That’s right folks, I’m back for real this time! Got a bit of free time and I’m back at uni, so to pay for bills I’m opening up commissions! 

Prices are as follows:

Sketches £4 (extra chars £4 each)

Linework £7-£8 (extra chars £7 each)

Flat colours £9-£10 (extra chars £9 each)

Full shading £12-£14 (extra chars £13 each)

Price varies depending on the complexity of the subject - for example, a full blown anthro in costume would reach £14, but a pony would be only £12.

Anything goes - SFW, NSFW, whatever! Just chuck us a message when you feel like commissioning something and I’ll let you know if a slot’s open for your commission!

Well, I’m off to university in a month or so, so I figure I might as well drum up some funds for stuff. So, without further ado, COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN!


Prices are up there, as I’m sure you can see. If you want me to do a commission for you, send me an inbox on tumblr or a note on DA, and we’ll talk over what you want to do and how much it’s gonna be.

When we’re in agreement and I’ve received payment, I’ll start your piece straight away (assuming there isn’t already another commission in the pipeline). Obviously, you’ll get the full resolution version when it’s done!

I take payment through PayPal, so don’t be put off if the prices up there are in pounds, since PayPal converts currency for you (as far as I’m aware anyway).



#SFW or NSFW, anything goes with regards to that

#Stuff like BDSM and similar fetishes

#Anything pone or anthro

#I might be inclined to try humans, but I’d rather get my style down with them before I jump into commissioned pieces

#If you want to include things that aren’t pone, such as dragons, ogres or Gravelord Nito, we’ll discuss prices


#Rape, excessive gore, foalcon, scat or watersports

#Refunds or mid-commission cancellations


If you can give me references or descriptions for poses and such to work from, that’d be a huge help too! :)

Just as a precaution, I’m having three commission slots open at a time. Current commissions are:

1. Mariah Wolves

2. Dr. HoofSing

3. Joystick Mod

SLOTS ARE ALL FULL FOLKS - don’t worry though, when I’ve completed this batch, I’ll open more slots ^^ I didn’t expect for them to get reserved so quickly!