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Tessa didn’t remember when she had fallen, only that her knees ached as the cold of the bathroom tiles seeped into her bones.

It wasn’t that she hadn’t thought about it. It was something she knew—something she had always known that she wanted and that she had wanted to give to Jem.

She had thought about it often, even more so recently. Jem was getting older and she knew better than most how time could get away from you if you weren’t careful. She just hadn’t expected it to happen without any preparation.

Her mind wondered to when she had found out about her Jamie. Little Lucie had been easier, no less frightening, but easier in that she could better deal with the fear. But now…

Was it wrong, she asked herself. Would they hate her for moving on and having more children? Would they think that they were only a passing moment? Would this little one think that?

Then a new vision entered her mind and it calmed her somehow. In it there was a little brown haired girl brutally debauching a note on a violin and Jem standing over her and adjusting her grip, the note coming out strangled still, but less so than before. Then a little boy flew into her mind, sitting in her lap with a child’s book and mispronouncing almost every word wrong while she gently corrected him and he would repeat the word wrongly a few more times before he got it right. She saw her and Jem and the little boy and girl sitting at a dinner table, smiling at one another and laughing at jokes that their family shared between only their selves.

It was as lovely as it was frightening.

“Tessa?” The voice was Jem’s. The crinkling sound of plastic bags altered her that he had been grocery shopping. She could see him in her mind’s eye with bags weighing him down, walking in the door to their little London apartment and kicking it shut behind him. Then she pictured it again, but this time she changed one detail. He still carried the bags, but this time there was a little child, pulling at all of them, trying to find something of theirs. “Tessa, I’m home,” he called out again.

She wanted to answer enthusiastically, to come out of the bathroom beaming like a soon-to-be-mother should be, to kiss him and tell him of a new someone who would share their future with them.

But that wasn’t what she did. Instead, her mind went to Will and James and Lucie. Would she be the same with her and Jem? When he aged and finally died—she shivered at the thought—would she run off and leave her child or her children like she did to Jamie and Lucie—visiting rarely, watching from afar and only knowing that they were gone from this world through the words of others?

She remembered Lucie, who had gone first. It had been two years after her death before Tessa had even found out. Once they had reached their sixties she had cut off all contact with them, knowing that their deaths would be soon.

She knew of James’s though. He had written her a letter just a few days before he had gone, one she still kept with her, though she rarely read it.She had memorized it, but somehow looking at the words, written in his handwriting that was aged with him. Shaky because his hand shook. He had been so old—seventy-seven, and she remembered wanting to pretend that the dried and crinkled droplets on it were from something other than his tears, though she knew that they were not.

He had written so many beautiful things—Will’s lovely way with words had been passed to their son. In the letter, he had expressed his wish to die. It had and still did make her heart ache. When she had gotten it, it had filled her with envy and empathy. Envy because he would find his peace, and empathy because he, just as she, had watched everyone he loved wither and die. He had watched his parabatai, his sister, his wife—but most of all she felt pain, because the letter was signed two months before she ever had the courage to open it, and she had known then that he was gone. Her golden-eyed baby boy was gone.

Would she feel the same pain she felt looking at the Herondale and the Blackthorn families when she looked her new baby’s family in the future when her own was all gone?

A cabinet banged in the kitchen.

Shakily standing up she took the pregnancy test and threw it in the trash, wrapping some toilet paper in her hand and throwing it over, though she doubted Jem would know what is was anyway. Then again, he had formed a certain affinity with modern soap operas, so she wasn’t taking any chances.

She walked into the kitchen, praying to the Angel that her hands weren’t still shaking. Jem was staring at the label of a can of something, brows furrowed and fully engrossed in whatever he was seeing. When she had first taken him grocery shopping, he had been surprised and delighted at all the things that you could buy canned. But that had gone out the window when he realized he couldn’t pronounce half of the ingredients.

She went up and wrapped her arms around his waist. “Hello,” she said, kissing his neck and leaning her head against his back. His sweater was soft and she felt herself close her eyes and lean into him even more. “You didn’t have to go to the store. I could have done it.”

