tribes during the late 19th century. They believe the creature resides in an aquatic tunnel under Cave Rock. Cave Rock is a highway tunnel on Route 50. 

More recent sightings began in the 1950s. Two police officers out boating claim to have seen a large, black hump come out of the water. In 1979, a group of four saw a massive, serpent-like creature feeding from a school of trout. In the 1980s, two fisherman reported seeing a serpent that was about fifteen feet long under Cave Rock. Shortly after, divers found the aquatic tunnel, and a creature shot out. In 2004, a gentleman photographed a black hump coming out of the water. In 2006, a family saw a large, black, scaly creature in the water. 

Many theories have proposed the identity of Tessie. Many suggest that she is Plesiosaur or Ichthyosaur, though Tessie supporters believe this is improbable, because Lake Tahoe was formed after these creatures became extinct. Some also believe it is a new species of Freshwater Eel or Sturgeon. 

Prince Louis and Princess Tessy of Luxembourg finalised their divorce on Friday, almost a month after announcing that they were separating. The couple were not present at the proceedings but were granted a ‘quickie’ divorce at the Central Family Court in London, with the judge granting them a decree nisi in just a matter of minutes. Tessy had filed for divorce in January, citing Louis’ “unreasonable behaviour” as grounds for their separation. Court documents made public revealed that a judge found she was “entitled to a decree of divorce, the marriage having irretrievably broken down, the facts found proved being the respondent’s unreasonable behaviour”.
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