This fabulous beauty known to the world as Tess Munster or Tess Holliday is one hell of a hot mamma and I freaking love her. 

She is making history for being the biggest model ever to be signed by a well known mainstream modelling agency Milk Model Management London. 

Wanna know why they got her? her own words were

I am 

Big and beautiful

Fat and fabulous 

Heavy and hot

Plump and pretty 

curvy and cute

But most importantly I am 


enjoy seeing her face because she’s here to stay 

I can’t believe I actually wore a bikini to the beach! 

I’m so proud of myself. All through my childhood I was told how “ugly, fat, hideous and repulsive” I was and for most of my life I believed my bullies. I let them tear me down and make me feel horrible about myself. Their words crushed me and I let them. I didn’t believe I was worthy of feeling beautiful, empowering or confident. I would look in the mirror and I hated what I saw, half the time I didn’t even want to keep on living. Then I found Tess Munster, a plus size, alternative model who was incredibly body positive and she made me see myself in a new light. I realized then that there will ALWAYS be assholes out there who will want to see you fail and put you down, so why should I be one of them? I decided that I would take small steps like telling myself “I am beautiful” in the mirror a few times a day, and as cliche as that sounds, it helped. Then I started dressing for my size and stopped worrying if the fabric was clinging to my skin. I realized that as long as you are willing to put effort in and take pride in your appearance anyone can be beautiful despite your size, gender or race. I never thought I would get to this level of self confidence, where I can truly say that I love my body, every stretch mark, roll and dimple. EVERYONE deserves to feel beautiful, confident and strong. No one is perfect, we all have our ‘bad days’ but that’s what makes us human. I am living proof that you can go through years of bullying, self harm, self hatred and come out on top! Love yourself and the bullies and haters can never win!!!


Record-breaking plus-size model launches awesome #EffYourBeautyStandards hashtag

Plus-size model Tess Holliday recently made history when she became the first woman of her size and height to be signed to a major modeling agency. At 5-foot-5 and a size 22, Holliday — real name Tess Munster — is slightly shorter and larger than most plus-size models.

That, however, hasn’t stopped her in the slightest.