He unwound her arms from around him and turned to face her, his face alight with gentle love. “It is my apology.” His hands were still wrapped around her wrists. He brought them back around his waist and then put his own around her and pulled her close so that they were chest to chest. “Since you are the only one who can cook, I decided that I would be the one to get the groceries.”

Her heart swelled with love. Even Jem, who was from a time when it was solely the woman’s job to take care of everything at the house, thought to help her out. Only her Jem would have listened to her when she made the comment that they were almost out of laundry detergent and go and buy some…

Her heart stopped as she gazed at the laundry detergent that he had purchased, sitting on the counter behind him in all of its accusatory wonders. It was a brand made specifically for infants and was meant to be gentle and non-allergenic.

“You bought detergent meant for a child?” It came out accusatory. Did he know? He couldn’t have, could he?

Jem looked bashfully at the blue bottle sitting on the counter. “I must have grabbed the wrong one,” he admitted with a shrug. It was the truth. Jem had always been a terrible liar when it came to her. “Sorry,” he ducked his head down. “Perhaps my trying to help is more of a burden for you than help if I can’t get the right things.”

Tessa immediately felt bad. She hadn’t meant for her words to come out like that. “Don’t be ridiculous Jem. We can use the detergent just the same. Besides,” she added, smiling at him warmly. “How do you know that I am the only one who can cook? Have you ever tried?”

At this, his face became very red and he ducked his head down even more. “No,” he said. There was that terrible liar.

“Oh, now you’ve got me interested.” She stood up on her tiptoes and kissed his chin lovingly. “I must hear about his.”

He smiled down at her. His face was still red but it had diminished a bit. He nuzzled her jaw, and she imagined that it was more to hide his embarrassment that it was anything else.

"I attempted to cook a meat loaf once while you were out with Catarina.” He leaned back up and bit his lip, scratching his neck. “Even Church would not eat it.”

Tessa giggled. “Well, I appreciate the thought.”

He grinned and his eyes crinkled at the corners. “I should probably put the milk up before it ruins.”

Tessa stepped back reluctantly and allowed him to grab the milk cartons and put them into the fridge. All the while she was eyeing the detergent.

“I can take it back you know,” Jem said seriously. He had stopped what he was doing and stood looking at her, a box of cereal in his hand. “It really isn’t a problem Tessa.”

“No,” she murmured. “No, that’s okay. Who knows, we might need it.” It had been a suggestive thing to say, and she carefully gauged his reaction. He only tilted his head to the side and furrowed his brows, sticking the cereal into the cabinet before turning around and grabbing some more groceries.

“Well, yes.” He put something else in the fridge. “I know that. I doubt you’d be able to stand me if I did not use soap. You might still smell okay, but I would not. What I mean to say is that while we will certainly need it, it doesn’t have to be that specific brand meant for infants. I can go and get another brand.”

She cleared her throat. Her palms felt slick. “What I mean to say,” she spoke and was surprised that her voice wasn’t shaky, “is that we might well need that brand.”

Jem had stopped what he was doing and had leaned back against the counter top. He was truly confused.

It was in that moment that Tessa realized that of course, he wouldn’t have any idea what she was talking about, and for not the first time in her life, she felt pity for him.

He had been so young when he had been told he was dying. At just eleven he would have never thought about having children, and after that, he had been sick and dying and still could not have thought about it. Even after he had been freed from the brotherhood and had been with her for almost five years he did not consider it because it was always so far away—so impossible for him.

“Tessa, why would we need a brand designed for infants?” he asked, looking at her strangely. He looked like she had lost her mind and then, all of the sudden his eyebrows shot up and she thought, he has finally realized. But that was not so. “Are you allergic to the other detergent?” he asked.

It was such a very bizarre thing to say that she might have laughed had she not been so sad that that was the first conclusion he could come to. It seemed more realistic to him that she had been hiding an allergy towards their laundry detergent for five years than it was that she could have been talking about a child.

She walked up and to him, close but not touching.

“We might not need it,” she told him. She looked down at the musician’s hand that hung at his side, and reached out, grabbing it loosely. He watched her downturned eyes. “But someone else might.”

She didn’t dare look him in his face, but his chest seemed to rise and fall faster and his hand tightened in hers.

