Girl: People look at us and think we’re a cute couple.


Girl: AND, what do you think?

Guy: I don’t think anything. I know we aren’t cute. We annoy others with our kissing, we can make an entire room of people feel like they’re third wheeling.

Girl: That’s just some people.

Guy: Our yelling stops us talking for days. Emotions stay at a constant shit peak.

Girl: Couples fight so what?

Guy: So, we’re not a couple.

Girl: Are you trying to imply something here?

Guy: Haha no, not at all. We’re a pair. A name that is nonexistent without the other. We may not go together well with everything. But we will always go together.

tesslucia: hitRECord tumblr Guest Curator (2.23 - 2.27)

tesslucia: hitRECord tumblr Guest Curator (2.23 - 2.27)

Hi all,

We’re excited to announce that tesslucia will be a guest curator on the hitRECord tumblr page from 2/23/15 - 2/27/15.

Throughout the week we’ll be re-blogging some of the records she has curated throughout the site. 

Also, You can check out her tumblr page HERE.