tess is stupid


Hot Fanboy: So what fandom do you belong to?

Me: …

Me: …

Me: …

Me: eye twitches

Me: spasms happen all over body

Me: bounces around like an idiot

Me: suddenly calms

Me: whispers I think I love you

Me: dies

Hot Fanboy:

Hot Fanboy: ugh not another one they be dropping like flies

anonymous asked:

She's nearly 30 lmao. It take less time to actually search through her comments and stop caring about what people are saying than it does to sift through them and get her poor feelings hurt :( I truly can't believe a 30 year old is complaining about a few stupid comments.

I presume you’re talking about Tess.

If I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume that you think Tess only got “a few stupid comments” then you’re misinformed and you should really check up on that stuff before bothering to send pointless asks.

But of course I’m pretty sure you know it wasn’t “a few stupid comments”, and you’re aware that Tess actually received thousands of abusive comments.

Tess is 27. Being on the receiving end of relentless harassment online and an organised attempt to negatively impact your livelihood is distressing no matter what age you are.

You sound like you may still be a child, in which case you don’t understand that yet. But you’ll learn.


Tessa in heaven during ‘Impromptu Massage Time with Scott Moir–Nevermind That We Have Practice’.