“Who?” His voiced cracked and he cleared it. “Who might need it?”

“A baby?” she shrugged and then added a soft, “perhaps”.

It was whispered so softly that she didn’t know if he heard until he asked, “A baby?” He still held her hand in his but it had stiffened. His voice had risen an octave. “Where would we get a baby?”

A nervous giggle left her mouth and before she could stop it, it had turned into a full tide of nervous laughter that she couldn’t get to stop. When she finally, did her eyes were full of tears that she knew were not from the laughter. One rolled down her cheek unchecked. “You don’t know what it is we’ve been doing all this time? I assumed you realized that that might result in one.” One—a baby, but if hung between them unsaid.

He had been staring at their joined hands and now he looked up at her through dark lashes. A darkness that she had to become accustomed to after so long of silver—after so long of closed eyes, though they were never unseeing. “You want to have a baby?” he whispered. He was breathing so fast now. He dropped her hand but quickly moved it to cup her cheeks. He was so close and his breath fell against her lips in short, warm bursts. “You want to have a baby with me?” His eyes were wide with wonder and something that looked like… hope. “Tessa, I—” he broke off looking flustered and shaking his head in amazement. “I had never even considered. It—the thought. It was always so far away—impossible. It has never been an option for me. And I did not know if you wanted to—not after…” James and Lucie. The words were unspoken between them. He above all knew the pain that came with losing her children. The unnatural deep ache of not going before them. “Tessa?” his voice broke and he looked at her with wide eyes that held such hope and happiness and fear that she was forced to look away. “Do you want to have a baby?”

She gave him a crooked smile. “Actually,” another tear broke free from her eye and rolled down a path beside where the other one had. “I already do.”

She gently took one of his hands off her face and brought it down to where she rested it against her stomach. His eyes remained on her face for a moment before they followed the trail of his hand.

She was not showing yet and her stomach was as flat as it had always been, but something about the gesture must have done something to Jem.

“Oh God.” It was somewhere between a choke and a sob as he fell to his knees, burying his face against her stomach and holding her against him. She kept her eyes up, stroking his silky hair. Though it had changed colors, it had never lost is texture. It still felt like pinfeathers between her finger.

Something about it all, the way he grasped at her as if she was his living and breathing salvation, the way his hands gripped at her back almost painfully, how she could feel his sobbing breaths through her clothing—and she remembered the night he had proposed to her. The heartbreaking proposal of a man who knew he could only offer her nothing but himself and a short time but promised to give everything of himself in that time. The disbelief in his silver eyes when she had said yes—everything was so similar to that night that she could not help but fall down in front of his and bury her face against his neck so tightly that she could taste her own salty tears against his skin.

And there was no thought about the future or the past, about James and Lucie or Will, or the inevitability of how she would be forced to watch the man in her arms and the child in herself age and die. It was just Jem and Tessa and the one new addition to their strange little family.

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My favorite thing is how happy and sincerely appreciative you sound in the commentary on the page of art of your fursona.... n how encouraging and sweet you come off towards other furry artists in general. You're def one of my fave furry bloggers because you've got such an atmosphere? It's good vibes, man, and I hope you're havin a cool chill day. (Also Tessa is super adorable what the heck)

my atmosphere is positive anger

follow more for soft anger aesthetics

lu-cien  asked:

1, 21, 39 :)

*gasps because an ASK ❤️❤️❤️*

1. 📚 Approximately how many books have you read? || Oh dear. I don’t even know how to begin counting this but it’s at least 500!

21. 💋 Favorite Kiss || Ooh. Tie between when Juliette and Warner kiss for the first time (legitimately like when J kisses him back and DOESNT shoot him) and every kiss Will and Tessa ever have

39. 👻 Favorite Horror Book || Ok so I really don’t do well with horror. And idek if you can consider this horror but I adored the Mara Dyer trilogy



“We wish you a frightful night; but the most frightening thing you’ll face tonight is us…”

Shu: “What a troublesome holiday… I suppose seeing you in such a dirty costume is worth it

Reiji: “On a night like this… Perhaps I should experiment on you: turn you into the monster you’ve unleashed in me.”

