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Tesla’s Autopilot feature avoided a crash before it even happened, new video seems to show

  • The clip, uploaded by Twittter user Hans Noordsij, reveals dash cam footage from a Tesla traveling down the A2 highway in the Netherlands.
  • Everything seems to be just fine until the Tesla suddenly beeps and begins to decelerate.
  • Within a moment, the car ahead of the Tesla collides into an SUV causing a major accident on the freeway.
  • According to Noordsij, no one was seriously injured. Read more

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Destin of SmarterEveryDay got to learn about the dazzling awesomeness of Tesla coils thanks to his neighbor, Cameron Prince, a massive Tesla fan, who how showed off his 9ft Tesla coil and a handheld Tesla coil gun that could make the Ghostbusters jealous:

We’ve just got one question: were either of them wearing Tesla socks?

[via Sploid]