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Hi hi. I have been a follower for quite a while now and really enjoy your blog. And i adore V/M. But i recently started watching Torvill and Dean videos. OMG!!! Mesmerizing and artistic. And more. Now i really am bored with today's rules, etc. Twizzles... really?!? Tessa and Scott could really shine more, like TnD if ice dance were really about DANCE. What are your thoughts? Thanks.

Hi!!! Awww thank you so much <3

Actually not too long ago I was having this conversation with a friend. We sort of even joked how twizzles could be like the jumps for singles. (single/double/triple/quad) LOL

I mean on one hand, more creative freedom would be amazing. I think TS are terrific dancers, and would shine like you said, but on the other hand I think this sport has had a lot of issues with judging so perhaps these rules came up bc of the tough subjective side of dance.

Idk if we could mix the old with the new in a better way, I am all for it!!


“We wish you a frightful night; but the most frightening thing you’ll face tonight is us…”

Shu: “What a troublesome holiday… I suppose seeing you in such a dirty costume is worth it

Reiji: “On a night like this… Perhaps I should experiment on you: turn you into the monster you’ve unleashed in me.”

Ayato: “Hah? You’re planning on going out without Ore-Sama?! Tch, come on, I’ll show you something scary. Heh, what’s wrong Chichinashi? You’re shivering… just how I like it.”

Laito: “Fufufu Bitch-chan ~ this costume is quite daring, are you trying to seduce me ? Nfufu ~ I’ll take care of removing it right now ~“

Kanato: “heh … What’s with this outfit ? Halloween? Are you still a kid ? Such nonesense… Where you trying to scare me? That’s foolish… How RUDE OF YOU! I’LL SHOW YOU WHAT TRUE FEAR IS! Oh? You’re crying… Heh… I like that expression you’re making…hehehe”

Subaru: “Hah? You want me to be scary? Tch- Am I not frightening enough for you as it is? Fine then; I’ll show you a monster.”

Ruki: “Such celebrations are a waste of time. Why won’t you study instead if dressing up in such indecent outfits? Huh? You say it’s fun? I guess you will only understand what fun is If I teach your body … Such an impudent livestock you are.”

Yuma: “Don’t ya dare touch my pumpkins sow! Wasting food on decorations isn’t something I’ll let ya do!”

Kou: “Hehehe M-neko-chan you look so adorable in that outfit ☆~ How about I help you take it of later ☆~ ? You can’t refuse me.”

Azusa: “Eve… You ….look great… Dress like …that…huh? You…mean. .this cat ears … Are for …me? Thank…you Eve…you’re really… Kind…”

- Tessa & Kylie (๑ơ ₃ ơ)♥

Things I like about Shadowhunters better than the books:

- Izzy and Clary. There’s none of that ridiculous female animosity in the show that made me dislike Clary in the books. Seriously, Izzy is a badass but she’s a sweetheart as long as you’re not hurting her brother(s) or are a demon.

- Actual attention being paid to character that are not Jace or Clary. Up until City of Glass I always felt like the other characters never got the attention they deserved. Maybe that’s just because I’m a Malec shipper?

-I like Luke as the police detective, it makes a lot more sense for a man with such a conscience - and the guilt from the Circle - to be doing something that would help people rather than just running a dingy bookshop for nearly two decades.

- Alec isn’t violent. Okay, he is if you’re something that goes bump in the night, but not to people unless he has good reason. But in the books I was always slightly perturbed by the scene where he slams Clary into the wall. For one reason other than “the fuck dude?!”: Alec in every other situation that doesn’t involve demons or otherwise clear enemies is shown to choose a less physical approach to conflict. The “Middle School” comeback is far more appropriate to the character than slamming her into anything. At least that’s my opinion.

- Magnus giving Izzy the necklace with the comment about how Alec would look silly wearing it. Which I laugh about quite a bit because you know he gave it to Will without a care in the world about how silly he’d look wearing a woman’s necklace.

- Mention of Tessa!!!!!!!! (I know it was only one line and I shouldn’t be so happy about it but I am.) I’d very much like to see Brother Zachariah show up at some point too.

