tesoro high school

The Eurovision High School AU

- Jamala the overdramatic history teacher that everyone loves anyway
- Petra and Måns the vice principals who do the morning announcements. They’re hilarious. Måns is an alum.
- Donny, Poli, Greta, and Ira the seniors. Donny has this sort of fuckboy reputation which is absolutely unwarranted because he is really sweet actually and was a very dorky freshman. Poli is everyone’s best friend, she’s super cool and everyone loves her. Greta is less well liked which is weird because once you’re her friend she’s…so cool? and Ira is highkey sophisticated like she seems like she’s in college already
- Jamie-Lee the freshman. This should surprise no one.
- Laura and Sandhja leading the dance team
- Hovi and Sanja the super cool juniors who are best friends with Poli but no one really knows how. It just sort of happened.
- Jüri and Justs the hot sophomores (which is kind of an oxymoron because /sophomores/…but it’s a thing. Somehow.)
- Frans is also a freshman but he’s that freshman who is weirdly chill. There’s always a freshman like that trust me
- Zoë and Francesca the leaders of the gardening club. They’re underclassmen or something.

i'm home!(:

after spending five days with my choir in casinos (lol, we can’t do anything in circus circus), snow, mountains, random restaurants, great hotel rooms (lol, again, circus circus, NO), great theaters (loljk, thanks for being acoustically dead), and a very annoying bus, i have made it home in one piece. i apologize again for the lack of posts, but we were not allowed to take laptops/tablets with us.

anywho, it was great fun! it reminded me that i honestly need snow and trees and nature. so seattle university, boston university, and tulane may not work out, even if i get in. i really want reed now… more than ever.

trees are fucking awesome.