Things confirmed about AHS season 4

-Carnival concept

<Guys, our concept art might have made an impact, apparently!>

-It’s said that no one has guessed the theme “completely”

-Will take place in 2 different time periods

-One takes place in the 1950s

-Described as a “period piece”

-Jessica Lange’s final season

-Jessica Lange will have an amazing, “over-the-top” part. She’ll be getting a Marlene Deitrich figure and is now practicing her German accent

-Sarah Paulson is returning and is currently practicing “something” for the show

-Scheduling conflicts of Lily Rabe (The Visitors) and Taissa Farmiga (The Final Girls) may interfere with their filming schedule- hard to say if they’ll return

-Evan Peters is hoping he’ll be back for another round, and who could say no to that face?

BONUS: They already have a concept theme for the 5th season!