- Izzy’s self-possession and confidence is great. I actually adore that she’s confident enough in herself and her body to dress the way she does. Plus her outfits are great and I will personally fight anyone who tries to slut shame her.

I’m sure I’ll make another one of these before this season is over. Cheers ya’ll!

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Hmm… how about a headcanon about how Riley and Farkle name their children? (I know you touched on how Penny got her name, but the others might be interesting to delve into.)

  • Riley keeps wanting to give them fucking space names or something equally as weird like she’s definitely one of those weird/celebrity parents that keep coming up with ridiculous names and Farkle is just like s t o p
  • Every time she mentions a new name she likes he’s a ball of rage okay he’s jus t like “I HAD TO GROW UP AS FARKLE AND YOUR MOTHER HAD TO GROW UP AS TOPANGA. WE CANNOT DO THIS TO OUR KIDS RILEY. WE HAVE TO BE BETTER. WE MUST LEARN FROM OUR ANCESTORS M I S T A K E S
  • And Riley’s just like c h i l l
  • And they had to give up on the Battle of the Superior Name thing they did with Penny omfg. They never again had another perfect naming moment like that. Riley just kept throwing out names like “Comet” and “Ganymede” and Farkle’s just like “HOW ABOUT SAMANTHA OR ARIEL HOLY SHIT”
  • And they can just never agree and there is no one on Earth willing to be their tie breaker holy shit so they can’t do that anything
  • So Riley starts trying to pull the “I’m the one shoving this kid out of me I get naming rights” card
  • But Farkle is like “Riley if you want to name our babies Clarinette and Jupiter than you are going to have to PHYSICALLY FIGHT ME”
  • “Okay Babe if we only ever know 2 things for certain, it’s 1, you would never lay a finger on me, and 2, PREGNANT OR NOT I COULD KICK YOUR ASS ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.”
  • So eventually they decide to just NOT name the twins until they’re delivered. They’re like “This is fine we’ll see their faces and the perfect names will just come to us.”
  • They are in the hospital for 4 days because they cannot think of names for these poor babies.
  • So now they are #panicking
  • And the family keeps trying to chime in right like Cory is just like “Name both of them Barbra” and Maya just keeps referencing the opening scene of finding Nemo which make Josh and Auggie demand that at least one of the kids be named Nemo
  • And no one else has any fucking suggestions right so Riley is like ‘you know what fuck this”, throws open a baby name book to a random page, closes her eyes and jams two fingers down onto the pages. She opens her eyes, sees the names she landed on, and she’s like “Okay guys say hello to Cassandra Nemo Minkus and her equally beautiful twin Cleo Barbra Minkus” and Farkle is just s c r e a m i n g but hey at least they’re relatively normal names lmao
  • Cory’s all but blessing himself because finally, there’s technically a Barbra in his family lmao
  • Okay so their third pregnancy
  • Farkle liked the name Carrie but Riley’s like “wtf have you SEEN that movie” but he would not be swayed
  • Until Penny threw a mild little-kid fit bc she hated that both her sisters names started with the same letter and hers didn’t and “If you add another C name I’ll be the family outcast isn’t it bad enough I’m so much older than everyone else” and they were like S w e e t i e
  • So any and all ‘C’ names were out from that point on lmao
  • So Riley starts pushing to name this kid some variation of “Morotia M. Black” and Farkle’s like “I want a divorce oh my G o d”
  • But then they just sorta start, like, passive aggressively throwing names at each other
  • Like instead of saying ‘the baby or whatever’ in conversation, Riley would be like “Oh we gotta paint Artemis’ nursery soon, I’m thinking we should go with yellow.” and Farkle’s like “Why yellow? Maybe Charlotte will love the color green!” and Riley’s like “If Saturn ends up liking the color green, we can repaint it when she’s old enough to tell us.” and Farkle will be like “ But what if Robin’s to shy to let us know?” lmao like that’s a normal conversation about the baby for them. They just keep switching out the names
  • Okay so then one day when Riley is at the Height of her hormones, Farkle comes home from work and she is just. Sobbing on the kitchen floor holding a tub of ice cream and a baby name book.
