Nikola Tesla and Eugenics.

Yes, Tesla believed in eugenics, but in different ways than people might think when one thinks of eugenics. Tesla believed in eugenics in the sense of survival of the fittest, one of the main principles of evolution. If you’re a repeat offender, like a child molester, than you shouldn’t be fit to reproduce. He believed the 21st century would recognize this, and become more conscious of who they marry and produce progeny with. Obviously, Tesla opposed the wars, he preached against it and worked to end it completely. He exerted all his energies towards the betterment and progressive movement of mankind.

Nikola Tesla's Letter to J. P. Morgan Jr.

Hotel New Yorker
November 29, 1934

J.P. Morgan Esq.
23 Wall Street
New York

Dear Mr. Morgan:

I have made recent discoveries of inestimable value which are referred in the marked passage of the clipping enclosed.  Their practical application should yield an immense fortune.

The flying machine has completely demoralized the world, so much that in some cities, as London and Paris, people are in moral fear from aerial bombing.  The new means I have perfected afford absolute protection against this and other forms of attack.

You know how your father assisted me in the development of my wireless system.  He did not get any returns but I am convinced that if he were living he would be gratified by the knowledge that my inventions are universally applied.  I still gratefully remember your own support although the war deprived me of the success I had achieved.  I not only lost everything in those two undertakings but was for years compelled to pay off all sorts of unfair claims.  It was only a little whilfaithfully I managed to settle the last one and terminate the tormenting nightmare.

These new discoveries, which I have carried out experimentally on a limited scale, have created a profound impression.  One of the most pressing problems seems to be the protection of London and I am writing to some influential friends in England hoping that my plan will be adopted without delay.  The Russians are very anxious to render their borders safe against Japanese invasion and I have made them a proposal which is being seriously considered.  I have many admirers there especially on account of the introduction of my alternating system to an extent unprecedented.  Some years ago Lenin made me twice in succession very tempting offers to come to Russia but I could not tear myself from my laboratory work.

Words cannot express how much I am aching for the same facilities which I then had at my disposal and for the opportunity of squaring my account with your father’s estate and yourself.  I am no longer a dreamer but a practical man of great experience gained in long and bitter trials.  If I had now twenty five thousand dollars to secure my property and make convincing demonstrations I could acquire in a short time colossal wealth.  Would you be willing to advance me this sum if I pledged to you these inventions?

Mr. Morgan you are still able to help an undying cause but how long will you be in this privileged position?  We are in the clutches of a political party which caters openly and brazenly to the mob and believes that by pouring out billions of public money, still unequalled, it can remain in power indefinitely.  The democratic principles are forsaken and individual liberty and incentives are made a joke.  The “New Deal” is a perpetual motion scheme which can never work but is given a semblance of operativeness by unceasing supply of the peoples capital.  Most of the measures adopted are a bid for votes and some are destructive to established industries and decidedly socialistic.  The next step might be the distribution of wealth by excessive taxing if not conscription.

With best wishes and respectful regards believe me as ever

yours most faithfully

N. Tesla

That’s why Elon Musk’s announcements of the new Tesla battery line last night were more revolutionary than Apple Watch and more exciting than Microsoft’s admittedly nifty HoloLens. Information tech isn’t dead — it has just matured to the point where all we’ll get are better iterations of the same thing. Better cameras and apps for our phones. VR that actually works. But these are not revolutionary gadgets. They are just realizations of dreams that began in the 1980s, when the information revolution transformed the consumer electronics market.

But now we’re we’re entering the age of infrastructure gadgets. Thanks to devices like Tesla’s household battery, Powerwall, electrical grid technology that was once hidden behind massive barbed wire fences, owned by municipalities and counties, is now seeping slowly into our homes. And this isn’t just about alternative energy like solar. It’s about how we conceive of what technology is. It’s about what kinds of gadgets we’ll be buying for ourselves in 20 years.

It’s about how the kids of tomorrow won’t freak out over terabytes of storage. They’ll freak out over kilowatt-hours.

In an ambitious bid to move beyond the electric car market, Tesla has announced that it will start selling large batteries to let homeowners store electricity. The Powerwall home battery starts at $3,000.

The unit is geared toward homeowners who want to do any combination of three things: store backup power; minimize peak-time use of utilities’ electricity; and get off the commercial power grid entirely.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Unveils Home Battery — Is $3,000 Cheap Enough?

Photo Credit: Tesla Energy