Ayato: “Hah? You’re planning on going out without Ore-Sama?! Tch, come on, I’ll show you something scary. Heh, what’s wrong Chichinashi? You’re shivering… just how I like it.”

Laito: “Fufufu Bitch-chan ~ this costume is quite daring, are you trying to seduce me ? Nfufu ~ I’ll take care of removing it right now ~“

Kanato: “heh … What’s with this outfit ? Halloween? Are you still a kid ? Such nonesense… Where you trying to scare me? That’s foolish… How RUDE OF YOU! I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT TRUE FEAR IS! Oh? You’re crying… Heh… I like that expression you’re making…hehehe”

Subaru: “Hah? You want me to be scary? Tch- Am I not frightening enough for you as it is? Fine then; I’ll show you a monster.”

Ruki: “Such celebrations are a waste of time. Why won’t you study instead if dressing up in such indecent outfits? Huh? You say it’s fun? I guess you will only understand what fun is If I teach your body … Such an impudent livestock you are.”

Yuma: “Don’t ya dare touch my pumpkins sow! Wasting food on decorations isn’t something I’ll let ya do!”

Kou: “Hehehe M-neko-chan you look so adorable in that outfit ☆~ How about I help you take it of later ☆~ ? You can’t refuse me.”

Azusa: “Eve… You ….look great… Dress like …that…huh? You…mean. .this cat ears … Are for …me? Thank…you Eve…you’re really… Kind…”

- Tessa & Kylie (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

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my recommendation is the merrell twins! they are very unproblematic and so adorable and cheerful

i just looked them up and theyre so cute?? ill have to watch them sometime

ok your rec is:

     -tessa violet! i love her hair and she makes really good music?? if you watch dodie she has a similar vlogs & music combo!! were both from oregon and shes very cool

send me youtube recs and ill give you one in return!

               please excuse how bad the paint job is, but i saw it was your birthday and i wanted to make you something, because i love you??? lots??  i adore you and your jean so much and just wanted to wish you the best and a  happy birthday, raven, you are a precious gem and i hope your birthday was / is going wonderful !!!     //  @adeptae​ 

Things I like about Shadowhunters better than the books:

- Izzy and Clary. There’s none of that ridiculous female animosity in the show that made me dislike Clary in the books. Seriously, Izzy is a badass but she’s a sweetheart as long as you’re not hurting her brother(s) or are a demon.

- Actual attention being paid to character that are not Jace or Clary. Up until City of Glass I always felt like the other characters never got the attention they deserved. Maybe that’s just because I’m a Malec shipper?

-I like Luke as the police detective, it makes a lot more sense for a man with such a conscience - and the guilt from the Circle - to be doing something that would help people rather than just running a dingy bookshop for nearly two decades.

- Alec isn’t violent. Okay, he is if you’re something that goes bump in the night, but not to people unless he has good reason. But in the books I was always slightly perturbed by the scene where he slams Clary into the wall. For one reason other than “the fuck dude?!”: Alec in every other situation that doesn’t involve demons or otherwise clear enemies is shown to choose a less physical approach to conflict. The “Middle School” comeback is far more appropriate to the character than slamming her into anything. At least that’s my opinion.

- Magnus giving Izzy the necklace with the comment about how Alec would look silly wearing it. Which I laugh about quite a bit because you know he gave it to Will without a care in the world about how silly he’d look wearing a woman’s necklace.

- Mention of Tessa!!!!!!!! (I know it was only one line and I shouldn’t be so happy about it but I am.) I’d very much like to see Brother Zachariah show up at some point too.

- Izzy’s self-possession and confidence is great. I actually adore that she’s confident enough in herself and her body to dress the way she does. Plus her outfits are great and I will personally fight anyone who tries to slut shame her.

I’m sure I’ll make another one of these before this season is over. Cheers ya’ll!




She is SO adorable!!! Couldn’t stop smiling or laughing after that perfect Flamenco at the 2010 Games

You cannot watch this video and not love these two

Do you guys realize how adorable, but confusing it would be if Tessa and Jem had a son and named him Will?

So you have your James Herondale, and your James Carstairs

And your Will Herondale and your Will Carstairs

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Hmm… how about a headcanon about how Riley and Farkle name their children? (I know you touched on how Penny got her name, but the others might be interesting to delve into.)