  • So he can never handle Riley crying so he’s like “Babe what’s wrong???” and he’s fussing about her and it takes her like 5 minutes to calm down enough to speak.
  • And when she can she’s like “I JUST LOVE THE NAME TESSA SO FUCKING MUCH” and just bursts into tears again and Farkle’s like???? Okay???? We can name the baby Tessa then???? Please stop crying?????
  • So that made her happy lmao
  • So then they gotta come up with a middle name for her right and Riley’s got her heart set on a spacey name
  • But then one day Farkle was like “Oooooh my God babe my great aunt Amelia who I was super close to but never talked about just died and we can’t make it to her funeral. She helped deliver me when my mother went into labor in the Amazon rain forest and fought off a pack of jaguars that tried to eat me when I was a newborn. She taught me how to walk even though she had no legs and no prosthetics. She single handedly ended World Hunger in one small country somewhere South of the Equator. She invented the machine that slices bread. She gave me open heart surgery when I was 3 years old. She saved the lives of at least 20 Presidents of the United States. What a woman. I’ m so upset we can’t make it to her funeral. We need to make Tessa’s middle name Amelia in her honor, Riley, we just have to! I’m going to miss her so much!!!”
  • And then he makes a show of dramatically falling on their bed and weeping into his pillow, and Riley doesn’t even fucking look up from her book for a second of this whole thing and just says in an uninterested voice “I know you’re lying to me. I know you just want to name the baby after Amy Pond from Doctor Who.” lmao
  • But she lets him win this one so that’s how Tessa Amelia came about
  • Farkle keeps insisting that he wasn’t lying about his Great Aunt Amelia. He maintains it to literally his dying day.
  • Okay we’ve reached the final pregnancy
  • What the fuck do you mean it’s twins again???
  • Okay so they go back to the passive aggressive name thing they did with Tessa originally right
  • And then one day while talking about the babies Farkle used the name ‘Leo’ and Riley burst into tears and he’s like “Whelp guess we named our son” lmao
  • The decide to go with ‘Cornelius’ for his middle name bc obvi they both adore Cory and think he deserves the honor
  • Cory cried when he found out lmao
  • They can not think of a name for this poor girl twin tho omfg
  • And Farkle is like “We’ll come up with a name eventually this is fine” but Riley is on edge bc technically speaking the baby girl is the “surprise/unplanned” twin bc they had only really agreed to try for a 5th baby bc they both wanted a boy
  • And Riley feels like she’s emotionally letting her unborn daughter down by naming the ‘planned’ twin so much earlier than her omg
  • Like she spends a full 3 months being very upset about this and being frustrated
  • Okay so Farkle will sometimes come up with the goofiest pet names for Riley right
  • Like they kinda have an unspoken competition of trying to one-up each other with ridiculous names in affection you feel???
  • And one day Farkle calls Riley his “beautiful supernova” or something like that and Riley starts crying and he’s like ‘wHAT DID I DO”
  • And Farkle’s just like…shit it is cute oh no
  • So that’s how they get Nova lmao
  • And then they dedicate like a week or so to coming up with a middle name for her and they mention it to Riley’s parents one day and Topanga is like “Hello. It is I. The woman who has done everything for both of you and you have not named a child after me yet.”
  • And Cory’s cracking tf up and Riley’s just like “Mom I’m about to make this kid’s middle name Jennifer out of spite” omfg
  • But Riley and Farkle are mostly willing to go with Topanga even tho Farkle had his heart set on normal names, but she had a point lol
  • But then. Tragedy strikes.
  • RIP Alan Matthews.
  • So suddenly it’s a fucking super emotional time for everyone and the official naming game is left in the dust because the whole family is grieving
  • But after the twins are born Riley tells everyone she’s making Nova’s middle name ‘Alana’ and everyone. cries a lot.
  • It’s a very bittersweet moment but it made Amy smile for the first time in a while so Riley’s sure it was the best choice.
  • So yes the Minkus Clan consists of Penelope Pluto, Cassandra Nemo, Cleo Barbra, Tessa Amelia, Nova Alana, and Leo Cornelius. They are all very adorable and loved by all.
  • ugh riarkle