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reincarnation au in which arthur doesn’t remember anything about camelot but naturally he falls right back in love with merlin, and one night they’re lying in bed all snuggled together, and arthur’s sleepy and maybe a lil tipsy so he’s stupidly affectionate, and he kinda nuzzles his face into the crook of merlin’s neck and murmurs “just hold me please” and merlin just starts crying

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Do you have any jessa headcanons ?

  •  Tessa takes up the flute while Jem was a silent brother and on their wedding, she plays the same song he wrote for her lifetimes ago and Jem cries so much of happiness because it was the nicest thing anyone had done for him in a long, long, long time.
  • Tessa loves it when Jem kisses her on her forehead and Jem loves it when Tessa hugs him from the back and places her cute lil head on his shoulder.
  •  Tessa is so used to be alone for so many years that she has no problem sleeping on the couch but Jem brings a blanket over and makes sure she’s sleeping in the correct position and kisses her forehead awww
  •  Jem not sleeping much because he’s not used to the idea of it since silent brothers don’t and Tessa stays up with him and reads to him and he falls asleep listening to her sweet and rhythmic voice that reminds him of the violin and Tessa looks at those soft locks of now-black hair and sighs softly and falls asleep, one hand in Jem’s own and the other still holding on to the book.
  •  Jem absolutely adoring cameras and photographs and Tessa’s super happy he’s found such an awesome hobby but Jem just wishes to capture every memory of Tessa’s to remind himself its true, its true. That she’s true and they’re true. 
  • Jem becomes a kindergarten teacher. And he just absolutely adores kids and their innocence and he beams so much every day after work and Tessa just falls in love with him even more.
  • Tessa introducing Jem to marvel and dc and Jem becomes a Wonder Woman fangirl.

and my fav

Jem’s going to propose Tessa, I mean yeah they were married hundreds of years ago and they’ve moved in together and what not but propose propose ya know? and he’s super nervous and fretting over everything and plans this huge thing and he’s really nervous and he wishes Will was there with him (but then again, Will probably only just pull his leg and make him even more of a nervous wreck). So its the morning of the day and Jem, having slept fitfully stumbles into the kitchen and Tessa’s there in her night clothes and looking so so gorgeous while making toast and Jem goes and hugs her from behind. 

Tessa giggles and says, ‘Your bowl of your favourite cornflakes is on the table.’

'Marry me Tessa,’ Jem says, with his eyes still closed and in a mumbly voice. 

fuck fuck f u ck he swears he meant to say 'Thank you Tessa’ and his head shoots up and Tessa turns around and they look at each other for a second. Tessa says 'It’s a little early today for such announcements isn’t it?’ and she grins and they both start giggling. 

Generations of Carstairs grow up hearing about the unusual story of lovers, not because of their age or their involvement in magic but because he asked her to marry her over a bowl of cereal.

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I hadn’t heard about her before, looks like she was on Glee or something (?) but I have found her video on youtube and son, let me tell you, it’s GOLD.
This is where the gif came from and here’s the continuation of it

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Tessa & Scott || exhibition

  • Tessa using Scott’s pant leg to dry off her hand [x]

Before the Bridge - A Jessa Drabble

The hotel room was a disaster. He didn’t have much luggage. He didn’t know how to shop in mundane stores and so the few clothes he did have didn’t fit the way he thought they should. His jeans were too tight. His shirt was too loose. He felt like a child trying to dress up as something they’d never seen.

The black shirt fit better than anything else but when he looked at himself in the mirror he saw gear. He could not go to this wearing something that reminded him of fighting and dying and children who had to kill their parents to survive. He yanked the shirt off over his head and threw it at the table. It was not alone in the pile beside his partially eaten breakfast.

Jem Carstairs hadn’t had to pick an outfit in a very long time. He’d never had to prepare for a first impression quite as important as this one. He didn’t want to look like a warrior come from the trenches though he still felt a little like one. He wanted her to look at him and see what he had always seen in her.

He wanted her to look at him and see home.

He abandoned the problem of his shirt and leaned in to look at his hair in the mirror. It was sticking up again and the silver piece was shockingly bright against the the mess of dark brown. He ran his fingers through it and shook his head in hopes that it would fall flat. It didn’t quite work.

In the mirror he caught sight of the rune on his shoulder. Nearly everything else had faded to white. The runes from his training as a Shadowhunter had faded after he’d joined the brothers and now most of the Brotherhood’s runes had faded to white as well. A few lingered black and harsh against his skin. They were permanent reminders of what he had been. This one was neither black nor white. The shape of it was picked out in gray.

He sat down on the bed and inhaled. The flutter of strong emotion in his chest didn’t fade so he did it again and again until it calmed. He couldn’t always predict the emotions that would come and it had been so long without them that he couldn’t quite remember what anger or grief or loneliness felt like until they were roaring through him erasing everything in their path.

With his back resolutely to the mirror, he checked the time. Early. Still so early. He itched to go find her. She had a home somewhere in London. He could go there before she even left for the bridge. He wanted to see her. More than a century and he hadn’t seen her with his own eyes in all that time.

He argued with himself that he was silly for waiting but he couldn’t just show up on her doorstep. It wouldn’t be proper. It would be too much of a shock. It would be too much of an intrusion. She had a life and this day was the only one of the year when he had any claim to her time. He would see her this afternoon. He would sit beside her and look at her and remember all the details time had washed away and the Brotherhood had prevented him from truly seeing through his sealed eyes.

That would be enough.

Just to see her once would be enough.

He told himself over and over that it would be enough.

The little place in the back of his mind that kept trying to pull up the exact memory of what her hair felt like between his fingers kept telling him he was lying. Her lips had a taste and he couldn’t remember it. Her eyes were not always the same colour. She was beautiful and he could have stared at her for days. But, said some buried part of himself, but it wouldn’t be enough.

He put a blue sweater on. It was almost the right colour. Not quite gray enough to be the colour of her eyes but almost. If he covered the runes on his face with his hands and swept the silver hair under all the brown he looked almost like the man he might have grown into if the world had been different.

“Jem Carstairs,” he told his reflection.

Not Brother Zachariah as he had been for so long but Jem Carstairs.

Jem Carstairs had someone he needed to see.

He let his hair fall back into place, the silver right over his forehead. He looked at the runes on his cheeks and the scars on his hands. None of it could be changed. He drew himself up to full height and looked his reflection in the eye. She’d called him beautiful when he’d been dying. She’d called him a miracle when he’d left his humanity behind. She was not someone he needed to hide from.

It was still too early but Jem smiled at himself and ran the things he wanted to say to Tessa one more time before he went to meet his future and whatever it might hold.