  • Riley keeps wanting to give them fucking space names or something equally as weird like she’s definitely one of those weird/celebrity parents that keep coming up with ridiculous names and Farkle is just like s t o p
  • Every time she mentions a new name she likes he’s a ball of rage okay he’s jus t like “I HAD TO GROW UP AS FARKLE AND YOUR MOTHER HAD TO GROW UP AS TOPANGA. WE CANNOT DO THIS TO OUR KIDS RILEY. WE HAVE TO BE BETTER. WE MUST LEARN FROM OUR ANCESTORS M I S T A K E S
  • And Riley’s just like c h i l l
  • And they had to give up on the Battle of the Superior Name thing they did with Penny omfg. They never again had another perfect naming moment like that. Riley just kept throwing out names like “Comet” and “Ganymede” and Farkle’s just like “HOW ABOUT SAMANTHA OR ARIEL HOLY SHIT”
  • And they can just never agree and there is no one on Earth willing to be their tie breaker holy shit so they can’t do that anything
  • So Riley starts trying to pull the “I’m the one shoving this kid out of me I get naming rights” card
  • But Farkle is like “Riley if you want to name our babies Clarinette and Jupiter than you are going to have to PHYSICALLY FIGHT ME”
  • “Okay Babe if we only ever know 2 things for certain, it’s 1, you would never lay a finger on me, and 2, PREGNANT OR NOT I COULD KICK YOUR ASS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.”
  • So eventually they decide to just NOT name the twins until they’re delivered. They’re like “This is fine we’ll see their faces and the perfect names will just come to us.”
  • They are in the hospital for 4 days because they cannot think of names for these poor babies.
  • So now they are #panicking
  • And the family keeps trying to chime in right like Cory is just like “Name both of them Barbra” and Maya just keeps referencing the opening scene of finding Nemo which make Josh and Auggie demand that at least one of the kids be named Nemo
  • And no one else has any fucking suggestions right so Riley is like ‘you know what fuck this”, throws open a baby name book to a random page, closes her eyes and jams two fingers down onto the pages. She opens her eyes, sees the names she landed on, and she’s like “Okay guys say hello to Cassandra Nemo Minkus and her equally beautiful twin Cleo Barbra Minkus” and Farkle is just s c r e a m i n g but hey at least they’re relatively normal names lmao
  • Cory’s all but blessing himself because finally, there’s technically a Barbra in his family lmao
  • Okay so their third pregnancy
  • Farkle liked the name Carrie but Riley’s like “wtf have you SEEN that movie” but he would not be swayed
  • Until Penny threw a mild little-kid fit bc she hated that both her sisters names started with the same letter and hers didn’t and “If you add another C name I’ll be the family outcast isn’t it bad enough I’m so much older than everyone else” and they were like S w e e t i e
  • So any and all ‘C’ names were out from that point on lmao
  • So Riley starts pushing to name this kid some variation of “Morotia M. Black” and Farkle’s like “I want a divorce oh my G o d”
  • But then they just sorta start, like, passive aggressively throwing names at each other
  • Like instead of saying ‘the baby or whatever’ in conversation, Riley would be like “Oh we gotta paint Artemis’ nursery soon, I’m thinking we should go with yellow.” and Farkle’s like “Why yellow? Maybe Charlotte will love the color green!” and Riley’s like “If Saturn ends up liking the color green, we can repaint it when she’s old enough to tell us.” and Farkle will be like “ But what if Robin’s to shy to let us know?” lmao like that’s a normal conversation about the baby for them. They just keep switching out the names
  • Okay so then one day when Riley is at the Height of her hormones, Farkle comes home from work and she is just. Sobbing on the kitchen floor holding a tub of ice cream and a baby name book.
  • So he can never handle Riley crying so he’s like “Babe what’s wrong???” and he’s fussing about her and it takes her like 5 minutes to calm down enough to speak.
  • And when she can she’s like “I JUST LOVE THE NAME TESSA SO FUCKING MUCH” and just bursts into tears again and Farkle’s like???? Okay???? We can name the baby Tessa then???? Please stop crying?????
