tessie navarro


Tessie Navarro // Tessie’s suitcase.
tuesday; 12.25.12

sylmar, california

Tessie is one of my best friends and muses and she moved to Virginia Beach the day after I made these photographs to live with her Aunt, Uncle and cousin Nic. They own a photo studio out there and her parents told her that if she wanted to still go, now was the time to do so; so she packed up the essentials and moved away. I selfishly didn’t want her to move, but I know how important it is to leave your hometown for a bit because if you don’t, there’s no progression.

Things are looking up for the both of us. We just need to keep our heads above the water.


Twenty One Pilots by Tessie Navarro
Via Flickr:
January 23, 2013 - Twenty One Pilots - Norfolk, VA