Finally Getting Things Done

Being a father has been quite an experience and it gets better with everyday that passes. The moments that Jacobi is not in sight, I instantly miss him. Having him around has pushed me into doing more with myself, such as actually learning what I do a little more and has even pushed me to strive to better myself at it. When I say “it” I mean graphic design, which has even in turn made me look into video and audio authoring and editing. It is becoming a passion of mine that not only makes me happy to know that I am doing something I can teach him when he begins using computers, but all of my children (when I have more.)

Not only have I gotten around to finally bettering my graphics, I have even pushed myself to formally post on here more and re-read things I posted to learn how I format my own words and better that! It’s nice to get things done, to write and to get out everything that is pent up inside. I thank my son, Jacobi and fiance, Darlyn for helping me with this altogether! If it weren’t for them, I am not sure where I would be at this point in life, but I know they are my inspiration.

With that said, I have been going through and editing some guides that I wrote to kind of clean them up. Of course if you know me, they are body modification guides, and “how to”’s about keeping your piercings and mods clean, healthy and happy. I will post some links to them as well as the groups that I admin in in case there are any modded followers.

The first guide is a weather guide, pretty simple and about what materials to wear and not to wear. [link]

Another more recent guide is the Taping Guide, taping with ptfe or bondage tape. It’s pretty simple as well, but does go into some detail on how to. [link]

To visit the groups go here: The Ear Stretching Network and The Body Mod Network.

I hope you all enjoy, and find some of the information useful! If you would like more, just inbox me!