  • So that made her happy lmao
  • So then they gotta come up with a middle name for her right and Riley’s got her heart set on a spacey name
  • But then one day Farkle was like “Oooooh my God babe my great aunt Amelia who I was super close to but never talked about just died and we can’t make it to her funeral. She helped deliver me when my mother went into labor in the Amazon rain forest and fought off a pack of jaguars that tried to eat me when I was a newborn. She taught me how to walk even though she had no legs and no prosthetics. She single handedly ended World Hunger in one small country somewhere South of the Equator. She invented the machine that slices bread. She gave me open heart surgery when I was 3 years old. She saved the lives of at least 20 Presidents of the United States. What a woman. I’ m so upset we can’t make it to her funeral. We need to make Tessa’s middle name Amelia in her honor, Riley, we just have to! I’m going to miss her so much!!!”
  • And then he makes a show of dramatically falling on their bed and weeping into his pillow, and Riley doesn’t even fucking look up from her book for a second of this whole thing and just says in an uninterested voice “I know you’re lying to me. I know you just want to name the baby after Amy Pond from Doctor Who.” lmao
  • But she lets him win this one so that’s how Tessa Amelia came about
  • Farkle keeps insisting that he wasn’t lying about his Great Aunt Amelia. He maintains it to literally his dying day.
  • Okay we’ve reached the final pregnancy
  • What the fuck do you mean it’s twins again???
  • Okay so they go back to the passive aggressive name thing they did with Tessa originally right
  • And then one day while talking about the babies Farkle used the name ‘Leo’ and Riley burst into tears and he’s like “Whelp guess we named our son” lmao
  • The decide to go with ‘Cornelius’ for his middle name bc obvi they both adore Cory and think he deserves the honor
  • Cory cried when he found out lmao
  • They can not think of a name for this poor girl twin tho omfg
  • And Farkle is like “We’ll come up with a name eventually this is fine” but Riley is on edge bc technically speaking the baby girl is the “surprise/unplanned” twin bc they had only really agreed to try for a 5th baby bc they both wanted a boy
  • And Riley feels like she’s emotionally letting her unborn daughter down by naming the ‘planned’ twin so much earlier than her omg
  • Like she spends a full 3 months being very upset about this and being frustrated
  • Okay so Farkle will sometimes come up with the goofiest pet names for Riley right
  • Like they kinda have an unspoken competition of trying to one-up each other with ridiculous names in affection you feel???
  • And one day Farkle calls Riley his “beautiful supernova” or something like that and Riley starts crying and he’s like ‘wHAT DID I DO”
  • And Farkle’s just like…shit it is cute oh no
  • So that’s how they get Nova lmao
  • And then they dedicate like a week or so to coming up with a middle name for her and they mention it to Riley’s parents one day and Topanga is like “Hello. It is I. The woman who has done everything for both of you and you have not named a child after me yet.”
  • And Cory’s cracking tf up and Riley’s just like “Mom I’m about to make this kid’s middle name Jennifer out of spite” omfg
  • But Riley and Farkle are mostly willing to go with Topanga even tho Farkle had his heart set on normal names, but she had a point lol
  • But then. Tragedy strikes.
  • RIP Alan Matthews.
  • So suddenly it’s a fucking super emotional time for everyone and the official naming game is left in the dust because the whole family is grieving
  • But after the twins are born Riley tells everyone she’s making Nova’s middle name ‘Alana’ and everyone. cries a lot.
  • It’s a very bittersweet moment but it made Amy smile for the first time in a while so Riley’s sure it was the best choice.
  • So yes the Minkus Clan consists of Penelope Pluto, Cassandra Nemo, Cleo Barbra, Tessa Amelia, Nova Alana, and Leo Cornelius. They are all very adorable and loved by all.
  • ugh riarkle
Tweets and Texts (Jem And Izzy Are Bros)

