FS Summer Drought Challenge- Day 28

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Top 10 Moments that Make Your Heart Melt From Your Favorites

Warning: May Catch Excessive Feels

I did a triple emphasis art degree as an undergrad (drawing, sculpture, and ceramics - it’s turning out to be really useful for archaeology even though I didn’t go in with that idea) and my ceramics were almost always high-fire clay with heavy texture and maybe a little dry pigment rubbed in for highlights. Mostly I made animals and I liked this particular sandy-looking high-fire clay. I found this little guy in a box in the loft, he’s really representative and I think I might keep him.

Ok, I got in a huge mood to Work on baby Tessa, which Kind of turned into Daddy/Daughter moment. @cidsin

There is kind of a story behind this. Karnas thought he’d go take a nap with Tessa, But Tessa had other plans. So She waits till her dad is asleep and wiggles her way out of his grasp. As soon as she is out she crawls up on him to pap his face a few times to see if he’s awake. He doesn’t wake up so she goes ahead and get’s off to go do her own thing. 

Upon waking up Karnas notices she’s not in the bed, boy who knows how long he was out for and how long she was up for. So he bolts like a bat out of hell to go find his brat. Karnas can thank the Gods that Tessa is a easy going child. It will not take him long to find her as he will see her sitting on the ground possibly playing with a Firefly bee that got into the house (Assuming that they are at the island) Picking her up now he gives her a light scolding and she really don’t care, she just paps his face a few more times.

Huff Post: Tessa Virtue Is Sick Of Being Told She’s Too Fat And Not Good Enough

People say Tessa Virtue is too fat or too muscular to be good enough. Her one Olympic gold medal, two silvers and countless championship titles aren’t enough for some members of the media who scrutinize Virtue on her appearance more than they do her talent.

“I’ll show up at training camp (and) I’m told that maybe I should dye my hair blonde and asked about how my fat loss is coming along,” she tells HuffPost Canada’s Partner Studio.

It’s a problem she’s calling attention with the help of Dove’s #MyBeautyMySaycampaign – a project that encourages women and girls to celebrate their own beauty and on their own terms.

“At all times, there’s discussion about the percentage of body fat I have, how I look on the ice and about how much skin a certain costume is showing,” she says.

“Ice dancing is a sport where athletes work so tirelessly to perform intricate moves (and) to have it trivialized by comments about your appearance can chip away at anyone’s confidence.”

The Dove Global Beauty Confidence Report, a global study on body image, finds that 90 per cent of women and more than 80 per cent of girls don’t do the things they love because they don’t like the way they look. This includes opting out of sports and activities.

“It breaks my heart,” Virtue says about the finding. “To be held back by fear is to miss out on challenging yourself in different ways.”

“Women are missing out on the chance to get to know their bodies…how they feel in their own skin (and) the power and the strength they have.”

Findings by the United Nations support Virtue’s comment. The entity says that girls’ involvement in sport can lead to gender parity.

“Through engaging in sport and living its values, women and girls can develop leadership skills, overcome bias, improve their health and become empowered,” Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka, the UN Women Executive Director says.

It’s one of the reasons Virtue was so excited to partner with Dove.

“I love the idea of women empowering other women. We need to come together and support one another and embrace one another.”

On dealing with the media scrutiny she personally faces, Virtue says she’s lucky to have a support system and a skating partner that reminds her that’s there no sense in letting those comments get her down. 

Virtue says Moir is her rock, confidante and biggest supporter.

The pair announced that they would compete in the 2016/2017 season, leading up to the 2018 Olympics in Pyeongchang, South Korea. That move made it clear that Virtue and Moir still had dreams they wanted to pursue despite announcing their retirement in 2014.

Along with training four hours in a day and studying for a degree in psychology, Virtue is committed to serving as a role model for young girls.

“There needs to be a shift in culture. Young girls…need to have people they can identify with who may be going through the same struggles. I have a muscular build and I’ve learned to embrace that because it’s makes me strong, giving me speed and power on the ice. It’s a different kind of femininity – one that doesn’t fit the norm.”

And that’s a gold standard we can definitely champion.

