tessa says stuff

Now i finally know…

before watching spn, whenever i saw a weird spn gif

or a weird line

i went no

it can’t be

supernatural is a totally serious, dramatic and heart-wrecking series

but after starting to actually watch it, i realized they’re all real scenes

and there is a 98,8% chance that they’re from an episode with the trickster

seriously…best episodes ever


TMI Appreciation Week  Day 1: Favourite Character: 

→ Alec Lightwood

(warning: soppiness ahead!)

Alec Lightwood is the one character - of all books I’ve ever read - that I love the absolute most.The story the of shy, insecure and awkward shadowhunter will stay with me throughout my life.

He is the mosthuman character in the whole TMI series. I loved him from the beginning. I loved how unsure he was, how jealous and pissed off he got….just how normal he seemed in this chaotic shadowhunter world.

Alec always only saw the negative aspects about himself. Yes, he was shy, insecure, jealous and quite rude to some people, but he’s also strong, loyal, faithful, caring and courageous.

He never appreciated his own light, he only saw that others around him seemed to burn brighter. But on his journey, he grew stronger, he got more independent and most importantly of all, he learnt to accept himself. It was like he finally saw his own light, how he wasn’t just a black star to someone else’s supernova, but a burning star himself (look i told you it’d get sappy…) He finally realized that he was more appreciated and loved by the ones around him than he ever thought before..

I owe him. He gave me courage to battle my own demons. He showed me that sometimes 10 seconds of crazy bravery can be enough. He taught me that it’s okay to make mistakes, to mess up (and Alec did mess up…big time). He taught me that it’s okay to be scared. He taught me, that it’s okay to not to be ready for the next step. But one day you’ll be, and you’ll be brave and happy and you’ll be loved.

Alec Lightwood getting his happy end after being through so much, was one of the best moments this year for me. alec is so much more than a character for me, he’s almost like a look in the mirror. He gives me courage and he gives me hope that one day, I’ll find my happy-ending too.

(sorry for all grammar/spelling mistakes)



TMI Appreciation Week  Day 2: Favourite Book

City of Glass

“People aren’t born good or bad. Maybe they’re born with tendencies either way, but it’s the way you live your life that matters. And the people you know.

“I am a man, and men do not drink pink drinks. Now, be gone, woman, and fetch me something brown.“ Jace said. 
"Brown?” said Isabelle.
“Yes. Brown. It’s a manly color. See? Alec is wearing it.” Jace said.
“Well, it was black but it faded.” Alec said.
“Well, I can always fix it up with something sparkly,” Magnus said, holding a sparkley headband. 
“Resist the urge, Alec, resist the urge.” Simon said.” 

City of Glass is definitely my favourite book of the series (although CoHF came very close…)

The plot is just brilliant and so thrilling and nerve-wrecking. I remember the shock when I found out who Sebastian really was. I remember crying when Alicante was attacked for the first time with only the eldest and the children being there. I remember praying that Izzy would kill Sebastian, this bastard, and revenge her little brother. I remember crying when Jace died.

But, oh, how I cheered for Alec when he kissed Magnus. How I laughed about all the humour and funny quotes. How I ran around squealing when I finally found out that Jace and Clary weren’t related.

Yep, amazing book. Full of sharp wit, humour, action, tears and plot twists. One of the best books I’ve ever read.

My friend just told me that she thinks that Kevin Zegers isn’t the right actor for Alec because “he looks like a REAL MAN” and “he doesn’t LOOK GAY at all”

I love my friend…but, seriously???

You don’t have to LOOK like a gay man to play one. What does that even mean?? And gay men are also REAL MEN…

Geeeez -.-

I think Kevin Zegers is perfect for Alec and I’m really looking forward to see him portray one of my favourite characters on the big screen.

Someone hug me please!

I just watched “shooting star” and i didn’t know what to expect

well i certainly didn’t expect that

i’m crying & i can’t stop. this is so intensive, it’s scary. I don’t think i ever cried so hard over Glee.

definitely one of the best episodes of all time, but god it was so scary.

Brittany and sam and artie and marleys mum…i don’t even have words for it. it was heart breaking and really makes you think of life

If you haven’t watched the episode yet, don’t do it alone. You’ll really need someone to hold you and cuddle with