     “How do I hashtag again?” Jem asked as he looked at his cell phone.

     Tessa chuckled and leaned over his shoulder. “Oh, no you are not.”

     “Not what?” He asked innocently.

     “You are not sending another silly picture of you and Church to Isabelle Lightwood.”

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Tessa in heaven during ‘Impromptu Massage Time with Scott Moir–Nevermind That We Have Practice’.

A Spectral Link

AN: I had this really amazing idea for a one shot about Jace, but I cannot for the life of me remember what it was, so I’ll write this instead. I’m not sure if Jace can see ghosts, but I figured the possibility was there, since, you know, Will could see ghosts. Soooooo…what happens when Jace meets Jessamine’s ghost?

Jace whistled through his teeth as he gazed up at the imperious-looking London Institute before him. His hands were in the pockets of his leather jacket, and he was gripping his witchlight in his left hand, the slight pain of the sharp rock forcing him to focus. He’d come here for one reason and one reason only. 

“Dear God…”

Jace whirled to see…to see what? Something like the wisp of a cloud was drifting toward him and he squinted at it, trying to see its form. It took the shape of a girl…a Victorian era girl, with long, wavy blond hair reaching her waist, and a very expensive dress clothing her slim body. He frowned. “Who are you?”

The spectral girl simply stared at him, her posture annoyingly haughty and perfect. Her bottom lip stuck out in a seemingly perpetual pout. “You are a Herondale…are you not?" 

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I just made 100 followers and I don’t know how to make amazing graphics so you’ll have to excuse me and my very limited photoshop knowledge. Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog and found it cool(?) enough to follow! I hope that we all become the best of friends and that we can talk to each other about anything, and maybe even come up with some 1x1 plots in the meantime.


newgirlofrph - Dani! You were the one who got me into 1x1, who convinced me to make this blog and became my first ever 1x1 partner. I can’t thank you enough for being such an inspiration in something that seems so small to others who have no idea just how crazy and emotional this world can be. I hope we can continue our storyline and I’m so proud of how amazing your new rp group has turned out. Congratulations, girl <3.

she1x1s - Shelby, you are the one who thought of such an amazing freaking plot line for our two characters and I can’t believe how much I already love our characters. I’ve fallen in love with Xander and I barely know the guy! I miss you like crazy and I hope you come back soon. I’m always here for you if you need anything.

troublewrites - Trouble! You are an amazing woman and an even more amazing partner. I don’t know how you put up with me, but I’m glad you do, and I’m glad you took a chance with doing a 1x1 with me. I love our character’s relationship, and I especially love the fact that they can get in each other’s face. I’m a sucker for bad ass girls and that’s what Dianne is. You’re amazing and I’m glad that we are partners and hopefully friends.

susie1x1 - Susie, you are so great and keeping up with all of your replies. I don’t know how you do it all and still manage to reply to my measly thread. I adore Cameron and all of your characters and I hope that we can build our story for Cameron and Natalia in the future.

poseytalks - Reagan :) I hope you come back soon, because I’m already missing you and Tessa. I know it’s been a while and I hope that you’re doing okay with everything. Thanks for doing this plot with me and I can’t wait to see where it goes.

flowertotherain - Melody, I don’t know how you can even 1x1 with me. Your writing is absolutely amazing and I’m a novice in comparison. Even still, thank you so much for taking a chance with me and accepting me to do this amazing and well thought out plot of yours. I can’t wait to see where we take it, and Akilina is such an interesting character. I want to get to know her better.

addieofrp - Addie, thank you so much for being patient with me, especially when it comes to my replies and how long I take to get them out. You are such a great and wonderful 1x1 partner and I’m glad that we have a chance to write together. You are wonderful and amazing and just everything awesome.

cammie1x1 - Cammie! Thank you so much for taking a chance with me as well and being my 1x1 partner on two separate plots! I’m so sorry that sometimes my replies take longer than expected but I love the way you write and I can only hope that we continue to build our story and hopefully become friends along the way. You’re great.

ari-1x1 - Rhian! Thank you for plotting with me and talking with me whenever we get a chance to. I can’t wait for us to start our 1x1 and I’m so excited to get a chance to write with you. I’ve seen a little bit of your work and you are amazingly talented. I can only hope to be even half of how great you are.


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I hope I didn’t miss anyone! Thank you everyone for your continued support and I hope that we can continue to get to know one another :) Maybe even 1x1 with you? That would be fun!


Tessa & Scott || Stay

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