Dove has found that beauty can (and is) an empowering and positive force for women. Yet women’s looks are often commented on in ways that trivialize them. To call attention to the issue, Dove is launching a global interactive campaign with an animated billboard in Toronto, Yonge-Dundas Square, which will broadcast real-time commentary from media outlets in several English-speaking countries that spotlight a female athlete’s appearance over her achievements. Canadians are encouraged to have a say in this conversation by visiting the real-time online aggregator at Dove.ca/HaveYourSay and to tweet at media outlets directly using #MyBeautyMySay.


I’m going to answer both of these together because both answers require the same use of ‘proof’.

The top ask - I think that the way you’ve written this ask is one of the many reason why Tessa has taken on the Dove campaign. Questioning her commitment just because she wants to call attention to not only the double standard between men and women in sport but also to the fact that women athletes are consistently reduced to just their beauty. I think its unfair to call her commitment into question just because she wants to stand up for women in sport. 

In their show there’s an episode that takes place during High Performance Camp where in one scene Tessa is asked about her Sportsnet photo shoot and asked to comment on her own beauty in those pictures. And her voice over is, “the media won’t let me live it down.”  Because some how her beauty is relevant to her preparation for the upcoming Olympics? Its not.

In the scene directly after that - Scott’s gets asked about his fitness and that he looks lean and less bulky. Its Tessa who says, “I wish people would ask me that. All I hear is, did you put on muscle, are you bulking up? And I’m just like no!” to which Scott replies,”idiots, lets go eat.”

The Dove campaign is about pointing out that what makes these women successful isn’t their beauty, its their talent. Tessa has won Olympic medals, World Championships and countless more but none of those wins are because she’s a beautiful woman. 

Of course there’s a certain standard in sport and Tessa does comment on that in FB live stream. She understands her fat composition is something she has to be aware of but the media doesn’t need to be aware of that, they don’t need to care about that. What they need to pay attention to is the performance and what goes into it. And that’s hours of practice and regiment. The fine details aren’t important, because its those fine details where women get reduced to their bodies instead of their body of work.

I haven’t been around as long as others so I don’t know all the articles that have come out about T&S but I am sure there’s been a fair few that comment on Tessa’s beauty first and her accomplishments last. As for the comments she brought up in the live stream, those were from a Russian media which likely wouldn’t have reached the Canadian media air ways. But clearly Tessa was aware of it because she commented on it.

There’s also this notion that because Tessa likes to spend her hard earned money on expensive clothes and products to make herself look beautiful she’s perpetuating this stereotype about how superficial beauty is, therefore if comments arise about her beauty she should just accept it because her social media shows just how much she cares about looking beautiful. Everything about that is problematic. And its something I wish she called the Host of Sportsnet 590 out on because he was adamant in stating that if a women’s SM is all about her looks and showing off how pretty she is, then she has to accept the comments that simply reduce her to her looks. And that’s a big NO!

We have a right to want to look pretty or beautiful. If that’s through clothes or make up or whatever, that’s our right to do what we feel makes us feel and look pretty. I was so frustrated by his comments as well as the hosts of the live stream who kept pushing this idea that women don’t need to be told their beautiful, specifically using her daughter as an example. Its perfectly fine to call someone beautiful if in the same sentence you don’t diminish what they’ve achieved as a person. That to me is the message behind the Dove campaign. 

I don’t think for a second Tessa’s commitment to their comeback is wavering or would ever wavier just because she wants to remove the wool over people’s eyes. She has spent the last 19 years in the spotlight, there’s never been a need to see journalistic proof not anymore with SM and comment sections. Its literally written right in front of us all the time. 

anonymous asked:

You answered what Sam pairings you like. What about Dean? Destiel of course, but what other Dean pairings do you like/tolerate, what you find weird or who could you see him with?


I liked him with Lisa, even though they didn’t work out. The kind of support network she offered for him when he was breaking down? She’s an amazing woman and I will forever be angry that she had her memory erased…!

And I like him with Tessa too. Also angry that she died. She was like my back up plan for Dean in case the thing with Castiel didn’t work out. *pouts*

Dean/Anna would also have been okay with me!

For guys… Well, I can see myself liking Dean/Jimmy but then I start having trouble. Because I am pretty much exclusively into Dean/Cas when it gets to Dean being with dudes.

I feel he could have had a good relationship with Benny, because Benny cared about him.

?? I can’t think of anyone else right now.

I have a number of Dean pairings on my blacklist, not necessarily because they’re weird but because I’m not interested.