tess munster

I know I’m gonna get hate for this but

Please enlighten me why Tess Munster is “cool”, “inspirational” and promotes “body positivity” but the skinny model on the Gucci ad is “unhealthy” and “disgusting”?

If we’re gonna talk about body positivity we’re gonna have to include skinny people too. However the body positivity movement, as it stands today, is simply a way for fat women to feel better about not going to the gym. 

Both Tess Munster and that Gucci model are not healthy role models and shouldn’t be promoted.


Hello again friends 

Recently I’ve been watching this Youtube vlogger Loey Lane who did quite an inspiring video about “fat girls” and wearing bikinis. First of all I’d like to point out how fucking gorgeous this woman is, and her confidence shines through her like sunbeams. Absolute beauty. And the fact that I came out of watching one of her viral videos filled to the brim with confidence was a testament to how well she expresses herself. This is her instagram here LoeyBug and this is the video I was talking about Why Fat Girls Shouldn’t Wear Bikinis. Basically this video is based on arguments that people have made on her Youtube account as to why she shouldn’t wear a bikini.

I’m under the personal belief that to get the perfect “bikini bod”, get your bod, put a bikini on it. tadahhhhh! You should be able to wear the clothes you want, feel comfortable and confident in, without getting body slammed. I personally have yet to achieve the level of confidence to do this, and I doubt I ever will, but I’m slowly heading in the right direction.

She mentions that “it makes people uncomfortable” and then goes on to counter that argument by saying "Other body types are not told this … in-shape women are not told to take off their running shorts because it makes people uncomfortable. So I’m going to call bull on that one and ask why someone who is larger should have to cover more square inches of their body because your brain cannot somehow process that there is a person in front of you in minimal clothing.“

LIKE HOT DAMN. Someone gonna need ice for that burn.

The beautiful Loey Lane

I highly recommend watching that video because she brings up a lot of points that make you rethink how you look at people, and even how you look at yourself. So you know what? I’m gonna show my confidence! I’m going to fight against the small narrow minded and enjoy my life and explore! I’m not going to hold back enjoying today because I’m worried about what others think about me! I WILL wear that crop top today!!!

But wait, I just read something in Oprah’s magazine…

You can’t even begin to imagine the disappointment, horror and disgust I felt while reading this. I found this image on social media and I haven’t seen the article.

But as this popped up in my news feed, I was so disappointed. Oprah’s personal struggle with her weight loss and body image has always been a thing worthy of front page news. The fad diets, talk shows. Her prying into people, getting a glimpse at their vulnerabilities, and being able to heal them. Being a woman of power that people look up to and idolise.

I was so disappointed.

The sheer body shaming and segregation of body types is appalling. And coming from such an iconic woman of power, too. Now I completely understand that magazines have their own article writers, but they’ve got to adhere to the general views and beliefs of the magazine owner. Until I hear or see a comment from Oprah, I’m not quite sure what to make of it.

I’ve always had the fear of the crop top. My stomach was never something I ever wanted to show, more the opposite direction. Hide away under layers and layers of clothing. It’s actually never seen the sun, so it’s so pale that to those that see it (namely myself and boyfriend) it glows in the dark and in the light is so brightening you need to wear sunglasses.

But in lieu of this article, I’m making a big “FUCK YOU” to body shamers. I don’t have a flat tummy. FUCK YOU to those pieces of shit article writers for kicking girls back a notch. FUCK YOU to them influencing a younger audience to begin hating their stomach from a young age.

Read ‘em and weep, Oprah writers

Y’all can go fuck yourselves.