Positive and happy things at 4CC (Personal opinion)

- None of the men got injured or killed ;) because of the quadmadness !!!!!

- Shoma and Yuzu both on the podium!!!!! (Still not the way I wanted it but a medal is a medal!) And it also gives me a lot of hopes to see these two medal at Worlds!!!!

- Shoma landing his 4Lo and getting good GOEs for it

- Yuzu landing both of his 4Lo in the SP and the FS
- Yuzu getting the highest PCS in both segments
- Yuzu getting the season’s best FS score!!!

- finally a FS from Yuzu where there is no fall in it (that I can watch his Hope and Legacy in repeat)

- Mai Mihara winning the Ladies Event
(What a surprise!!!! I loved her since I first watched her)

- Mirai Nagasu winning Bronze (what a FS, Personal Best!!!!) and proving to everyone why she would have deserved a spot in the worlds team

- the great comeback of Sui/Han and taking the Pairs title, what good performances!!!!

- Tessa and Scott won Ice Dance( not that this was ever in doubt )

- the cute photos of the interactions between the skaters at both the closing banquet and the Gala

- the #weddingpose did happen (though not in the usual way and Nathan being the third wheel again ^^ )

- NO #dead chicken costume


2017 Canadian Tire National Skating Championships - Exhibition Gala by Danielle Earl Photography

I love how even tough you can’t really see their faces you can still feel the tension and just know they have this intense look on their faces…


Awwwwwwwwww 😍❤

Around the same age, same haircut and both in denim and stripes! 😳😳😳😳😳

And can you believe that they were already skating together?????? They were so little OMG literally a lifetime together

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